Christmas Again, Again

White mist frosts my feet above the knees
As more mist mingles high dropped low…
High dropped low, high dropped low…
Gestating clouds 'tween my ears give way
To stringy drapery littering the landscape
Retrace steps that one rotation prior
Had flowered dark speckled fruit
Snow stone strep-formed footprints ghastly
Decrepit flaky auras of deceased brain mechanisms
Motor nostalgia ruffles mist sliced into my face
Every turn I take they salivate ringing blows!
Hip disjointed soft protrusion left from Young
And all the down split nights to which She clung
Round-lit countdown up again tinted red
Some greeny smudges smattered past?
Bells and vibrations once shiver-plenty
Carved friendly background silence
With angel-rabbit-hooded friends
Too fade to show a face

It's Christmas again

Some coloured joy to grin

So I'll hop unto the end