BEFORE YOU READ:This story is slowly coming together, but it will be finished eventually. Please don't expect anything any time soon. Sorry I'm so complicated when it comes ot this story.

Summary: Hannah Davis was the regular high school screw-up until one night when her life changed forever. She begins to hear whispers coming out of thin air. At first, she thinks that she's going crazy. Her parents put her into a therapy group where she meets a boy with dark secrets of his own. Hannah decides to face her fears, but will she survive?

"Dance with me?" Joel asked taking my hand and kissing each one of my fingers. His gaze never left mine as he did this. I threw my head back and my body shook with fake laughter.

"Drop the shit, Joel. You just wanna screw me and then steal all the money I have in my wallet," I told him. I yanked my hand away from his and watched the couples grinding against each other to the rap music blaring from the speakers. I noticed that one girl was practically having an orgasm in the middle of the floor while her partner's excitement bulged prominently in his pants. I watched her hips pop gracefully as she danced and I remembered how I became the person I am now.

I started hanging out with Joel and his gang when I started high school. The gang consisted of Joel Damson, Duke Zefferey, and Tina Krep. I was one of the good girls during junior high, so I'd hardly noticed them. But once my body began to fill out Joel was the one who had noticed me. After only two weeks of knowing him, we were doing all sorts of dirty deeds in the shed behind my house nearly every night. He introduced me to a world I'd never known, a world that in his mind I was missing out on: the wonderful world of the party animals. We stayed out until dawn every night getting high and drinking until we puked our guts out. I thought I was "falling in love" with him. What a load of bullshit that was.

I completely rebelled when he broke off our so called "relationship". The drinking and smoking had gotten to a point where it didn't even matter to me anymore. I cut off all of my light brown hair so that it resembled that of a boy's yet was still feminine enough that I wouldn't be mistaken as one and I died it black. I started sleeping around; I became "that girl", the one who slept with half the football team. I was stupid then, but not stupid enough to catch any STDs, I made sure of that. I got invited to college parties, danced around naked in front of everyone. I was having the time of my life. Then, Joel and I started screwing again during my sophomore year. We still weren't together, but that didn't matter to me. We used each other for our own satisfaction. That's the way I liked it.

By the beginning of my first senior year the college parties and the stripping got kind of boring, so I quit. My hair had grown out to my chin and I kept it like that for awhile, but in the end I decided that I liked it better the other way. I kept it black and cut it again. I dropped all the drugs except weed. It was probably the most excruciating thing I've ever done. I started hanging out with the gang again. Tina and I were known as the school sluts. But it didn't bother me at all, honestly. People talked, my name was known, and I had some amazing sex. My life has been like that ever since.

"You know you wanna fuck me too." He told me as he pressed my body against the wall behind me. His lips attacked my neck and I couldn't stop the moan from escaping my mouth. He may be an ass, but he's fucking great in bed.

My fingers wound into his long blond hair. I struggled to pull his mouth away from my neck, but I finally managed it. His hands gripped my hips so hard that it was painful; I returned his roughness by pulling harder on the roots of his hair. He growled low in his throat and I felt it vibrate all the way up my spine. Before he could do anything else I covered his mouth with mine. His fingers tangled into my hair as his tongue explored my mouth. Our lips moved together, hot and heavy. His hand rubbed against my breast, launching me into sex mode. We were both moaning loudly and rubbing against each other vigorously by the time we got to a room.

"Damn girl. Give me a minute," He said while undoing his pants.

"Shut the fuck up and get naked," I said while hastily slipping off my miniskirt and tank top, I had lost my flip flops somewhere along the way. He grinned and pinned me down on the bed.

"You first," He demanded.

He flicked his tongue along my ear lobe and trailed the wetness in a hot path all the way to my breasts. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt his hardness rub against my center. I tugged impatiently at his boxers, frustrated that they were still on. My hips bucked against his causing him to groan, and somehow I managed to flip us over so that I could straddle him. We both grinned; this was our favorite position. He unhooked my lacey red bra and captured my breast in his mouth while one of his hands was pressed against my back and the other was traveling down my stomach. My back arched to him and my head fell back as I moaned his name.

