Day 2 -2 Dangerous games. This is part 1 of Day 2. Part 2 will be in a seperate post.


"I never kissed more than 2 people at once," Tammy said. Jezebel glanced at her, and nearly couldn't stop herself from laughing at the look of disgust on her face when she saw that two of the people she least expected to, raised their glasses and drank. The third one they all expected it from, sort of. Since he'd come to live with the group, he had flourished, and left his past behind him. They saw in him what he was beginning to see in himself, as did many other girls, that he was good looking, and a genuinely nice person. Tammy was still disgusted, "Oh God, you didn't all kiss each other did you?" She shivered, Jezebel assumed it was at the image that she had conjured up of them all kissing. Not because all three were boys, but because in Tammy's opinion the other two were spotty, lanky, and generally unattractive. She couldn't imagine what kind of girls (or boys) would bring themselves to go anywhere near them. "That's gross."

"We didn't kiss each other," Alex replied, ruffling her perfectly straight hair, "It was back at home, a few of my friends got really drunk and we all kissed…" Tammy visibly relaxed, safer in the knowledge that is was down to alcohol.

"Mine were also because we were all drunk. Good times…" Replied David, and then purposefully added, "Seems to happen fairly regularly," to watch Tammy squirm. He knew what she thought of him.

Mark however stayed quiet, happy not to divulge any information, and knowing that no one would ask. They never did, they gave up asking him anything in this game. It was one of the only times he would smile at them, and they preferred seeing his cocky, knowing grin than reveal any of his secrets. Although they were never secrets for long, he was often so proud of his accomplishments (as he would call them) that he'd tell everyone the next day anyway.

"Okay, okay, my turn!" shouted Jezebel, who was already plastered, and loud, "I have never had butt sex!" She knew she shouldn't have said that, it was one they agreed to never say. However, she had quite a lot to drink, and she no longer cared. She knew why it was never asked, and wasn't surprised when the room fell silent, and Mark, the only one to drink, glared at her. His smile gone, yet another thing ruined for him. Everyone else in the room didn't dare to look at him, choosing to stare down at their own drinks, as if fascinated by them.

"Fine," Mark said, suddenly, "I have never seduced my science teacher after getting drunk during lunch," The scowl on Jezebel's face was accented even more by her shorter haircut. Nothing was hidden anymore, and he could see the full scale of her annoyance as she drank from her glass.

The rest of their group watched them, quite uncomfortably. David scratched his head, knowing he should try and steer them away from what could happen, but was held back by that basic instinct of really wanting to know what would happen next. It was his turn, but before he could open his mouth, Jezebel intercepted, "I never wore my mum's make up and perfume to college!" Tammy went to drink, but realised she wasn't at college yet. None of them except Mark remembered why Jezebel had said this at first, until Mark drank; then they remembered.

"You know why I did that. Imagine if you had two black eyes, and no hot water, you'd have done the same!" Mark shouted.

"Jez, that's just cruel," added David, his expression had changed to exasperation, "why are you bringing that up?"

Jezebel opened her mouth to answer, but before she could Mark shouted, "Well I never slept with a fifteen year old girl two hours after meeting her!" He glared at her, daring her to explain, but she just glared back and drank. David, although still reeling from the whole argument, couldn't stop staring at this new revelation.

"You did what?" She shrugged as a response, unable to hide the hurt from her eyes that Mark had told everyone. Tammy and Alex stole a glance at each other, Tammy asking Alex what to do. Alex had no idea, so shrugged and whispered, "watch?" So they turned back.

"My turn, okay, enough of this," David began, "I never-" but once again Jezebel, very calmly, interrupted.

"I never had a mother who hated her son so much that she tried to have him sectioned," She ducked out of the way just in time, causing the glass of whiskey that Mark had thrown at her to smash against the wall. Before anyone could say anything else, he kicked the table and ran out of the room.

"Mark!" Called David, "She's just drunk! She didn't mean it!" He turned his head to look at Jez, who'd just stood up, "what's the matter with you tonight?" She shrugged at him again, and followed Mark out of the room, leaving the rest to clean up.

She found Mark in the kitchen, opening and closing drawers one by one, yelling in frustration after forcefully closing the last one. "What are you looking for?"

"What do you think?"

"A knife? Gaby hid those before she went to bed. She probably sensed what would happen-"

"It's not like anything had to happen though, did it?! What's the matter with you?! Why did you have to bring all that crap up again?!"

Jezebel sighed, and walked across the kitchen to where Mark was leaning against the counter. He wasn't crying like she thought he would be, but his face was contorted in frustration and sadness, remembering everything she brought up. It wasn't all that long ago that everything had happened, and he was doing his best to leave it behind him. "You never dealt with it. It's been a year and you've never spoken to anyone about what happened to you."

"Oh so you thought the best way for me to do that was in a fucking drinking game?!" He looked down at her and pushed her away. It wasn't a strong push, but she still knocked herself against the counter top, hurting her hip. "The deal was that I can talk about it when I'm ready to talk about it. I'm not ready! You should fucking know that! It's not up to you to tell me when to talk about it, it's up to me! I thought you all respected that!" Jezebel looked back up with tears in her eyes. She thought she was doing the right thing. But she'd forgotten that everything that happened between him and his mum took place over most of his childhood; it would take more than a year to come to terms with it.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"Forget it," Mark walked away from her without another word, leaving her in the kitchen with nothing but regret.