2 dangerous games. Part 2 of Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas challenge.

Dangerous Territory

"What are we doing in here?" Alex whispered harshly to his friend, "I don't get this at all!"

David kicked the wall, also unhappy at getting involved, but not sure what to do about it. He turned back to look at Alex, confused and unwilling to play along anymore. "I'm gonna kill that girl."

That girl, Tammy, their housemate and the one who everyone hated, had decided to throw an American teen theme party with some of her friends from school, all with music and games they'd seen from teenage programmes from the US. However they weren't allowed to have the party at the house, so the house mum, Gaby, hired out a small hall, and delegated Alex, David and Jezebel as chaperones. Jezebel was out there with the others, helping the DJ, but David and Alex had been roped in to playing their games. Stuck in a two by two metre dark cupboard, with 10 giggling school girls outside; it wasn't their idea of a fun party.

"So what do we do?" Fed up of being annoyed, Alex tried to find a solution.

"Well, the door's locked, and Gaby will yell at us if we break it down, or make us pay for it…"

"Probably the latter…" Alex responded. "Well there's probably not much we can do, just wait for them to get bored and let us out."

David scoffed and sank down to the floor, crossed legged. "That's if they decide to let us out." Alex agreed and joined the green haired boy on the floor. "What are we supposed to do in this game anyway?"

"It's called seven minutes of heaven, two people go in the closet and are supposed to make out for seven minutes. I don't know why. Sounds stupid."

"Huh, they threw us two boys in here; you think they're trying to tell us something?" In the small room, which was littered with maintenance equipment, Alex couldn't get his 6 foot 3 frame comfortable, and kicked David in the process. "Do you mind?"

"Sorry," Alex replied. They were both silent. Outside, the music had changed to Britney Spear's 'Toxic', and all the girls who had been sitting outside the closet rushed to the dance floor instead. "Oh great, now they're distracted they're going to forget completely." They had tried to call for help earlier, but the music was too loud for Jezebel to hear them. And when they called Gaby on her mobile she laughed and hung up on them.

"So making out… You ever kissed a boy?" David asked, really just to pass the time, so was surprised at the answer.

"Yeah, course. Haven't you?"

"What? No, why would I?" David wasn't so much disgusted, but more surprised at his attitude. Unless you were gay, or thought you were, why would you have any inclination to kiss someone of the same sex?

"It's just one of those things I've done. It's not that big a deal," Alex shrugged, although sure David wouldn't see, as there was no light and their eyes had adjusted as much as they would.

"It's not that it's a big deal, but… I dunno. Have you ever done anything else with a boy?" David looked back towards Alex, he was very curious as to just what Alex had been hiding all this time.

"Again, yes, of course. What's with these questions? Do you want to know what it's like?" He grinned, not thinking David would affirm this. But they could be there for a while, and in the face of boredom, anything could happen.

"Well see now I feel like I've missed out! I've only ever got so far as touching Sandra's boobs, and now you're telling me that you have to do things with boys too," he tried to lean back in the closet, but knocked over a mop and bucket in the process, splashing Alex with dirty dredges of water.

Alex tried to stand up quickly but hit his head on the shelf behind him. Conceding defeat, he sat back down on the floor, thankful that he wasn't that wet. Then sighed, "You don't have to do things with boys, it's just one of the things I've done."

David looked around for something to soak up the water, not opting for the mop as it was already wet and therefore useless. While he did so, "So what is it like?"

His laugh was drowned by the shout of the girls outside as the next song came on, 'Genie in a Bottle' by Christina Aguilera. "Well there's an easy way to find out…" He turned his head away in time to miss David's jaw drop at the suggestion, "Or is that dangerous territory?" He turned back again, again, giggling at David's reaction.

"Well it's not exactly safe territory is it? What if, I suddenly find out I like guys as well?" he sat back down, giving up on finding anything dry and mop-worthy.

"So what if you did?" Alex replied, a little bit insulted, "no one will care, and how ignorant are you to think that one kiss will change who you sleep with?" He stared at him, waiting for a response. He didn't get the one he thought he would.

David's lips were dry, thin and rough, nothing like a girl's. But then what did he expect from him? He wasn't the one who wanted to know what kissing boys was like, so he was going at least try to give David a good experience.

David licked his lips as he pulled away, not sure what to think from this new experience. It wasn't what he thought it would be like, not good, but not bad either. It was like kissing Sandra, his ex-girlfriend. He thought boys would have rough lips, but maybe that's just because he did. He didn't hate the kiss, rather, he wanted to know what other boys were like, were they all like Alex? Or was he the odd one?


But David stayed silent; Alex was right, this was dangerous.