Baby Business

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Day 6- June 15th, 2008

The next morning I awoke to Dennett's screams from across the hall. I groaned, dragging my pillow over my face and wondering how many of my mornings would begin like this once I had my own kid. Unfortunately I already knew the answer—a lot. And about the rest of my days for a good year or so too. I sure as hell hoped I would be able to survive that. Patience definitely wasn't my strong point… plus, I enjoyed my sleep.

As fluffy and soft as it was, the pillow did next to nothing to shut out Dennett's pitiful wails, so I pushed it off my face and groggily sat up. Bri didn't usually have this much trouble quieting Dennett. She was a particularly good baby who seemed to quiet quicker than most. Was there something wrong? Frowning at this, I dragged myself out of bed, threw on a pair of jeans and a robe over my nightshirt, and made my way across the hall to the nursery.

I was surprised to find Juliet there, cooing soothingly to Dennett who was nestled in his arms. He turned as I opened the door and smiled in acknowledgement, continuing to make indecipherable sounds and rock his daughter back and forth. She didn't seem to notice his attempts at all.

There was just something about Juliet, such a handsome, still relatively young man, standing in the middle of a nursery and trying to calm the baby in his arms that warmed my heart. I smiled, leaning casually against the doorframe as I watched the scene in front of me. Thief he may have been, but he was just another worried, over protective parent at heart.

The smile disappeared as my attention drifted back to Dennett though. "Is she alright?" She definitely didn't seem like the happy little baby I was used to and that worried me. "Is there anything I can do to help?" I suddenly realized I didn't know much about taking care of a sick child. That was something I would have to fix as soon as possible. Juliet seemed to know what he was doing, but even if he did, that wouldn't help me once I was home with Thomas.

Juliet shook his head. "She's just a little colicky. Bri's getting some of her formula from the kitchen. Hopefully that'll help. If not, it's just something we'll have to wait out."

I nodded and settled myself on the rocking chair in the corner of the room as Juliet went back to his cooing. My smile crept back onto my face as I watched. He was so good with her… Perhaps women were more inclined to this sort of behavior because of their maternal instincts, but Juliet seemed to be perfectly capable of working around his masculine handicap. Would Thomas be this good with our child?

I shook the thought out of my head in alarm. I would not compare the two men in my life. It wasn't fair to either of them. They were two completely different people with completely different lives and completely different personalities. I couldn't compare them. Besides, I had already put a stop to the problem of Juliet's growing interest. He had said himself that he wouldn't push his feelings on me if I didn't want them. He wasn't that sort of man. Not only that, he wasn't my man. Thomas was and I was going to be a good wife and appreciate and love what I had already.

"—I thought the two doors would be enough,"

I snapped back to reality, realizing I had only the second half of what Juliet had just said. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I said I'm sorry we woke you. I thought two doors would be enough to block out all the sound." He looked at me, frowning in concern. "Did you sleep alright? Our talk yesterday didn't keep you up, did it? You're okay with everything?"

"Fine," I assured him, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "I'm just a little sleepy this morning. You know, sleeping for two and all," It was only partially a lie. My doctor had warned me time and time again about how I might have trouble sleeping during my pregnancy. Most of the time it wasn't an issue though. I was a sound sleeper and nothing seemed to be able to change that. Last night, however, I had stayed up to call Elliot as well as Thomas. The call to my husband had lasted far longer than the ones in the past. He hadn't been happy not hearing from me the night before.

"Ah," Juliet nodded and the concern disappeared from his face as he continued to rock Dennett. "And no coffee for you either, right?"

I shook my head, suddenly dying for the hot, caffeinated drink. Even one cup would have infinitively brightened my morning and decreased my drowsiness tenfold. "Unfortunately not,"

"Tea? I think we've got some morning blends somewhere in the kitchen. I'm not really into the stuff, but I know we got a few boxes when a few of the neighbors came by to welcome me to the neighborhood..."

"It's frowned upon and I've never been much of a tea drinker either,"

He nodded. "Well, there's always orange juice. I hear that wakes you up." He smiled apologetically.

It was far from what I craved, but even so, it sounded better than nothing. Besides, even if it didn't help, one of Ron's hearty breakfasts definitely would. "Actually that sounds pretty good. I'll go get that. You want a cup too?" I rose from the rocking chair.

"Yeah, sure," Juliet shifted Dennett to his other arm, grimacing a bit as he briefly stretched his arms. I had assumed he had only been holding Dennett since Bri had gone down to get the formula, but the action stated otherwise. He was a strong, well-muscled guy. Holding a baby shouldn't have bothered him at all… unless he had been doing it for a while. Just how long had Dennett been crying?

