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Chapter Two: Warm Welcome

I sigh, neither protesting nor agreeing. Felix takes my silence to mean 'yes', however, and soon I find myself in a crowd of gyrating bodies, my back pressed against the lean chest of my taller companion. The air is thick, heavy, and filled with the scent of sweat and seduction. Biting my lip, I close my eyes and tip my head back, letting it overpower me. In a scene like this, you either give in or drown.

Felix's warm hands slide up my sides, pressing against my stomach and chest, holding me even closer. I shiver as his fingers brush against my nipple, stretching my arms to wrap behind his head. Teeth nip my ear playfully, and my mouth stretches into a small smile without me realising. It's too loud for words, but Felix is skilled in the art of body language and makes his message quite clear.

I want you.

I groan as he grinds his hips into my ass, fighting my own reaction. My head lolls to the side, exposing my neck, which he attacks, probably covering it with hickies. But I don't care. The alcohol's gotten to my brain and I'm willing to let him do whatever he wants with me.

Although, I am hoping for one particular outcome.

The song changes, and I find myself being suddenly pulled through the crowd, mind still foggy from the haze of promised sex.

"You looked like you needed a break," explains Felix over the music as we sit down at the bar.

I just smile at him, not trusting myself to form proper sentences right now. He just laughs, signalling the bartender. A moment later, a strange and colourful drink it set in front of me. Blinking, I pick it up, clinking the glass against Felix's for a random, unidentified toast. He grins at me, quickly downing his drink. I follow suit, shivering at the biting warmth that spreads through my limbs.

After a couple more drinks, we head back onto the floor, merging with the crowd. By now my brain is buzzing, but I don't care. I let Felix wrap me in his arms, holding me like a lover. And even if it is all an elaborate lie, I finally feel happy.


For a minute, all I can do is sit there, frozen. Finally, I regain my ability to speak.


My stomach is twisting horribly, and my mind feels frozen. Polygamists. That's what he said. People who marry multiple times. And I'm married to him. And he's already married to Sei. That means I'm married to him as well.

Complicated doesn't even begin to cover it.

Sei gives a bark of laughter, dark eyes lit up with surprise. "You didn't tell him? Good job, Felix."

Felix looks upset, face twisted apologetically as his green eyes flick between me and Sei. "Fuck, it's just…last night was crazy and we just found out we got married, so—"

Now it's Sei's turn to look stunned. "Whoa, you got married? Without telling any of us?"

'Any of us'? There's more than just Sei and Felix? Great.

Felix sinks in his seat, looking sick. "Sorry."

Sei shrugs easily. "Not me you have to worry about." His smirk returns. "Long as I get to fuck him, I don't care if you're married."

Instinctively I lean back. "Don't touch me." That just makes Sei laugh.


"Sei, stop it," growls Felix, reaching across the table to grab his wrist. Sei just yanks him forward and smacks a kiss on his mouth.

"I'm gonna go find Sage." Getting up, he glances once more at me before leaving the kitchen. I watch him go with a sense of dread. He's dangerous.

"Sorry," mumbles Felix, slumped in his chair. "Sei is…he's a good guy."

Uh huh.

"So. Polygamists." I cross my arms, watching him.

He grimaces, slumping further. "Yeah. Uh…there's five of us. Six, I guess with you here."

"Not for long," I remind him.

"Right." He rubs his eyes. "Look, I'm gonna make breakfast. You want anything?"

I shrug. "Not really."

The look he shoots me is less than impressed. He's going to make me something.

And I end up helping him.

We don't talk as we put together a normal breakfast. I can feel Felix's eyes on me every-so-often, but I ignore them. I don't want to get to know him.

The sound of a yawn turns my attention to the doorway, where a tousled blond shuffles along, Sei behind him.

"Morning, Felix," he greets, voice sleepy. "Sei says you have something to… Oh." He blinks at me, blue eyes clearing slightly. "Hi."

Awkwardly, I raise a hand. "Uh…hi." Husband Number Two.

