Looks can be deceiving...

SUMMARY - Preppy girls are always...preppy? Not in Charmington. Belle Shepherd moves to LA and to her surprise, she's welcomed into the reigning group of the school; the Klik. While adjusting to the lime light, she captures the attention of Alex Woode, who is on the wrestling team. But he's not the typical wrestler at Charmington - mysterious, well composed, and yet always the gentleman, Belle finds herself head over heels for Alex, trying to unmask the mysterious aura surrounding him. But the Klik refuses to allow this to happen. Soon she discovers the unseen side of the Klik. They're not all about their clothes and hair, they're dark and manipulative. They drive her away from her first love and more importantly, herself. She knows she's in too deep, but realizes just how deadly the consequences can be when one tries to get out.

PROLOGUE - Realization

I felt the surge of blood drain from my face; a cold sweat began to break out. My hands slipped from the cold, lifeless body. Hundreds of thoughts filtered through my head, but only one stood out. Realization had finally hit.

I began backing up to get away. No! It couldn't be.

She was gone. Dead.

And I was next.

I whirled around, my heart was pounding frantically, ready to burst. My eyes roamed the clearing of the darkening trees. The sun was about to set, and soon it would be too late. I needed to get out of here. And fast.

I willed myself to get away from the still body lying on the ground beside my feet. But my brain was frozen and my body wasn't cooperating the way I needed it to be. I was getting aggravated; tears began to well up in my eyes, clouding my vision. But I could still hear.

The voices. The voices were whispering my name in rage. But I had done nothing wrong. "Belle, Belle!" They continued. My hands flew to my ears, covering them. I didn't want to hear anymore. I had finally had enough.

"What! What do you want from me?" I cried out to the darkness helplessly. My back collided against the trunk of a tree. I looked around for any means of escape.

In response, the queen herself stepped out of the long shadows of the trees. A dark smile was splashed on her red lips.

"Hello, Belle." I was trapped.