Alright, so this is my first fictionpress story. Woohoo! Go me! *cough* Anyway, this idea has been stuck in my head for a while, but I'm not really sure if it will be any good. In this little nugget of a chapter thing, I don't reveal any of the plotline, incase you all think my writing sucks or something, so all I want to know from you is whether or not this captures your attention. If it does, I will, eventually, be replacing this with the actual first chapter. Enjoy!

Love at first fight

A girl fell from the ceiling, landing on the table. Dishes scattered everywhere, the pitcher of water spilled over everything, glasses shattered, a few people screamed, others took out their wands, ready to attack if she so much as blinked.

Everet just smiled and said, calmly, "Right on time."

All twelve pairs of eyes were looking at the unconscious girl before them.

There were a few moments of shocked silence before Calven chanced going closer. His movements were jerky and it seemed as if he wasn't walking of his own accord. The girl was a magnet, pulling him ever closer, and he was incapable of resisting.

"Calven," Sebastian hissed at his friend. "What are you doing?"

Calven ignored him. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to answer that question even if he wanted to.

The man went ever closer, hesitantly, but enraptured by the form of the girl. It was amazing; she had come from nowhere. He wanted to know who she was. How she did that.

Behind him, Sebastian sighed, and, rolling his eyes at his friend's brashness, stepped in line at his heels, his wand pointed at the girl.

Now, Calven was beside the table. He could reach out and touch her if he'd wanted to. Instead, he kept the little distance between them and observed her. Still breathing, that was a good sign, one arm was hanging off the table, the other above her head, one leg was bent at a strange angle, but Calven didn't think it was broken. She had a couple scratches and was bleeding in a few places where broken glass had cut her. She was covered in the leftovers of their lunch. Other than that, and the fact that she was unconscious, she seemed unharmed.

She was dressed strangely. Her dark pants were tight against her skin and were secured by a black belt that had silver studs in them, a skull at the front as a buckle. The sleeves of her black and red stripped shirt fell just past her elbows and it looked as though the hem would go down to mid thigh if it hadn't ridden up above her belly button. Her feet were clad in heavy looking black boots that went nearly to her knees and her hands were covered by equally black gloves that were cut off at the fingers.

Her hair, the most curious colors, covered most of her face. Calven reached over slowly to brush it away. Sebastian tensed behind him, and is seemed as if the whole room was holding its breath. Calven's hand wasn't an inch away from the strands when the girl's black rimmed eyes snapped open. Calven retracted his hand as if burned and everyone took a step back.

She jolted upright, her expression panicked. Her bangs hung in front of her face still, to the chagrin of Calven, but you could still see one of her wide, fear filled eyes. Her gaze darted around the room, as if she were looking for an escape. Finding none, she pulled her legs under her and grabbed the first thing she could find that resembled any type of weapon.

Wielding it in front of her, she cursed when she saw that she was holding a spoon. This time, she looked closer and grabbed a long, sharp knife.

"Woah! Watch where you swing that thing," Calven cried as it narrowly missed his face.

"Who are you?" she asked, slightly hysterical. Obviously, with good reason. "Where am I? What do you want?"

Calven took a step closer, holding his hands out in a placating gesture. "Calm down. We don't mean to hurt you." Sebastian slapped his hand to his forehead at this, but Calven didn't notice. Telling a person to calm down in this situation probably wasn't the wisest course of action.

The girl glared at him, trying to hide the fear in her eyes. Picking up a dish, she threw it at him. Calven ducked and it shattered against the wall. He was grateful that she didn't throw the knife.

She didn't want to kill him, just get him away. Even when she realized what she had done, she was appalled. She could have hit him. "Shit," she said. Everyone gasped at her choice of language. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I swear, it's just when some creep comes up to you like that, what are you supposed to do? I didn't have any mace on me, but that would have been worse, and... awe, man, I'm really sorry. Are you okay?" Even she wasn't sure what she was saying anymore.

Everybody was stunned. Calven blinked a few times, opening and closing his mouth as if unsure how to respond to that. Finally, the words came out and he said, confusion ringing in his voice, "Did you just call me a creep?"

So that was that. I hope you enjoyed.