His smile is present, but his eyes are confused. "You are…?"

"This would be Felix's new husband," drawls Sei, draping an arm around the blond's shoulders.

He's enjoying this way too much.

The blond freezes, staring first at me, then Felix. His shoulders slump.


He turns off the stove, stealing the pan of eggs from me. "I know." Glancing at his taller husband, he gestures at me.

"This is Kit."

Both Sei and the blond look at me, and I'm surprised to see…realisation on their faces. What?

"Oh." The blond's voice is different…happier. "Hello, Kit. I'm Sage."

I nod, wondering what exactly is going on. It's like they recognise me or something.

Felix cuts in. "Uh, breakfast's ready. Are Neve and Faolan…?"

Sage instantly goes from a cupboard, pulling out plates. "I think they're still asleep."


I step back as they set the table, somehow finding myself back in my recently vacated seat when they're done.

I should've expected the questioning.

"So…how did you end up married?" asks Sage, smile slightly strained. I don't know how he can be so cheerful. If my husband married someone behind my back, I'd castrate him.

"Drunken mistake," I reply shortly, prodding at the scrambled eggs I made. I should eat, but I feel sick.

Awkward pause.


Awkward silence.

"We're getting a divorce," I add, finally.

Sage looks at me, surprised. "Really? Why?"

That earns him a disbelieving stare. "You should be happy about this. Felix cheated on you."

Sei snorts, sipping at a glass of water. He doesn't have any food.

Sage's expression turns sheepish. "Oh, ah…the lines sort of blur with polygamy."


The rest of breakfast is eaten in silence.

I'm leaving after this.


Intervention is the best way to put it, I think. Or family meeting. Whatever it is, I don't like it.

Faolan is Husband Number Three. So far, he hasn't talked much, but he doesn't seem to have the need. Clearly a leader. Also the reason I haven't been able to leave yet.

It's a good thing he's across the room, or I'd have my hands on those dreadlocks.

Fifteen minutes go by. Fifteen of the most awkward minutes of my life.

I sit there, squished between Faolan and Felix, trying to keep myself from fidgeting. Once again, there's a conversation going on that I'm not part of, and I just want to escape. While the marriage thing went over well enough with Sage, it appears Faolan thinks it needs to be discussed.

So far, no one's listened when I say we're getting a divorce.

I think it's time to escape.

Getting up, I simply mutter 'bathroom' before going for the stairs. No one calls me back.

Goosebumps prickle along my skin when I reach the upper floor, the air suddenly a lot cooler. Weird.

Wrapping my arms around my torso I shuffle along the hall, glancing around. Just like I remember it from this morning.

How long do people normally stay in the bathroom…?

"Who the hell are you?"

I stop abruptly, turning around to look at the speaker. My eyes fall on a guy around my height with translucent skin and a mop of shining silver hair. He doesn't look happy.

Narrowed grey eyes burn into me, the man's pale mouth a thin line.

"Well? Planning to answer my question anytime soon?"

I'm hit by a sudden wave of coldness, making me take a step back as I gape at him.

"Kit," I reply, trying to keep my teeth from chattering. I don't like the cold.

He takes a step forward.

"And what are you doing here?"

I glare back. Must be Husband Number Four.

"Felix brought me here."

He sneers, stepping closer.

"So you're just some little slut he picked up in a bar, huh?"

I stiffen, lips curling away from my teeth.

"Fuck off."

A sudden shove sends me back into the wall. I let out a sharp yelp as my head connects with the hard surface, the pain blurring my vision. Fuck, that hurts!

"Bastard," I hiss, holding my head.

I'm suddenly pinned against the wall, darkened grey eyes biting me.

"I belong here. You don't."

Growling, I push him back. "What the hell's your problem?"


Sage's voice floats down the hall, stopping the man's lunge. Instead, he walks down the hall, meeting Sage at the top of the stairs.

"Why is he in our house?"

"Neve!" Blue eyes flick between us. "Ah. That." He looks away. "You should probably come downstairs…"

Shooting a suspicious glance over his shoulder, Neve follows him down to the living room.

