Today has been a good day because I did all my college homework and all the extra stuff :D

Chemistry was disappointingly easy...

If you wanted to know, it takes nearly three weeks for something from England to arrive at it's destination in America - I figured it is appropriate for many people on here.

I am lying in bed trying to get to sleep, but I can see a light from outside, so I put a bin bag up. On my way back to bed, I notice the paint on my door is chipped, so I cover it. My books have fallen off my shelf and someone has shoved them back on randomly. Alphabetical order by the author's surname, then by size and colour. Done. Time: 4 am. The clock is skewed. Fix it. The neatly stacked pile of papers on my desk is ruined. Restack. Light shines through the binbag on my window now, so I can't sleep. Another sleepless night.