Rina will NOT be a stereotypical character. I want her to have personality. I really don't like the heroines that are always sarcastic or the heroines that seem to be mad at everything in the world.

Rina will seem kinda mean in this chapter. Or she will seem kinda emo. Some might say other stuff.

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Darren and Rina's family stopped by some chairs in the corner. All throughout their walk through the airport, Darren kept trying to talk to Rina, but she would just ignore him and turn her head away from him.

Finally Darren couldn't take it anymore. He went straight up to Rina, put his hands on her shoulders and looked her straight in her eyes.

"Rina. I'm really sorry about what I said yesterday. I know I should have said…well…nicer stuff. Believe me, Rina, I didn't mean to hurt you. If I thought it would help I would have said that I loved you so you would be happy, but you don't deserve to be led on. I love as a sister, as a best friend, that's why I can't love you the other way. Let's just go back to being friends, please. "

Darren said pleadingly and looked into Rina

Rina's jaw was set as she tried not to look in Darren's eyes. Her face was ducked towards the ground as she said,

"Over my dead body."

Darren's heart shattered at her quiet voice. He gulped. His hands went limp at her shoulders.

"R-rina?" he whispered out weakly.

"I'm angry at you Darren. Couldn't you've just said you loved me? Just to make me happy," Rina's still avoided his eyes, "Go ahead, I won't make you late. Just go. Leave me behind forever."

She muttered bitterly. Her voice dripping with resolve. Then she just shrugged off Darren's hands and walked away in the other direction.

Rina's parents were facing the other direction when this happened so they only saw Rina's back when she left. They didn't ask questions, just made their own explanations for this.

When Rina was muttering at Darren, she definitely didn't notice a young man staring at her. It looked like he was right besides them too. He was also close enough to hear their entire conversation.

The young man turned towards Darren, who was in shock, and cleared his throat, trying to catch his attention.

Darren blinked and snapped out of his trance. He glared at the man and said, "WHAT?"

The young man (we all know this is Aaron) was embarrassed at having to interrupt rhis emotional moment but he had a 'schedule' to follow.

"Um…er…are you Darren Anderson?" Aaron asked.

Darren raised an eyebrow, " Yah, why? Is something wrong?"

Aaron took in a deep breath trying to remember what the pilot told him.

"Is your flight number - provided by the university XXXXX in Italy."

Darren quickly checked his papers.

"Yes it is. What's the matter?"

Okay. Here it goes. This is it. Hope he believes it.

"It says here that the school you are traveling to has provided a private jet plane for your comfort and safety. I was sent to inform you and guide you to it. If you would please come with me, I'll escort you to your plane. Please hurry as our schedule is already rather delayed because of the earlier…um…delay. Yeah." Aaron finished lamely.

At least I was able to remember almost everything. This had better work. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do if he doesn't believe it.

Darren hesitated for a moment, thinking about what he had just heard. He apparently bought the lie, since he slowly nodded.

"Alright. Just wait a moment, I'll say goodbye to my friends."

Aaron nodded his approval.

Darren turned to Rina's parents who were watching the entire time.

" Is it ok if you tell Rina about the changes," he hesitated", and tell her I'm sorry."

Rina's parents smiled and agreed, giving each other meaningful glances.

"Alright. Time to go then. Bye." Darren waved and followed Aaron to another area of the airport. He didn't find it unusual when Aaron nodded to a man dressed in black that then started talking in a walkie-talkie.

When they finally boarded the private jet Darren was going to ride in, he stopped and looked around.

Wow. I've never been in a private jet before. Looks like the movies. It has nice plush seats and a small TV. I think I'll enjoy it here. Too bad Rina isn't able to see this.

Wait. What?! I just broke her heart because I can't love her, and now I'm wishing she was with me?

I must be stressed out. I need a break. This trip to Italy is perfect for starting fresh. New scenery, new culture, and new people. Goodbye Rina. I'll miss you.

His thoughts were interrupted when Aaron showed up beside him.

"We are going to leave soon. Do you need anything?" Aaron asked.

"No. It's okay."

"Alright. You will be informed as soon as we are ready to take off."

With this, Aaron retreated to the back of the jet, and Darren relaxed in his seat. He prepared himself for the long trip, while Aaron communicated with the pilot.

'Is everything ready?'


'Good. Get in the pilot's seat. Make sure the parachute and everything else is intact.'

'I already did that twice.'

'Perfect. Now all you need to do is remember the proper way to jump out of the plane, and remember to wait 10 minutes before the gas clears.'

'I know.'

'Disconnect and take off. Everything is ready.'

Aaron took a deep breath to calm his nerves, and then headed for the pilot's cabin. He smiled at the co-pilot that was to accompany him. He wasn't part of Judd's group so Aaron needed to get rid of him along with Darren. At Aaron's signal the co-pilot flicked the 'fasten your seatbelts' sign. Darren saw this and fastened his seatbelts.

Aaron then checked his oxygen cylinder. He also took another cylinder, a little red one, from his pocket and checked that too. He put it back in his pocket.

"Is everything okay?" he asked the co-pilot.

"Yes. We are right on schedule."

"Good." Aaron said. He slowly pulled the red cylinder from his pocket. He gave to tap exactly three turns, and then hid it behind some books.

"I'm gonna get some sleep." Aaron told the co-pilot. He sat back in his seat and watched. Carefully, he turned on his oxygen cylinder and put the pipe in his mouth. Less than five minutes, they had said.

Sure enough, after about three minutes the co-pilot began to cough. He fell forward. Aaron had also placed one beside Darren's seat right before he left.

After about a minute, Aaron went forward. He checked the autopilot, and then began to clear the gas. He went back to his seat to wait for fifteen minutes.

They had said fifteen minutes were enough, but at the last moment he decided to wait for another ten just in case. After ten minutes, Aaron carefully took out the oxygen pipe and tested the air. The gas was gone. A quick look at Darren showed him slumped in his seat. Aaron's conscience caused him a lot of trouble. The gas didn't kill, it only knocked someone out for a long time. Still, he was about to kill to people.

Aaron looked at the radar screen. He also checked the notes Judd had given him. He reset the coordinates for the autopilot and put in different ones. Everything seemed right. Now he had to wait for 3 hours.

After 3 hours, he got up again and checked the autopilot. He took one last look at his notes,

'Watch for the lights of XXXXX at the left and XXXXXX at the right. Be ready to pick up a signal from a yacht. Watch for the flashing red light. The water is only 15 metres deep, and you will have plenty of time to get out. You will go on the yacht, and there you will see Judd.'

Aaron checked his watch. There was only 20 minutes left. It was time to start losing altitude…

It was an excellent landing. Aaron had actually taken pilot lessons a few years back and still remembered everything he learned. He picked up the signal at the right time, and landed the plane easily. He opened the door and climbed out on to the wing.

A boat with 7 men was coming towards him from a big yacht. Judd and the pilot from earlier were among them. Aaron waved happily. He was glad to have it over with.

When he was on the boat heading for the yacht he looked back one more time at the airplane. It was sinking quickly. He felt sorry for the men inside, but this was the first time Judd had smiled and looked proud of him. It was worth it. The young man must have done something really bad if he had to be killed

With that last look, he turned towards land and didn't look back anymore.

This was his life now.