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~Boredom Inspired

The gentle salty breeze waving through your hair. The sound of waves lapping against the rocks. The shrill cries of seagulls. The glint of the sun off the glistening ocean waters. The sharp smell of the ocean. The velvet moss on top of the rock. The wonderful feeling of being alone with nature and marveling at its beauty.

All of this was lost on Rina. She didn't care. Her heart felt like it was under a shark attack. Instead of finding peace in the serene ocean view, she found old memories that were tearing her apart.

Rina sat on a rock that extended about 30 feet past the beach. It was something that would make you think nature just wanted a bit of change from the same old stuff. During high tide, the water would reach to about two inches below the top of the rock. During low tide, it would look like a strange dock.

Rina was sitting on the edge of the rock. Her knees were drawn to her chest.

She was staring at the sun about to set. Her eyes were searching. Searching for something. Searching for peace. Searching for answers. Searching for hope. Searching for…something.

All she found were memories.

~8 years ago~

"Rina Rina! Guess what! My dad says its high tide!"

Little 8 yr. old Darren ran across the dirt street into Rina's backyard.

Rina was sitting in a sand pit with some toys and looked up at Darren.

"What's high tide?" she asked the small boy that was panting in front of her.

"Um…Daddy said it's when the water gets high."

"I don't see any water being high. Oh wait!" Rina jumped up and inspected a bucket filled with water on to the side.

She walked back to Darren.

"You're lying. My bucket still has the same water. The water didn't get any higher."

Rina plopped on the ground in a pout.

Darren laughed. "I wasn't talking about that! The ocean. It's something about the moon. It makes the ocean move higher and lower. My dad said it's high now."

"So what are we going to do? My mom says not to leave the sand." Rina complained.

"Oh yeah. What are we gonna do now?"

Darren sat down, disappointed. He sifted sand with his fingers. Suddenly an idea came to him.

"I know!

Darren stood up quickly. He turned to Rina with a mischievous look.

"There's sand on the beach. If we play there, we won't be leaving the sand."

Darren grabbed Rina's hand and pulled her up,

"Let's go! I don't wanna miss high tide. The last one there is a dummy."

The two small innocent kids, ran shouting into the woods. They always explored the woods every summer when their parents had their summer vacations in the same area every year. It was only last week when they made a strange discovery by the beach.

Rina burst through the brush.

"Hah! I found it! Darren! You're a big fat dummy!" She yelled behind her.

She gazed at the sight in front of her.

What they found was a miracle of nature. A ridge of rock extended about 15 feet from the beach. It looked like a small dock except it was made naturally from rock. Big cliffs were on either side so the only way to access this spot was through the woods.

The natural dock stood high above the water during low tide, which was when the kids first saw it.

"Hey Darren!" Rina said when Darren finally picked his way through the brush.

"You were right. The water is higher."

Both of them looked towards the sparkling ocean.

Rina's eyes widened at the beautiful view. The ridge was just barely above the water. Some waves washed over the rock leaving water to sparkle in the sun. Everything was so bright and sparkling. Rina loved the sight.

"Ah! My eyes! My eyes! The ocean! It's too…too…too bright and sparkly! Ah! My eyes."

Darren shouted in mock pain.

Rina rolled her eyes.

"Boys," she muttered under her breath.

While Darren exaggeratedly stumbled around, pretending to be blind, Rina stepped onto the rock. The rock was cool thanks to all the waves that splashed onto it.

She giggled at the fun of everything and yelled.

"Darren! Race you to the end of the rock!" She squealed and ran off.

"Hey! That ain't fair!"

Darren quickly chased after her. His "blind eyes" completely forgotten.

The two ran, shrieked, jumped, waved their hands, stopped to splash each other, all the way to the end of the rock.

At the very edge, Darren let out an Indian whoop and cannonballed into the water. He shut his eyes from the salt water and quickly swam to the surface. He opened his eyes to see Rina hesitating at the edge of the rock.

" Come on Rina. Jump in. There's no sharks around here"

Rina looked at the water and just wrung her hands nervously.

"What's wrong?" Darren shouted towards Rina.

Rina's face went red from embarrassment.

"I…I don't know how to swim." She ducked her face away.

Darren's eyes widened at this new news, then, to the surprise of Rina, he laughed.

"That's easy. I'll teach you. Here. Jump in first. You could just hold on to the edge of the rock. There's a part where you can sit down, but your head will still be out of water. There. See? It's lot's of fun swimming!" Darren smiled cheekily at the idea of knowing something his best friend didn't.

"Of course it is. I just needed an introduction. You know me. This will be easy." Rina said, forgetting her fear and splashed some water towards Darren. Suddenly she saw a crab right beside her hand.

"Aah! Crab!" She screamed and jumped off the ledge. She forgot she didn't know how to swim yet and immediately went under.

She would've drowned if Darren hadn't grabbed her hand and held on to the rock for support. He tugged on her hand until her face came spluttering out of the water.

"I almost died! Wow! That was really scary!" she gasped as she finally stopped choking.

"Hah! I saved your life! I am the ultimate...Darren! Yah!" he boasted.

"Hey! Where are you going?" he asked as Rina started climbing up the rock.

"I'm going to get my floaty so that I won't have to go on that crab rock to have fun in the water." She retorted.

"Aw. Come on. The crab isn't going to hurt you. And you can't learn how to swim in a floaty. " Darren reasoned.

Rina looked at him.

"Don't worry. The ultimate Darren won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

Rina stood up. That was how her summers were like before. On that very beach, she first met beauty.

This was where her friendship with Darren basically began. She didn't know it then, but it was because of him she found happiness. He introduced her to a whole new world and gave her a bigger view of life.

Now that he's gone, her life is gone. Everything she believed in was gone. The worst part was that she was at fault. All because she was selfish, she made him take a later flight.

She slowly walked to the edge of the rock. If she just timed it right, then the tide would sweep her out to the middle of the ocean.

She breathed slowly and stepped off the rock. The entire time she was thinking of Darren's words that one day from eight years ago.

"Nothing's gonna happen as long as I'm around."