I didn't even care if he was going to take my money afterwards; I wanted him to fuck me now. I gripped his bare shoulders as his hand found its way into my panties. He slipped his fingers inside of me and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. He was the only guy that could make me scream just by using his hands and that's what I loved about him. After all, it's why we're fuck buddies. He slammed his fingers into me repeatedly as he nipped at breasts. I cried out in pleasure.

"What the hell?!" Someone shouted from the doorway.

"Fuck off dip-shit!" Joel yelled back, not even pausing in his act. He gripped my ass roughly and I moaned. I didn't care if anyone was watching. Hell, they could even join in!

Suddenly, I was ripped from Joel's grasp and thrown on the other side of the bed. I looked up to start cussing out the bastard, but immediately froze when I saw who it was. Oh shit! The last thing I needed was my brother walking in on me like that. God, this was embarrassing. I covered my breasts and was relieved to see that my brother wasn't looking at me. He was beating the shit out of Joel.

I watched helpless and naked as Bobby threw his fist into Joel's stomach. Joel bent over, wheezing, and Bobby took the moment of weakness to bring his knee straight to Joel's nose.

I gasped. "Bobby!"

He turned his murderous glare on me long enough to grit out, "Stay out of this," and then he was beating Joel again. Joel tried to defend himself but Bobby clearly had the upper hand. He swung his arm back in one last punch that landed Joel on the floor, groaning.

"Keep your trailer trash hands off my sister and stay away from her. If I ever see you anywhere near her again I won't be so kind to stop next time. I'll happily end your worthless life and finally give your mother some peace." His voice was filled with venom as the words spilled from his mouth. My brother kicked Joel, who was clutching his stomach, in the ribs. Joel screamed from the impact and curled into a ball. I could only gape at my brother's back. Bobby had never been a violent person and truthfully, he was a bit scary at the moment.

"Hannah, put some clothes on, now. We're leaving." He said still facing the wall.

I was too shocked to argue. I quickly found my clothes and got dressed. When I told him I was done he finally turned around, but he wouldn't meet my eyes. I grimaced. He's such a jackass. He grabbed my forearm and pulled me out of the room. I practically had to jog to keep up with him. As we left, I noticed Tina's car was fogged up and rocking back and forth. At least someone scored tonight.

My brother opened the door and shuffled me into his truck. This was going to be a really awkward drive home. I was glad I came with Tina, that way I wouldn't have to worry about leaving my car. He slammed my door and then got in on his side. He sat there, silently, for a minute before starting the car and driving off. Finally, when the house was out of sight, he spoke.

"What were you thinking?" He whispered.

"Bobby, let's get something straight. I like sex. No, I love it! I like to fuck Joel. Don't be such a fucking douche bag," I snapped.

"Do you realize what you just said? What happened to you? I hardly recognize my own sister. We used to be best friends." I could hear the pain in his voice, but I tried to ignore it. I tried, but I failed. Bobby's pain nipped at my heart, leaving its mark.

He was right though. We used to be so close. Of course we were; we're twins. Who isn't close to their twin? I looked over at him and sighed. I noticed that he kept his eyes focused on the road, not even giving me a side glance. Bobby and I looked pretty much the same, except he was taller than me. I'm five foot six and he's six foot five. I always found it funny that the numbers were switched with our height. It must be some kind of coincidence.

We both had the same lightly tanned skin, light brown hair, violet eyes, nearly the same facial structure, and the thick, long eyelashes. We're athletic, smart, and easy to talk to. Well, I used to be easy to talk to. I was smart, until I decided to stop doing my school work. Bobby and I were different now. He wanted to live life the boring way and I just wanted to have fun.

