Good Girls

The graveyard is so dark. So pale, whithered and washed out, despite the afternoon sunlight glinting off the headstones.

Each name tells a story. Their story, so similar to my own. So many stories untold.

So many headstones.

I do not fear death. The physical action of dying does not scare me. It does not keep me up late at night, whimpering under the covers. No, mortality finds craftier ways to subdue me. I am terrified that when I do leave this world, I will have been nothing. Absolutely nothing. Ordinary and plain throughout my life. Just another untold story among millions.

Mediocrity scares me.

But I fight, I live, today, tomorrow and a million tomorrows, in the future for the unknown people who deserve recognition of their lives. I live for the unseen achievements and fantastic feats that occur every day. And I fight for what history chooses to ignore.

A friend once told me, "Good girls don't get into History Books." I boldly replied back, "Just watch me."