"Hey, why don't I hold Dennett for a while? Your arms seem pretty stiff,"

He looked over at me in surprise. "I thought you were getting orange juice."

I rolled my eyes. "I think the orange juice can wait. It looks like you need a break more than I need a drink."

"Are you sure?…" He seemed unwilling to give Dennett up although I wasn't particularly sure why. He knew he could trust me and I wasn't that tired, just a little groggy. The minor exercise of rocking Dennett back and forth would probably do me even more good than the waffles that were most likely waiting for me downstairs.

"Absolutely positive," I smirked. "I'm your wife, Jules. If there's anyone in this room that should be rocking our child, it should be me."

This was obviously the right thing to say because his face broke out into a grin and he readily handed Dennett over into my waiting arms. I immediately picked up where he had left with the rocking and cooing. She didn't seem to respond any better to my calming attempts than she had with Juliet's. Still, it didn't stop me from trying.

The moment his hands were free, Juliet began to stretch his arms, skillfully pulling one at a time in front of his chest with the other. Taking my seat in the rocking chair, he watched me work with what could only be described as appreciation or (I refused to let myself think it) desire. "Seriously, what did I do to deserve someone like you? I must be the luckiest guy on the planet,"

I laughed with him, my face coloring with something between delighted embarrassment and shame. He thought that he was lucky. He wouldn't be so quick to blurt that out if he knew who I really was.

"No, seriously," The joking tone was gone and he watched me carefully as I rocked Dennett. "I don't know how I came off last night when you were talking about wanting to be independent, but I just want to let you know that I really respect that. And I'm not just that to be nice. I really do respect it. I've dated a good amount of women in my life, some back on Fifth Avenue, others more recently, and no matter how nice they seemed or how much we cared about each other, my money was always a big factor in our relationship. The fact that you want to start your life over without any help even when I'm more or less offering you anything you could possibly need? I think that's amazing. You're amazing."

Although I knew he had meant his words as the highest of compliments, I couldn't help but drop my gaze in shame and embarrassment to the crying infant in my arms. I didn't deserve any of the praise he was bestowing on me. I wasn't amazing. I was far from it. Everything I had told him was a lie. I wasn't starting my life over and I wouldn't accept his help, not because I wanted to be independent, but because I didn't need it. I had my own high paying job, as did my husband. While neither of us were particularly looking forward to forking over money for the hospital bills when I had my baby, it wasn't like we couldn't afford it. And we certainly weren't giving our baby up either. And then there was the way he had said I was amazing… He might have respected my decision, but it was obvious he didn't like it. He was still interested… I swallowed back a few tears that threatened to fall as I desperately tried to come up with something appreciative, yet clearly uninterested to say.

Luckily, before I could open my mouth to voice my half formed response, Bri hustled through the door, the promised bottle in her hands. "I've got it, Mr. Smith—" Her eyes widened a bit when she realized I was the one with Dennett now, not Juliet, but she recovered from her shock before she could even take a breath. "Oh, good morning Mrs. Smith."

"Jen," I corrected, just as Juliet said. "Jules,"

"Please," he said, smiling politely. "I wish you'd just call me Jules. All this formality makes me uncomfortable."

"And please, call me Jen," I added. It was then when I realized just how much like a married couple Julies and I sounded. My blush brightened and I went back to soothing Dennett with all my might.

"Oh," Bri was silent for a second as she tried to process our requests. Clearly she wasn't used to becoming friendly with her clients. I had definitely told her to call me Jen before that day at the pool.

"Uh… Jen," She said my name as if she wasn't completely sure she had gotten it right or not. "I'll take Dennett back. I've got her bottle."

"If you give it to me, I can do it," I offered. It seemed unfair to me that Juliet would have to hold her for so long while I got a reprieve from the job less than two minutes in.

She shook her head. "No, I don't want to trouble you with stuff like that, Mrs.—Jen." She caught herself before slipping back into the formality, but I could tell all of this was making her painfully uncomfortable… not as uncomfortable as I was at the moment though. My discomfort was beyond words.

Not in the mood to argue anymore, I sighed and gave in, handing Dennett over. Besides, it seemed cruel to keep Bri out of her safety zone for so long. But even so, I wasn't about to abandon Bri with a screaming infant. "I feel bad leaving you with her when she's like this. Can I get you anything? Is there something we can give her to calm her down maybe?"

Bri shook her head again, all of her attention already on Dennett. "No, ma'am. I can take care of her and she's fine just with her bottle. She'll calm down eventually. You don't have to worry about anything."

"Are you sure?"


