Hey, I haven't seen you for what feels like


I wish I knew you were here

I would have come so much sooner

And we would have been together


Yeah, I remember the days we spent

Lying around, not knowing how precious they were as they went by

But somehow, we spent them okay anyway

And they became the memories that blur together

And make us smile

I've changed a lot, you know

And I'm sure that you have too

But, you see

I think that you won't like me


If you know who I am, not who I was

'Cause we've gone our separate ways

Stopped seeing in Technicolor

And fought our own wars

Won separate battles

That got more and more different

As time went on

'Till soon we looked in the mirror

And saw a face that saw in only white, for you, and black, for me

And went out to fight

But the other

Who never showed face

Was me, to you, and you, to me

And now here we are

All of my legions, and all of your allies, gone

Now just us

The hero and the villain

But who is who


And of course we both remember each other

Once we've seen the other

And we both wonder

Why we fight

For a moment it looks like we might just stop

But of course we're both in too deep

And different people, now

Don't know you, anymore

So I pretend I never knew you and you do the same

'Cause we both know that one's gonna fall

And it's just easier this way

To know the other by their deeds than by their face, which holds too many memories

And the war's back on

But neither of us want to keep going

Nor back out

And in the real world, we can't just make up and be friends, again

Too much has happened

So here we go

The end of the end

And I almost miss you, but stop

'Cause we've outgrown it,

My friend.