"You're so much better than this, Hannah. I know how smart you are. I know how talented you are. I know you're special. I also know that you're going to help people some day. You're going to make a difference, but you can't do it with the way you're living your life right now. Please, listen to me." Bobby was practically begging me to join the dark side. Actually, it would be the good side to him. That's the problem though. I don't want to be special and I don't want to make a difference.

"I don't want to help people. This is me; get used to it. I'm not going to change. I am not special. The only difference I'm going to make is promoting sex. You should try it, Bobby. It feels so fucking good. It's better than getting high." Bobby was always trying to tell me that I was special. Every-goddamn-day he would tell me that I was put on this earth for a purpose. I told him it was to have fun and party. He only shook his head and walked away. He never made any sense. He's just full of shit. Our parents had given up on me a long time ago, but not Bobby. Oh no, Bobby was the super-hero. Gag me, please.

I smacked my lips together and rolled down the window. The air rushing in through the window was like drinking clean, filtered water after having shit infested water for three years. As I breathed in I could feel the sensation of nature flowing through my body. It wasn't a high, but it felt nice.

"God, Hannah. That was disgusting. How can you say things like that and it doesn't bother you? I don't understand you. I love you, I do, but I don't want to listen to that kind of language. You never would have said something like that in the past. If I hadn't let you hang out with those stoned creeps then you wouldn't be like this. I was stupid enough to let you go to parties with them." He shook his head in shame with his eyes still on the road.

"First, to answer your question, sex really is better than a high and it does feel fucking great. I was serious about you trying it out too. You going to college as a virgin gives me the creeps. It's just wrong and it gives me a bad rep," I told him with a smile. He opened his mouth most likely to protest, but I interrupted.

"Nice try fucker. I'm not done talking. Second, it doesn't bother me because I like it. Third, there's no such thing as love. Not even the family kind of love. It's all a fucking fantasy. Fourth, those stoned creeps are my friends. Fifth, I'm glad you were stupid enough to let me hangout with the gang. You don't deserve a thank you because you're too much of a bitch." I glanced over to see his reaction, but nothing happened. Usually, he would start off on another lecture. The only thing I saw were his knuckles turning white from gripping the steering wheel too hard.

He didn't say anything. He didn't look at me. He pretended as if I wasn't there. For some reason, that pissed me off. I glared at him until I couldn't stand it anymore.

"Bobby?" I asked, successfully covering up the hurt in my voice.

"Yes?" He still didn't look at me.

"Damn it, Bobby. Do you hate me that much?! Just look at me! Look at me!" I screamed from the top of my lungs as I turned in my seat to face him.

Finally, for the first time tonight, he really looked at me. The sadness in his eyes was clearly visible. His eyebrows were crinkled and his frown was deep. His eyes didn't shine like they usually did. The violet orbs seemed flat, but not empty. His eyes never held any emptiness. We both opened our mouths to say something, but our jaws lay slack as we stared at each other. I could feel the fury building inside of me.

I don't know why or how, but I felt a tear drip from my eye and glide slowly down my cheek. I was angry at myself for crying. I didn't want to cry. I shouldn't be crying. It showed a sign of weakness. I don't want to be weak. The tear fell from my chin and onto the rise of my breast. We both stared at the other.

Then, everything happened too fast. It was quick and painful, but it's burned into my memory. Behind my brother was a car coming straight for us. We didn't see it. It hit his side, crushing him against the wheel and his seat. I could hear the screeching tires, the crunching of the metal, and his bones snapping.

I was jerked around violently. My head cracked against something hard and I could feel the blood rushing from my temple. I felt a stab of pain in my abdomen and burning in my legs, but I didn't know what it was. I only remember one thing clearly. The most prominent sounds I heard were his screams and cries of pain before everything went still.

My heart plummeted into my stomach. I could feel Bobby being cut off. I could feel the loss of connection. It was there, pounding throughout my body. I felt the piece of my heart that belonged to him crumble and begin its decay. I also felt something click into place; something inside my head and my heart. It was small, so small that it was barely noticed. It was an odd feeling. It didn't hurt and it didn't feel good. It just was.