Right. I'm leaving now.

"Hurry up, Kit!"


Sighing, I walk back into the living room, crossing my arms. Sage offers me a strained smile, clearing his throat.

"So, uh, I guess we have to sort this out."

"Sort out what?" demands Neve, looking around the room with a frown.

Sei's head tilts back, dark gaze can falling on him.

"They got married last night. Didn't you know?"

The next instant, Neve is out of his chair, sharp face livid, white hot eyes piercing into Felix.


I jump at his loud voice, blinking. Felix only frowns.

"Neve, it's really not—"


Wincing, I take a step back. I hate loud noises.

Felix's temper snaps, and in a second he's in front of Neve."We were drunk!"

"You were drunk?" Neve looks even angrier. "What the hell, Felix?"

Felix hands clenched into fists.

"People make mistakes, Neve."

He steps closer, teeth bared.

"People also fix their mistakes! And in this case—" His hand flings out to gesture sharply at me. "—fixing the mistake means getting rid of him!"

I grimace. "Uh, we're getting a d—"

"I can't just get rid of him!" snarls Felix, green eyes bright with anger.

"Why the hell not?" demands Neve. I agree. I thought we were agree on this splitting thing? "He obviously came from somewhere before getting to whatever bar you found him! Send him back!"

"I can't."

My head hurts.

"Why not, Felix?"

"He has nowhere else to go!"

"Then he's obviously nothing but a gold-digging little whore!"

I stiffen. "I am n—"

"He's going to kill himself!" yells Felix, voice on the edge of a scream.

Dead silence.


I stare at Felix in shock.

Then my temper snaps. Again.

"Oh, fuck you!" Felix snaps his head to me, eyes wide and mouth open. I don't let him talk. "It's my own damn business and I am not fucking staying here!"

I storm out of the room, not bothering to grab my shoes before throwing open the front door, bounding down the stairs, and flying down the street, mind a blur.

He was planning to keep me there! And, what, send me to fucking therapy? I bet he just faked that call to the courthouse. Probably gonna lock me up in a cage.


The scenery blurs around me as my bare feet speed me down the sidewalk, getting further and further away from the house. I turn down another street, not slowing down.

I don't know where I'm going.

I don't think I care. Long as I'm away from them.

I'm not a charity case.

Something suddenly hits me from behind, pushing me roughly forward. My feet leave the ground, only to be replaced by my body a few feet away as I slide. The pavement tears the skin on my palms and through the knees of jeans as I try to stop my skid, finally coming to a stop with a yelp. As I try to catch my breath, I realise there's a large weight on my back, pressing me into the ground while two strong arms constrict against my chest. I struggle against the hold, panicked and snarling.

"Let go of me!" I yell, twisting and clawing.

One large hand grabs my much skinnier wrists, keeping me from fighting with my nails, which just makes me angrier.

"Get off!" I scream.

I'm suddenly sitting up, back pressed against the hard chest of whoever's holding me. My arms are being pinned down by a strong hug, longs legs pressed against the sides of my own.

"It's okay, Kit," murmurs a deep voice in my ear. "Just breathe."

My breath is coming out in harsh pants, painful and loud. I'm so angry.

I taste blood.

"Leave me alone," I growl, hiss. "I'm not going back there."

He only hugs me tighter, chin resting on my shoulder.

"Calm down. Neve didn't mean it."

"I don't care! I want a divorce and I want to die in peace."

My chin is grabbed, forcing me to look at Faolan. I glare harder.

His amber eyes are narrowed, mouth pulled into a frown.

"I hope you don't mean that."

I glower, hands clenched into fists.

"Fuck off."

He sighs, standing up. Since his arms are still wrapped around me, he drags me up with him. But instead of putting me down, he tucks me under one arm, and starts walking back the way we came.

This pisses me off.

"Put me down!" I yell, struggling at the awkward angle.

He continues walking, face placid. My lips curl back in a snarl, and I start hitting him wherever I can, elbow getting him in the stomach a few times.