I pursed my lips, still uncertain. If Dennett really was mine, there was no way I would leave her with the help at a time like this. She definitely sounded like she needed her mommy, not her nanny.

But the truth was that Dennett wasn't mine, so I couldn't make those sorts of decisions. But, on the other hand, Juliet could. I glanced toward him and he nodded. He didn't have a problem leaving Dennett with Bri. And, seeing as I knew how he was with Dennett, that was enough for me. I nodded, finally convinced. "Alright,"

"Let's get you that orange juice," Putting a hand on my upper back, Juliet let me out of the room. To my relief, he dropped it the moment we stepped into the hall. We walked down the stairs in silence.

"What's bothering you?"

I stopped and looked up at him in surprise. We had made it to the living room by now. "What are you talking about?"

"You're not just tired, you're upset. You're not hiding it well at all." He watched me, a look of concern crossing his face.

I mentally cursed. I wasn't? Damn. And I thought I was such a good actress too. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough.

Letting my expression break into a sudden grin, I laughed. "I have no idea what you're getting at," I said, trying to sound as amused as a half exhausted young woman should have in a situation like this.

His expression didn't change. "And now you're lying to me." He sighed and took my upper arm in a gentle embrace, towing me over to one of the couches. Unsure of what else I could possibly do, I let him.

When we were seated he continued. "We talked this out already, okay?" His voice was quiet and soothing. "If you don't want me, no matter what your reasons are or how you or I feel, I'm not going to force myself on you. You have nothing to worry about."

I stared at him, shocked that he had been able to come up with what was bothering me so easily. Was I really that easy to read this morning? But even through the shock, I was relieved. I liked the idea of having nothing to worry about. It sounded… simple. I liked simple. It connotated having one neat family without any outside… distractions to confuse me.

"And if you… love me," Juliet said the words carefully as if he wasn't sure what they meant. "Like you said it did last night, but you need your independence right now, that's absolutely fine. I respect that. But just because we're not together doesn't mean we can't enjoy each other's company on a completely platonic level and be friends, right? There's no reason that you should be uncomfortable around me. So let's…" He grinned and ran a hand through his hair, looking away awkwardly for a second as he came up with the words to say. "You know, be friends. Okay?"

I nodded, the corner of my mouth tweaking a bit as well, upon seeing his awkward smile. If he was willing to just "be friends" then he was right. There was no reason I should be uncomfortable around him… hopefully. We'd keep things simple and I wouldn't have anything to worry about.

"So are we alright?"

I nodded again. "Yeah, we're alright."

Pleased with my response, he smiled and stood up, brushing imaginary dust off of his khakis. The action was so undeniably cheerful and ordinary that it took me aback. It was the sort of thing I would have expected if we had just agreed on who was going to take the trash out, not something as serious as the possibility of us having a romantic relationship.

Juliet, however, did not seem to notice anything. He continued to beam down at me as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world. "Good. Now, let's get you that juice. After breakfast we're going shopping."

"What?" I looked up at him sharply as he threw me another loop. He looked the same as always, but it seemed like I wasn't the only person who was a little off kilter this morning.

My response seemed to surprise him. "Isn't that what friends do?" he asked. "Don't they go shopping?"

I snorted. "If you're gay maybe, yeah." I realized to my relief that things were finally starting to go back to normal. Maybe shopping wasn't such a bad idea after all.

"Oh," He thought about this for a second. "You know I'm not gay, right?"

I laughed. "Don't worry. I think you've got me convinced on that front." Oh God, did he ever. My head was suddenly filled with the memories of our night together and my face brightened once again.

"Good," His grin returned. Was he thinking about the same things I was? Part of me hoped that he was. The other was screaming for Thomas and pointing out that I had already ended things with Juliet.

"So we'll continue the jest and I'll take you shopping as your doting husband then." Juliet offered me a hand and I took it.

"Sounds like a plan,"

It took me a good half hour to figure out what a person wore on a day out in Hollywood, but I finally settled on a nice, floral sundress before venturing downstairs to meet Juliet where he was waiting for me in the car.

I gasped as I opened the front door. I had expected to see Mitchell leaning against the town car, waiting for me with one of his big grins, but he was nowhere in sight. In fact, neither was his car. In their place, Juliet waved to me from the driver's seat of a forest green convertible Ferrari, looking very pleased with himself.

I approached the car with awe. I had seen the occasional sports car in and around Washington, but I had never gotten the chance to get this close to such a fancy, new one, let alone ride in it.

