This is in tribute to my dog, Chubby, who just died. Leave a comment if you will but for God's sake, if it's a negative one, shut the fucking hell up. I need to mourn.

Final Goodbye

I didn't realize you were dieing.

I held blind hopes and now I'm crying.

I was there in daylight, saying "Hi"

But left you there with no goodbye.

When I came home, I saw you there

On the floor with an empty stare.

I thought you were dreaming and counting sheep,

But then I was told of your unending sleep.

I wept bitter tears, it couldn't be true,

That of all Death's choices, he'd chosen you.

They tried to console me, my tears just fell.

I wondered if I would ever be well.

You were taken to your final resting place.

I now make my promise to remember your face.

Always so happy, so innocent, so free.

I felt that you were a great part of me.

Tonight, I have lost more than just my friend.

But one day we'll meet in a life with no end.

You were part of my soul, my essence, my being.

Our souls were connected, a mutual feeling.

I'll pass through the days 'til all of them are through.

At Heaven's gates, I hope to see you.

If, however, I'm sent to Hell,

I hope I, at least, glimpse you live well.

Until my life ends, I'll always remember

Those sweet, fleeting moments we spent together.

You're now with your family, I hope you're well.

For now, those who'll listen to your story, I'll tell.