Masculine Feminine

"I swear, Adam. You're going to be famous one day." Andrea told him, looking over his freshly written lyrics. She was sitting on his bed wearing not that short short shorts. He couldn't stop staring, but he did when she threw his lyrics back at him. He, too, was on his bed. Now lying face down on his stomach, to hide his face and the fact that he was staring at his best friend like that. She was his best friend since the fourth grade.

"No. Stop saying that Andi," He said but it was barely audible since he was talking into his pillow.

Adam Maximillian Kingsley. Dark jet black hair. Dreamy hazel eyes. Broad shoulders, sweetest voice any one will ever hear. Pretty much the sweetest thing any one could ever lay eyes on. But he only has eyes for one person, and that one person is sitting right in front of him. She doesn't know it though. She's completely obvious to the feelings that he has towards her. He's just that good at hiding things.

"Only until you stop calling me 'Andi.' It's Andrea. We've been friends since the fourth grade, and you still haven't got it right!" She was teasing, of course.

"You liked that nickname back then." He could breathe now. Adam's flat on his back. Once he turned around, Andi wanted to get off of his bed. She sat on his computer chair instead.

"I never told you that I liked it. I guess it's just grown on me." She said turning around with a smile.

"You've grown on me." He wanted to say, but he didn't.

Instead, "We've been friends since the fourth grade, huh? Wow. Eight years?" Adam questioned her.

"Yep, I've stuck with you for eight extremely long years." She turned away from the computer. "I think I deserve an award." She told him nodding her head.

"Here." Adam said throwing an envelope at her.

Andi barely caught it. She was never good at catching things or catching on.

"What is this?" I was just kidding." She said examining the outside of the envelope, not yet opening it.

"I'm not." Adam said. "Open it. I can't take it back." He said smiling.

"What are you talking about?" Andi asked opening the seal. "You can return anything." She was pulling out the contents. "But I don't want you to return these!" She said examining the tickets. "Where did you get tickets for Oh Star?"

"I know people." Adam said nonchalantly.

"What kind of people?! I know people, too!" She was still examining the tickets. It was too hard to believe. "You know these tickets are unreachable!" Andi exclaimed.

Adam grabbed them from her. "I could reach." He said with a smile.

"Seriously, Adam. How did you get them?" Andi asked.

"Ever since the fourth grade, you'd always question everything. It doesn't matter how I got them. I just got them. It's going to be you, me, and Oh Star next Thursday." He said so comfortably leaning back on his bed rest.

"Thursday?" Andi asked. Adam nodded. There was still that smile on his face. "Can't. I got school." She was facing the computer. She was done with this conversation.

Adam burst out laughing, "You serious?"

"Dead serious." Andi said turning to face him. "School's important to me. I know it isn't for you, but to me, it is."

"It's one day, Andi. Plus, Oh Star is your favorite band since I last remembered." Adam wasn't giving up. She has to go with him to this concert.

"I know. They were. They still are. But I'm not going. Find somebody else."

Ouch. "I'm not bringing anybody else." He said quietly, looking down.

"You're going alone?" She asked playing with the hem of her shorts.


She sighed, still smiling like she always does. Andi smiles more when she's nervous compared to when she's actually happy.

"Okay, well. It's getting late. I'm going to call Taya to come pick me up." Andi says searching for her cell phone.

"Don't bother." Adam says getting off of his bed. "I could take you home. I have to go to Freddy's to drop off some stuff any way." He said making up an excuse.

"Alright, but I'm not going to the show with you." She said daringly. Andi picked up all her belongings and stuffed them in her bag. "If you think driving me home is going to change my mind, you're wrong." She was teasing him again.

"Always so critical. Can't a guy do something nice for a girl just because?" Adam said grabbing his keys and opening the door for Andi.

"Not unless he wants something in return." She said answering his question.

"I'm not like those other guys, Andi." He said with a sigh trying to catch up to her heading towards his black Ford pick up truck.

"You need help?" Adam asked her as she climbed up the side of the truck. It was a pretty huge monster of a truck especially since he had 28 inch custom built rims. You would have to step on the tires to get into the truck.

"Since when do I need help climbing up your truck?" She asked him.

"Since I started liking you." He wanted to say, but didn't.

"Adam Kingsley, you really need to stop having these thoughts." He said to himself. Andi didn't hear this.

"I've been climbing up this truck since I was ten year's old going fishing with you and your dad." She said climbing in and closing the door, waiting for the driver.

Those years way back when...when his father would take him and Andi fishing on Saturdays. It was just the three of them because Kendra and his mom were too feminine and didn't want to get smelly. Andi didn't care. She never really cared about what others thought about her back then. Back then when he didn't have feelings like this for her. Back then when his father didn't have lung cancer.

He went around back and then got in the driver's seat of the truck. Andi was waiting for him.

When he was putting on his seat belt, Andi was just staring at him.

"How's your dad, by the way? It's been a while since I last visited him in the hospital." She asked. Her voice was filled with concern.

"The doctor's still aren't sure." Adam said starting the truck.

Andi groaned. She wasn't looking at him anymore. "It's been almost two years, what is it that they still don't know? Hmph." Andi said sitting back in her seat with her arms crossed.

This made Adam laugh, not the subject matter on hand, but the way Andi reacted to it. To him, it was adorable, but he hopes that he would never be the cause of her anger.

"What are you laughing about?" Andi's voice interrupted his thoughts. "This is serious."

"I know. It's just..." Adam was not going to finish this sentence.

"Just what, hm?" Andi questioned.

"Nothing, it's nothing." Adam said turning into her street.

"Tell me!"

"No." He said with a smile.

"It better not be about that concert." Andi warned.

"Wow. For someone who doesn't want to go, you sure do talk about it a lot." Oh, he's got her now.

"I never said that I didn't want to go. I said that I couldn't go." Andi said.

She gave him one last look and got out of his truck.

"Thanks, Adam." She said then turned around towards her front door.

That was the last time she would say his name today. He waited until she got into her house safely then drove his way back home.

"I'm not going to Freddy's today." He said once he left her street.


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