Chapter Thirteen

"You want me to what?" Eve's eyes were baffled, confused and shocked.

"You heard me."

"But how? I don't-!"

"Just do what I say and you'll live." Ezra ran his fingers over his head, sighing. He hadn't planned for this, not this. But if it was to keep Alaric happy and for his own plan to follow through, then so be it. There was no other way.

"Charles is one of the senior regional managers for Eagle International Shipping, I'm sure you know that what you don't know is that Eagle isn't just a regular shipping company. Most of it is just a front. Sure they do normal courier, but through them they also ship illegal items. They smuggle everything from guns to drugs to people."

He looked away, trying not to le any angry emotions show. "Charles is a part of one of the largest crime organizations in North America. He's sitting near the top, that's why he gets most of the things he has so easily. He's done a lot, that's for sure. But not everything was done clean.

"Sebastian Lavoie is the head of all this. Through him, he established Eagle and made it into what it is today: a powerful international shipping company. Almost everyone that works for them on the yards offices and transportation department is in. however, there are the few that are innocent, like some of their drivers who don't realize what they're delivering."

He lit his cigarette, still looking at something invisible. "You are going to apply there, work for them, and report to me."

She had opened her mouth to question but he cut her off. "I'm going to teach you everything you need to know, everything that you'll have to do. Listen, this wasn't part of my original plan but I have no choice.

"My boss, Alaric Medvedev, knows about you. He doesn't know who you are, but I got careless when we went into town. So we need to do what he says. He's going to test you, to weigh the possibility of success if we use you. If you fail, he's going to kill you." Ezra watched her pale, but he continued. "I can't have that. I've another use for you. That is why you have to impress him."

He paused, giving her a chance to speak. "I can't work for Eagle."

"Why not?"

"He works there, what if he sees me? Then it'll be over."

Ezra shook his head and got out of the chair. "We'll worry about Charles later. That's not the biggest problem right now."

"Then what is?"


She didn't understand. But she came to conclusion that she probably never would understand what drove Ezra. She didn't need to know, with no purpose in life she didn't care. "Okay, fine. I'll be your spy. I'll be your tool so you can get what you want."

Ezra found his focus and looked to her; he saw the resolve in her face and the anger in her eyes. But it wasn't anger towards him. It was to herself possibly because she felt she had failed Daphne.

"What do you need me to do?"