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Chapter One

Just Say You're Not Into It

"Give me your arm." I looked to my right and realized that the guy that sat next to me in psychology class was speaking. In his hand he held a black sharpie with the cap already off, ready to do damage on my hand.

I stared at him quizzically. If any other guy that I had a crush on asked me to do this I would've willing put my hand straight into theirs but I held back for a second. Not because he gave me butterflies whenever I was around him, or the fact that I found him to be unbelievably attractive…but the fact that he was taken…by his fiancé.

Yeah I know, crazy right? He's a senior in High School and has a fiancé already, it's a little bizarre but the even weirder thing is that he's asking for my hand right now and as much as I would like to give it to him, guilt prevents me from going any farther.

"Jamie…give me your hand." He says smiling, showing me his teeth. This isn't the part where I tell you that he has magnificent shiny white pearls that glistened in the sunlight. His teeth were far from perfect, although not disgusting. His front two teeth were inverted and his bottom teeth were a little crooked as well. I always wondered why they were like that but I never bothered to ask.

I stared at him for another second, wondering if anybody else in my psych class was as confused as I was that he was even touching me when he had a girlfriend, excuse me, fiancé.

I know I know. Holding out your hand shouldn't take that much thought process but I have morals right? At least that's what I thought…well at least until I realized that I had already given him my arm. I got goose bumps as soon as the marker touched my skin and I hoped that he wouldn't notice that I was blushing a bit. I pulled my hand away and noticed that he wrote "I love Ernesto" right on my palm. Ernesto…weird name right? That's what I always thought, turns out he's half Cuban half Mexican or something and the name just happened to run in the family. I yanked my hand away and tried vainly to lick the sharpie off my hand afraid that someone else would see. He smiled at me and I had a hard time figuring out what that smile meant.

I decided it would be best that I just turn around and return to the notes we were supposed to be taking. I could feel his eyes on the back of my neck while I was turned around but I tried my hardest not to look back, I felt guilty enough that his name was permanently etched into my skin. Well, at least until I found some soap anyway.

But not even five minutes later I saw his hand creeping up across my desk. I was a little annoyed that he was still pursuing after me. I remember thinking to myself "I would hate to be his girlfriend" mainly because I felt that he was being unfaithful the way he kept demanding my attention.

By this time I was a little irked. "Can I help you?" I demanded pulling my pencil away and tucking a stray dark brown piece of hair behind my ear as I turned around to face him. My rude tone didn't really put him off because he was still smiling.

"Can I see your notes?" he extended his arm outward and reached up for my beat up purple notebook. I sighed heavily and handed him the notes feeling a little embarrassed that I had sounded so rude earlier.

I fiddled with my iPod and ended up talking to the girl next to me while he handled my notes. I noticed that she had been staring at me when he was writing at my hand and I was itching to know what she thought of his and mine behavior. "What's up between you too?" the girl that asked me was named Katelyn, and she was very nosy.

"Nothing, he's just borrowing my notes." I said, blushing a little bit. I wasn't a very good liar and it was kind of obvious when I wasn't telling the truth.

"Okay, and that's why you guys haven't been flirting for the past week." She said very brashly. Looking back I had to agree with her though. He messed with me in art class, we talked whenever he was in the hallway without his girlfriend, he always addressed me in class, we touched discreetly whenever we thought no one was looking, we argued over dumb things, and we flirted in-between. Okay…so it was a little worse than I thought, but still…it's not like I kissed him or anything…right?

"We don't flirt." I paused trying to think of an excuse. "We're just friends." I stated. A pathetic excuse but it was better than telling her that I had a huge crush on him and wanted him to dumb his fiancé and date me instead…that would be bad. Right?

"Whatever you say." She said rolling her eyes sarcastically. "You're boyfriend wants you." She nodded in the direction of Ernesto and I turned around somewhat flustered and noticed he was offering me the notes back.

"That was quick." I thought, wondering how he got done with a page of notes in two minutes. But then when I got the paper back I realized why. Instead of copying down anything he just added extra notes to my paper. Well not so much notes, but a phone number.

I looked at him with a puzzled look plastered on my face. What was he doing? Instead of acknowledging that he had written his number in my notebook I just closed it and turned back to the front of the room, tapping Katelyn on her shoulder and making sure to indulge her into a conversation as well.

I thought I was safe when the bell rang but then I felt a tap on my shoulder as I was walking out the door. I didn't need to turn around to know who it was. It was kind of obvious if you had a brain.

"May I help you?" I said making a point to not look at him.

"What are you a cashier or something?" he joked. "Can't we just talk?" he laughed taking place by my side.

I felt stupid yet again, like maybe I was overreacting. I laughed, shaking my head and looked at him, he was of course smiling and I couldn't help but smile as well. Despite the fact that he was taken, I wanted him.

He was highly attractive, funny, nice, and definitely knew how to pick up girls. He was tall with tan skin and longish black hair that had bangs dyed red in the front. His eyes were a peculiar color of brown, almost like a toffee color and not to mention he was sort of buff. It was only a silly crush though; nothing could really ever come out of the two of us. We were just buddies. Or that's what I thought.

"How you getting home?" he asked. I noticed that in our time walking down the hallway that we had grown closer together.

"Driving." I said. I hoped he didn't ask me what kind of car I had. It was embarrassing. I had a maroon dodge mini van and it was the ultimate soccer mom mobile.

"You wanna give me a ride after school?" he said nonchalantly as he was about to turn the corner so he could go to his next class. Our departing point…

I stopped…then stammered. "Uh sure?" by the time I realized that I was giving some other girls fiancé he had already muttered a quick thanks.

"Meet you at the art room then." He said with ease before he walked away leaving me with nothing more than confusion and the feeling of guilt. What was I doing? What had I gotten myself into?

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