As I approached, Juliet leaned to the side, pushing the passenger door open for me. I slid in. "Where's Mitchell?" It seemed strange that I would find Juliet in the driver's seat. It hadn't even occurred to me that he knew how to drive. But as I thought about it now, that seemed silly. Of course he knew how to drive. It wasn't like he lived in the city anymore. Everyone drove outside of NYC.

"On some errands," Juliet turned the key in the ignition and the car roared to life. I pulled on my seatbelt. Even idling, the car seemed fast. "I thought we'd go out on our own instead of just waiting for him. By the way, this is the car you're driving tomorrow."

"What?" I looked around at the interior of the car in alarm. The seat I was sitting in alone was probably worth more than the entirety of my car back home. "You're trusting me with this?"

Juliet frowned at me behind his Ray Bans. "Sure. You can drive a stick, right?"

I scowled. Of course I knew how to drive a manual. My first car had been one. But this had nothing to do with me knowing how to drive a stick and if he had grown up like a normal person, he would have known that. I tried one more time to get his mind on the right track. "Yeah, but this has got to be worth, what? Half a million?"

"No, just under three hundred grand, why?" It didn't work.

"You're going to let a whore from New York drive your three hundred thousand dollar car?" I raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

Comprehension finally dawning on him, Juliet laughed. "I have no idea what you're talking about. You're my wife. Why wouldn't I trust you with my car? As long as you can drive stick." With that said, he pushed the car into reverse and it glided smoothly down the driveway not unlike a cloud in the sky.

I groaned, rolling my eyes good naturedly as we sailed down the street.

"So where to first?"

I had thought he knew me better by now than to ask something like that. "How should I know? I've never been shopping anywhere in Los Angeles before."

He glanced over at me for a second before returning his eyes to the road. "Yeah, but I thought women read up on things like fancy Hollywood boutiques in magazines like People and Okay."

Wow… talk about stereotyping. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Do I look like the kind of person who would read crap like that?"

Juliet debated on this for a second. "Mmm, yes. Most of the time. Especially right now." He stole another glance at me. "I like your dress. It suits you."

"Thanks…" The word came out flat. "I think. Besides, they don't talk about stuff like Hollywood boutiques in those magazines. You have to read the fashion magazines for stuff like that.

A grin spread over his face. "So you do read that crap."

My face instantly burst into flames. "Okay! Yeah! Occasionally! Who doesn't? But don't clump me with the people who read them religiously!"

"I never did," he replied good-naturedly.

The car was silent for a minute and then Juliet spoke up again. "Alright, so if you don't know where you want to go, then I guess I'm picking. Good thing Angelina and Brad made having kids so popular. There's tons of maternity boutiques to choose from these days."

"And you would know this because?" If he was going to tease me, I had every right to tease him back.

He grinned again, aware of what I was trying to do. "Because I drive by a good half dozen of them everyday and they all have completely obvious names like 'Time For Baby Boutique' and 'Motherhood.' In fact, we're arriving at Destination Maternity this moment."

As he spoke, he pulled the car into a small parking lot next to a sheik, streamline looking building. "Are you sure we're going to find anything I'd be interested in here?" I asked dubiously. I hadn't had a chance to look at the front display window, but it looked like the sort of place that would have suits and other such business like attire. If Juliet was going to waste his money buying me clothes, I'd at least want it to be stuff that I would actually use.

He slid the Ferrarri neatly between a Lexus SUV and an Audi sudan. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you'll find some stuff here," he promised. "And if it's not, it's not like I'm forcing you to buy anything. I didn't have anything to do today and I thought I'd spend the time with you. That's all. Ready to go?"


To my surprise, Juliet was right. Destination Maternity turned out to be an upscale version of the places I usually shopped at. While there were no t-shirts, there were jeans, casual slacks and blouses, and even a few nice short-sleeved shirts. In all truths the clothing looked a whole lot like what I had packed with me, just nicer.

"So, did I do good?" Juliet asked. He followed me over to the jeans display that I had been eyeing.

"Actually, yeah, this is perfect," I ran my fingers over the material. It had that pleasant, soft feel of jeans that were already broken in. My eyes strayed to the halter-tops on the wall. They were adorable.

"Pick whatever you want, but just don't spend too much time in the dressing room, okay? I'm patient, but like we discussed earlier, I'm not gay."

I laughed, plucking a pair of jeans in my size off the display table. "I'll be nice,"

He seemed to visibly relax at this. "Thanks,"

"Hey," I turned to smirk at him. "If you're paying for all this, it's the least I can do in return,"

Out of curiosity, I fumbled with the tag on the jeans and flipped it over so that I could see the price. I wasn't expecting them to be as cheap as the jeans from Target or Old Navy, but I wasn't expecting anything particularly extravagant either. Maybe one hundred dollars or so like buying a pair from Nordstrom's. To say that my eyes bugged out upon seeing the price probably wasn't an understatement. They cashed in at $400.

