The Bracelet

My alarm clock rang. It's 6 in the morning on a cloudy day.

But, I started the day smiling. I'd been chatting with this person on the net for almost two weeks now. And today, on this day, we'd get a chance to meet for the first timeā€¦face-to-face. All my desperate efforts to find love were now paying off.

Oh boy! What would this person look like? Would she be good-looking and sexy? Would we have sex once we meet? Would this person like me? I surely hoped so. With these thoughts in mind, I got up from bed, fixed my self a little, and went on to do the chores I needed to do for the day. I didn't want to be late for our four o' clock in the afternoon meeting because of unfinished chores. This would probably be the chance I'd lose my virginity and I'd been looking forward to this chance since I first had nocturnal emissions.

It's one in the afternoon.

Finally! I was done. I finished my chores. I then quickly stripped down, went on the shower, and took a bath for a record-breaking thirty minutes. I shaved, put on my most expensive clothes, chose the best-looking pair of shoes on my closet, sprayed on the best and my most favorite cologne I had and went to brush my teeth.

I then went to go get all the possible accessories I could show off to this person. I reached for a box on top of a closet and pour all its contents on my bed searching for all possible accessories. I found a black bracelet with lines of green and red. I remembered this from a very special person who made a lasting mark on my life. I suddenly remembered the smiling face of an angel I came to love this past summer. I recalled the first day I laid my eyes on my summer angel. I instantly fell in love to that irresistible smile begging our teacher for the chance to be accepted in our class.

As my angel prayed for the chance, I prayed for my angel to get the chance. I asked God if she could be the one. I even asked God for a sign and He replied. The irresistible smile was accepted and my summer had never been any happier. She would laugh at my jokes. I would sometimes sit beside her and talk to her about life and love. I even felt depressed once last summer and she patted me on the back and flashed that heavenly smile with an assurance that it's gonna be fine. At that moment, I knew I was in love. This angel was the one for me. All the signs pointed to us being together. I dreamt of her and me walking together in school holding hands.

But, that's all over. I even failed to get the heavenly phone number that would've made me more complete. Aside from that, she somewhat rejected me when she refused to accept a Friendster invitation I sent her. The feeling of rejection bit through me. But, that's another story. The point is if she refused even a simple friendship I offered, how much more if I offer her my love. I got over it, though. But still the pain of rejection hurt. All I ever wanted to remember now were the happy memories and my love for her.

Anyway, I could not do anything about that now. As I put down the bracelet mixing it up with all other accessories I have, I imagined what my future love life would be like. I'd most likely fall in love again. I'd eventually forget my angel and move on with my life once I meet this new girl. She'd be my future. Probably I'd even jump-start my sex life. And all of these wouldn't happen if this meeting wouldn't happen.

I looked at my wristwatch. Damn, it's getting late! It's 3 already. All that reminiscing wasted my precious time. I impulsively picked up any bracelet I touched and wore it. I promised to clean up the mess I made once I get home. I pocketed my cologne and comb just in case of emergency. Looking at the mirror, I winked at the handsome-looking guy in front of me and said goodbye to the past and virginity. After tonight, I'd probably be a man reborn.

It was a quarter before 4 and I was nearing our meeting place. I spotted a pharmacy and thought of safe sex. I bought a condom just for assurance and went on my way.

My phone rang when I reached the place. A text message was sent to me by this person I'm gonna meet. The message said: Could you wait until six because traffic is awful here in Pasay? I replied that it's fine and so I waited.

I waited at a bench just around our meeting place. I held my phone just in case any messages would come so I could reply right away. I looked at my watch and thought that it's just around 4:05. I thought of going to eat first at the nearest diner since I'm starving from doing so much chores. But, then again, this person might think I ditched our meeting and leave. That would be a disaster. And so I waited.

It's a quarter before six and I received word through text message that this person was just around the corner. I quickly sprayed on cologne and fixed my hair hoping that doing such would add the chances of her liking me. I really wanted this person to like me. That's the most important thing right now. I neither cared about my grumbling stomach nor the feel of ice-cold wind that blew around me. I wanted her to like or, even more, love me. Everything about me.

I continued waiting for this person. I looked at my watch. It's already 5:58. I got so excited. I stood up to look if anybody was around. Still standing, I looked at my watch. It's 6:01. The wind blew harder. I sensed it's gonna rain. A car was approaching. This could be it. She could be it. My future. I'd finally have the chance to forget my summer angel. She is here...

The car wheezed past me. False alarm. Maybe this person was a commuter. This person would probably arrive in a jeepney or something. I looked at my watch. Anyway, it's just 6:10. Any minute from now, my future would arrive. I would wait. I knew my future is just around the corner. The wind blew harder than before. I felt little droplets of water fell on my hair. Rain would start soon.

I looked at my watch. It's 6:24. I texted her, my future: Where are you? I thought you're just around the corner. I'm gonna wait for another 30 minutes. Text me if you're near. I looked at my watch. It's 6:31. I would wait. It's my future we're talking about here. The wind blew even harder this time. I whispered a promise that I'm gonna wait even in the rain.

And so I waited. I looked at my watch. It's 6:49. Tears started to well up my eyes. I quickly wiped my eyes with my handkerchief. I didn't want my future to see me in tears. Anyway, there's still 11 minutes to go. My future would arrive soon. I knew and felt it. As the wind blew, I shivered out of cold. Or maybe of fear, fear of being stood up.

I looked at my watch. It's 7:21. I called the number my future gave me and a voice as cold as the wind answered:

"Where are you?"

"I'm at home now. Sorry, I can't make it there. My shoe's broken."

It started to drizzle. I pocketed my phone and sat on the bench. The drizzle got stronger. Tears welled my eyes. My future became my worst nightmare. I brought my hands to wipe my eyes. I looked at my watch. It's 7:35. Why did my future stood up on me? I looked at my other wrist. There a familiar black, red and green bracelet of the past shook as I cried. It's the bracelet I picked up from a pile of a dozen bracelets I have. Of a dozen bracelets, why on earth did I manage to pick this one up? I stood up and started to go home on my wrist swung the memories of the past comforting me from the pain of the future as rain started to pour.