My body lay limp next to my brother's crushed skeleton. Blood was seeping from a gash in the side of my head into my mouth. The warm, thick liquid stained the walls of my throat. I struggled to breathe. I forced my lids to stay open and I turned to face my brother. The sight before me was like the burning fire pits of hell to my eyes.

A dangerously large plate of glass from the window shield was embedded into his neck. It nearly separated his head from his body. His jaw was slack as if we were still staring at each other. His violet eyes, for once held no life, were facing mine. They stared back into mine watching my every move. Only he couldn't see. He was dead.

My eyes traveled down to his torso. The steering wheel had come off and was jammed into his flesh. I wanted to close my eyes, to run far away and hide. I tried to close them, but they wouldn't budge from his body. Blood was everywhere. It covered the windshield, the seats, the floorboard, the dash, everything. I could feel his blood and mine soaking the material of my clothing.

More blood floated into my throat and I could hardly breathe. The pains from various parts of my body were becoming more and more noticeable by the second. I had to focus on something before the pain took me under. I looked down at Bobby's hand, which was lying open on the blood soaked seat. It seemed as if he was asking me to hold his hand. My fingers twitched. Slowly, I inched my hand toward his. When my fingertips touched his, he had no warmth left in his body. I put my hand in his and gently squeezed.

"It's okay Bobby. I love you. I'll see you soon. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," I told him silently. I never knew I could feel so much pain, so much loss, and so much emptiness. The blood pouring down my throat was becoming too much. I tired to get my breathing back, but my throat was closing in on me. I was drowning in my own blood. I tried to exhale, but it only caused more blood to sputter onto my face.

I felt light. The world around me wouldn't stand still. There was a loud ringing in my ears. Then I heard it. The most frightening sound I'd ever heard. It roared in my ears, shaking my body. The voice was like a lion's roar, but not nearly as kind or gentle. It was rough and screeching at the same time; like the sound of nails being dragged across a chalk board. It only said one word.


It seemed to be coming from all directions, but from no where at all. The sound was so loud, so ear shattering, that I couldn't decipher if it was reality or if it was my imagination. It was the type of predatory sound you could almost touch. Then, I felt a stab of undeniable pain in my hand. My eyes immediately found the source: Bobby was digging his nails into the skin of my hand, shattering my veins. I felt them being ripped apart and cried out in a strangled scream. His eyes rolled into the back of his head only showing white. His mouth moved and I knew where the words were coming from. He was talking. The word was repeated again.


Bobby began to convulse in his seat; fast little spasms that soon become frantic. The muscles in his face began to twitch, pulling at the corners of his mouth, the tight line of his jaw. His eyes turned to a bloody red as his blood was spilled from them. The blood, seeping from his eyes at a tauntingly slow speed, fell down his cheek staining them an unforgettable shade of red. The only way to describe that moment was demonic. My heart deflated. The screams, the pain, the voice; it was all too much for me. I watched, with wide eyes, as the spell continued its course. Then as abruptly as it started, the blood flow stopped. His eyes returned and his body once again fell limp.

I felt the tears streaming down my face and stinging every cut. I heard the sirens. People were shouting, objects were being moved, and I lay frozen by the horror of the last moment. A bright light appeared in my eyes. I coughed and the blood in my throat splattered the remaining part of the windshield. It was like a slow motion picture rolling before me. I saw my blood dripping from the broken windshield; I saw how the light made it neon. I rolled my eyes to the side and I could see shoes, shiny black shoes running towards the car. I remember thinking that whoever was wearing those shoes was going to save me; they were going to save Bobby.

And then the pain was gone; my body was numb. My world was empty. Before I let myself slip away, I said a silent prayer to a God that I wasn't sure existed. I prayed for Bobby. I prayed for him to be okay. Soon enough, I couldn't hold on any longer. My eyelids lowered over violet rings and everything was black.

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