Rionix is the daughter of Hades and Hera. She is the goddesses of healing. She was very beautiful, smart and caring. This caused her to be hated by most gods. When she was first born people always compared her to the others. They said things like, she is more beautiful than Aphrodite, or smarter than Athena, brighter than Apollo and faster than Hermes. Although the only gods not bothered by this were Athena her best friend, and Prometheus her soon-to-be husband.

Now Rionix grew up in the underworld which is not such a good place for a goddess of healing. Some nights she would sneak out and heal the spirits that she has befriended so that they could live a longer life. Zeus saw this and told Hera that Hades would not like this. Now Zeus already didn't like her because she was his wife's child and not his, but his brothers. He told Hera that he was going to punish her if Hades didn't get to her first. Hera volunteered to tell him so Zeus wouldn't have to leave. Hades already suspected something was going on but he didn't know what. When Hera told him he surprisingly kept a cool head for he loved Rionix very much. He told Hera that he would talk to her.

When Hades confronted her she told him everything. Hades said that since she was so honest he would let her stay on the Earth where she loved it so much but made her promise never to raise anyone from the dead or interfere with just punishment. Also she had to come back and visit every once in a while. That didn't make Persephone too happy because even though she hated Hades she was jealous because Rionix got all the attention and she was not her child.

While on Earth Rionix did good deeds where ever she went. All the people loved her over all the gods. She cared about people and tried to help. She was always pleasant even to people her weren't to her. She loved it on Earth. Then one day she met Prometheus. He was just like her. He loved humans and would do anything for them. Little did she know that he was a god (he was being punished up until now and her not really talking to many other gods).

One day she asked Athena who that was. Athena told her and she instantly feel in love. Prometheus and Rionix were then married. All the gods were invited but only Athena, Hera and Hades showed up but the rest of the space was filled up with mortals. All mortals showed up. Wars were stopped and enemies sat next to each other. It was the best wedding of all the gods. Together they helped the human race and also got in trouble with the other gods a few times.

One day she saw someone who was on the verge of death. Zeus had struck them with a thunderbolt. Rionix felt pity on him and healed him. When she asked what they did to deserve this they told her about how they didn't have enough money for there sacrifice to him because they put Rionix first. Zeus got very angry because she healed this person so he destroyed all of her temples and her priests. He told all the humans if he ever saw them worshiping Rionix then he would strike them down. Also he banished her from Olympus and Earth so the only place she could go was back to the Underworld.

Once in the Underworld her father was so pleased to see her. She told him that even though she was down there that she would not stop helping people. Now when she sees someone in her need she sends up some herbs. She also secretly trained people on how to us them. You can tell who they are because they will have her symbol, and R with and x standing for the first and last letters of her name.

Once in a while you can see her in disguise roaming the Earth to find Prometheus and Athena, especially during wars when she is needed the most.