He holds her hand
He helps her believe
And secretly breaking
As he watches her leave

She's begging she's trying
She wants it all back
To put on those smiles
Her emotions on track

Only the deaf can hear
The pain in their voices
The false laughter
The painful choices

He smiles too soon
Laughter on hand
Ready to fake
On his command

Her smile's too wide
The reaction too late
Pretending she cares
About every date

Only the blind can see
The truth in their heart
As their laughter breaks
And the smiles depart

He's stronger than that
She can handle it all
He walks head up
She won't ever fall

He fights the sting
She ignores the hurt
He knows the reason
While she stays alert

Only the mute can speak
The words they need
To save them before
They start to bleed