"I'm not going back there! Let go of me, you fucking asshole! LET GO!"

His hold just tightens, making me cough before I start up my yelling again. But no matter how hard I fight, I can't get away from him.

By the time we're back on Hazel Street, my throat is hoarse and I'm on the last dregs of adrenaline. Still, I don't give up fighting, despite that I'm having no effect at all on Faolan. Still, the blood drizzling from the scratches on his arms is oddly satisfying.

I hear the shouting through the front door, which makes me even more reluctant to go into the house. Of course, Faolan doesn't give me much of a choice, carrying me hissing and scratching up the stairs, through the door, and back into the living room. Felix and Neve are standing in the middle of the room, yelling at each other, while Sage tries to stop them. Sei continues lounging in his chair, dark eyes watching the proceedings with interest.

"I smell blood," he remarks suddenly, not looking at us.

Faolan sets me on my feet, pushing me towards the couch. I stumble, falling into the cushions, keeping my hands up to avoid getting blood everywhere. Sei's dark gaze finds me, trailing over my knees and hands, his tongue flicking out to moisten his bottom lip. A moment later, he's at my side, pulling me up.

"We should get those cleaned up," he murmurs, voice sending shivers down my spine. I've been avoiding him for a reason. There's something…off about him.

Blinking, I frown. His eyes are weird.

"Kit! Are you okay?"

Felix's voice wrenches my attention away from Sei, instead fixing on his worried face. I frown, glancing down at my hands.

"Oh, uh…I fell…" I murmur, dazed. I feel…drugged.

"C'mon, I'll help you."

He pulls me past Sei, leading me up the stairs. He pauses briefly, glancing back at him, voice low.

"Neve needs some time to cool down."

Sei nods, stepping back, his dark dark eyes scathing over me one last time. Then he's gone, back in the living room where Neve is yelling at Sage, and Faolan is holding him back. A tug on my arm draws me back, and I look up at Felix, who is offering me a wan smile.


Mutely, I follow him, brain feeling a little fuzzy. However, as we enter the bathroom, Felix pushing me over to the bathtub to sit down, my anger returns from earlier.

"You told them," I growl, eyes narrowed.

Wide green eyes meet mine, flicking away quickly as Felix grimaces.

"I know, I'm sorry. Things got out of hand."

"You're fucking right about that," I growl, lip curled.

"I didn't think Neve would react like that," he whispers apologetically, pulling out first-aid supplies from under the sink.

"I don't care what you thought," I hiss, leaning forward. "I told you we're splitting. And you're acting like I'm staying."

Felix clears his throat. "Well, uh…thought it'd be better…"

"Again. Don't care."

Felix winces, setting everything down on the toilet seat, kneeling in front of me.


I don't say anything, watching with a scowl as he cleans and bandages the cuts on my hands. He's gentle, but I can tell he's still upset, body tense and trembling slightly. Yeah, well, not as upset as me.

Felix leans back, glancing up at me.

"Could you take off your pants?"

I blink, startled out of my anger.

"Huh? Why?"

I am not having bathroom sex.

One hand gestures to my knees, the other rubbing his neck.

"Can't patch those up right."

"Oh. Right." Bloody knees.

It's a bit difficult getting the jeans undone with my hands all wrapped up, but I manage to shimmy out of them, kicking them to the side. Somehow, I don't think Felix is gonna want to keep those.

It's at this moment I remember that I'm not wearing any boxers.

Flushing, I yank down the hem of my borrowed shirt, managing to drag it to my thighs. It's stupid, I know. Felix did a lot more than see me naked last night. But, fuck, I'm feeling a bit rattled right now, and Felix is at the perfect level for…

I quickly shake my head. Bad thoughts.

Felix either doesn't notice or doesn't care that the shirt's the only thing covering me, because he just gently presses my chest, making me sit down again. I yank the shirt between my legs, awkwardly sitting there as Felix works on my knees.

"What happened, anyway?" he asks, voice low with concentration.

