"We will be fine."

"Shannon, our stocks are plummeting! That doesn't sound fine to me! We're not all like you; we have families depending on this big million dollar deal."

"Would you relax James it's going to be fine, we are just having some difficulties. You should trust your boss. They will be up by the end of the week I promise. They can't go down…I won't let them."

"If you're sure…"

"Well I have to go; my parents are expecting me soon."

"Alright, happy Thanksgiving! Oh and be careful it's raining."

"Thanks, you too! Bye."

As she walked through the door she saw them. It was a family of four. They looked horrible. The mother was trying to protect her little girl from the weather and was getting soaked. She was coughing and shivering, her lips were blue and her eyes were empty and grey. The little girl was about ten and she had blue eyes that seemed as hopeless as being lost in the middle of the sea, but determined and independent too. Her red hair had nice neat curls despite the fact she was dirty and wet. The rain drops seemed to roll right off her freckled face. The man looked older than he must have been. His face had many folds and he had hardly anything on. His hands were folded around his wife. Anyone could see how contorted and injured they were. He was wearing the hat of some kind of company but not proudly. As Shannon walked on it seemed that time went slower, the traffic stopped, the horns and sirens became silent as she looked them in the eyes. Then she saw a boy about 16 years old in the alley struggling with some flattened cardboard boxes. Then he looked back and his dark blue eyes met hers and she quickly turned back to the cab that was waiting for her. Then time and sound went back to normal.

When the cab pulled to her parent's house she took a deep breath, paid the driver and got out. She hated going to her parents. The house had too many memories, most of them fairly bad. The place was pathetic and broken down; she didn't see how anyone could live there. It was a one-story cottage with chipping yellowed paint that was originally a crisp white. The yard had brown grass and some patches of mud. The trees looked dead despite the season, and the leaves smelt like rotting corpses. The chimney was spewing smoke. Shannon braced herself as she opened the door from the creaking front porch. Her brother and father were arguing and her mother was in the kitchen with her aunt and grandmother cooking for the so called feast.

"Hi mom."

"Oh honey you made it! I was so worried with the storm. This will be the best Thanksgiving ever."

"Yeah, maybe if she gets this recipe right! It's been how many years?"

"Oh mom, leave her alone at least she can cook. I wish I could say the same. Hi Shan, where's that man of yours?"

"Aunt Bridget I told you I'm not interested in men. I'm way too busy to be dating let alone have a family."

"Well you can't stay like this forever! What are you going to do when you retire? Don't be like me."

"When I retire then I will start dating again, I promise."

"Alright dinner is ready! Shawn, say grace."

"Mom why can't dad do it!"

"Lad you better thank the Lord Jesus for this here meal."

"Yes grandmum."

After grace they started to eat, well most of the family. It was awkward at first but then everyone started talking. The feast consisted of a little 5 pound turkey, a lot of potatoes, some carrots and cabbage, a little stuffing, and some custard for dessert. It was no secret the family was poor but they got by on what they had for the most part.

"So Shan how is the big city?"

"It's okay, you remember it don't you mom?" Shannon turned to her mother.

"Yes well. I hope it's not the same for you this time."

"No I'm working hard and keeping myself in a very promising business, just as I said I would."

"Well that's nice, I'm glad that you are doing well. Is that why you aren't coming for visits?" Shannon's mother snapped back.

"Look can we not do this now?"

"Of course, do you want more potatoes?"

"No thank you I have to go."

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for dessert?"

"No I have to go."

"I'll walk you to the door."

They both left the room and walked towards the door. There was a silence and they didn't look each other in the eyes.

"Are you coming for Christmas?"

"I might, I'm sorry mom I just can't stand it here you know I love you guys though."

"I know…"

"Do you think that things would have been different if dad hadn't worked for that company's factory? Do you think we would be closer, and Shawn wouldn't work so hard and have a family of his own? I think about that day all the time. How is Dad doing?"

"Well he can't feel his fingers anymore most of the time. The doctor says it might be a good idea to amputate them soon. I'll see you for Christmas."

Then Shannon's mother kissed her freckled forehead and twirled her finger in Shannon's perfect red curls.

"I'll try to be here. Love you."

She left out the door and never went back.