Inertia Falling

I sit conscript cavalcade
And type split mucus-drenched digits
My hands scream out for the screen
Desperate reach through the glass modern
I bulge sunward clench your shirt
Beg of you to hold me sweating
My… No.
I inertia ran
Saddled fist-first then press in
Convoluted sitting bark out buoyant beauty scars
Hipbone rests on skin atop thighbone pierce in cross
Scratch green rotten body juice awash sweetly d-d-d-
"Hello to you" as my mask hops on the desk
I fall too oh senseless fall but fall I do not fall
Inertia falling is the worst sting
For through it all you feel no thing
Pain paints a mask her own
Immovably unstoppable
The sirens are ringing
The beauty in seeing
My own undoing
The soul's down bringing
That very prancer who breathed my tunes
Will fence my brain with me the broom
Oh! Ohhhhhhh!
Keep pressed against the wall my creaking chirp
Let it… Softly… Oh the gentle grains…
Sweet tapping twigs that gnaw my neck away
It's inertia falling
Yet I feel it all
For if life is one thing
It is omni-foul
Sweet… night… sweet… Night…
I clung to your shirt.
You turned away.
I'm going to…