I grimace. "Faolan tackled me"

Felix's head snaps up at that, eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Faolan did this?"

I shrug, fingers twisting in the fabric of the shirt.

"Guess he didn't want me getting away."

Felix looks back down, finishing bandaging one knee and moving on to the other.

"You shouldn't have run."

I gape. "So this is my fault?"

Green eyes are narrowed as they stare up at me.

"Yeah, Kit," he retorts, suddenly angry. "It is."

I raise my mummified hands to shove him away, but he grabs my wrists, holding me in place.

"Let me go!" I growl, trying to get away from him.

"You can't just keep running away!" he exclaims, rising up on his knees.

He's now between my thighs, chest brushing against mine with every irritated breath. I stare at him defiantly, my mouth a thin line. The air crackles between us, tense and suffocating, both of us waiting for the other to make the first move.

Suddenly, his hands are twisted in my hair, yanking me forward into a hard, demanding kiss. My surprised yelp is muffled by his lips, body jerking against his. Arms pinned between us, my legs are forced wider as he presses a lot closer than before, tongue sliding into my mouth. I groan, ignoring the sharp pain in my scalp where my hair is being pulled by strong fingers. Fuck, I'm supposed to be angry, but…that can wait.

I struggle to free my arms, wanting to grab onto something, dig my nails into skin, anything, but the friction I cause just makes things worse. My hips buck at the movement, a gasp lost against clacking teeth, my toes curling against the cool tile. Felix pulls away for a moment, hand sliding down my body to curl against mine. I hiss as he presses my hands against my groin.

Oh, holy fuck.

The hand in my hair jerks me forward again, tilting my head to the side to expose my neck. I let out a shuddering breath as his tongue burns against my neck, teeth nipping. Suddenly, they're biting and I yelp, eyes squeezing shut. It only hurts for a moment, then it's soothed by Felix's tongue.

This is why I went home with him last night.

My attention is abruptly returned to my hands, which are being used by Felix to push up my shirt until everything below my waist is exposed. His pale face nuzzles into my throbbing neck as he forces my fingers to wrap around myself, the masturbatory gesture sending a shudder up my spine.

"F-fuck, Felix," I stammer, curling over our hands with a harsh gasp.

He snickers in my ear, hand tightening over mine and jerking upwards. A groan spills from my lips, loud and echoing in the large bathroom, pain stabbing through my bandaged hands. Another jerk, then another, slow, tight, and fucking brilliant, the sweat from my palms providing crude lubricant, although the bandages are almost painful against my skin. My sharp teeth sink into my lip, eyes squeezing shut as the speed increases.

Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

My head falls forward on his shoulder, sharp groans and pants pouring out of me. This is so, so wrong…

The grip around my hands tightens abruptly, yanking a cry from my throat that quickly fades into shuddering gasps. I'm not gonna last much longer, not with the way Felix is going.

My breathing becomes faster, blood pounding in my ears.

Almost there.

A sudden crushing kiss, paired with a final squeeze, and I'm gone, body arching and full-bodied groan swallowed by Felix's mouth. I slump, panting, against him, limbs like jelly.

"Fuck," I whisper hoarsely. "Fuck."

Felix presses a kiss to my cheek, pulling away to smirk cheekily at me, grip falling away from my messy hair.

"You can put your pants back on," he drawls, sitting back on his heels.

I blink sluggishly at him, mind still boggled.






Gaze sliding away from his face, I reach for the discarded jeans, ignoring the torn and bloody knees as I shakily stand and slide them on. Felix watches me the entire time, wide grin on his lips. Suddenly embarrassed, I step around him and move to the sink, blasting water into the basin to clean my sticky hands.

"You're gonna ruin the bandages," he remarks, appearing in my peripheral vision.

"I think you already did that," I shoot back, glaring at my abused hands.


He's grinning.

Turning off the water, I step back, drying my hands in my shirt, and quickly leave the bathroom. Felix doesn't follow.

Rubbing my face, I growl.

I'm just gonna pretend that didn't happen.

Fuck, I'm an idiot.