Seeing my expression, Juliet chuckled and took the tag out of my hands so that he could read the price as well. Unlike me, he didn't flinch. He just calmly took it in, dropped the tag, and walked away saying, "Just don't buy two pairs,"

I rolled my eyes, slinging the jeans back over my arm. He didn't have to tell me that again.

I spent the next few minutes looking around the store and adding to the clothing pile on my arm. I chose a few of the nice short sleeved shirts, one of the halter-tops, some khakis, and even another sweater set. I didn't bother to look at the price tags anymore. If Juliet didn't have a problem buying all of this for me, I wasn't going to fret over the amount of money he was spending.

By the time I was finished looking through the store, my pile was daunting indeed.

"I thought you said you'd be nice to me when it was time for the dressing room!" Juliet complained, eyeing my clothes with a badly disguised forlorn look. He reminded me of a little boy getting dragged around the mall by his mom. "That's going to take you hours to go through."

"I said I'd be nice, so that's what I'll be," I replied as the sales assistant put my things in the dressing room for me. "I already know a lot of that stuff is going to fit me. I only have to try on three or four things. It'll take me ten minutes tops. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, it's fine," Giving me a quick smile he took a seat on one of the benches outside the room. "I'll just wait here until you're done."

"Don't worry. I'll be fast," I promised. I closed the door and pulled off the dress. I'd try the jeans on first with one of the short sleeved shirts and then I'd put the khakis on and try on the rest of my tops…

"So, you excited for tomorrow?"

I stopped, the jeans half on. He was going to bring tomorrow up in public? Was he crazy? How had he evaded the law for so long if he blurted out his plans so casually in the middle of maternity boutiques?

"Jen? You okay in there?"

Getting over my shock, I continued to pull on the pants. "Yeah, sorry. I was just looking at something. What about tomorrow?" I had come up with a pretty good recovery if I did say so myself.

"Your spa day with Corinne?"

"Oh," I wanted to laugh at myself for being such an idiot. Of course he was talking about going to the spa. Why had I ever thought he would bring up anything else? "Of course I'm excited! I haven't been to a spa in ages." Not since my wedding actually. "I can only guess that this one's going to be way better than any other I've ever been to in my life."

With the jeans on, I pulled one of the shirts over my head and looked at myself in the huge, floor length mirror provided in the changing room. I looked better that usual. It was amazing what a few cuts in the right place could do for a shirt… and you couldn't get them in stuff from the Gap.

"I hope it'll be better," Juliet agreed. "I made your appointment for ten thirty, so if you leave right at ten you'll probably be a few minutes early, but that should be okay. I'm assuming it'll take you a few minutes to get ready what with changing into your robes and slippers and stuff," It was quiet, but I was pretty sure I heard him snort from the other side of the door.

"Hey!" The jeans stripped off, I started pulling on the khakis. "If you could get over your manliness and go try a spa, I bet you'd love it too! Robes, slippers, and all! My—" I had begun to say husband, but I caught myself just in time. "roommate even loved them and she was a complete tomboy!" I had convinced Thomas to go to a couples' spa with me one time and after the initial complaining, he had eaten the entire experience up. Seeing as Juliet stole jewels of all things and definitely had a knack for fashion, I was willing to bet that he would have an even better time than Thomas had.

"Well, maybe you can drag me to one before you leave if you think I'd love it so much,"

"Maybe I will," The khakis looked good too. Now, I wasn't going to bother trying on the sweater set—it was so close to the short sleeved shirts I had already tried on, that I knew it would fit, but I still had to try on the halter. I tugged the short-sleeved shirt off again and pulled it on.

Less than two minutes later, I was stepping out of the changing room, back in my sundress. Juliet stood up immediately, more than ready to go. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked, heading towards the check out with my purchases.

"No," he admitted.

As the sales assistant checked and neatly bagged my things, Juliet pulled out a black credit card identical to the one he had given me earlier in the week. Looking at it enviously, the woman swiped it and than gave it back.

Just as she was putting the last few items into its bag, the bell on the door jangled. Always the curious one, I couldn't help but look and see who was coming through the door. What if it was Angelina herself? One never knew when shopping in Hollywood. However, I still couldn't believe I knew the person who was walking through the door though.


Holly whipped off her sunglasses so as to get a better look at me, her eyes wide in disbelief. "Jen! Oh my God! How are you?"

"Great! How about you?"

"Perfect!" She grinned. "Oh my God! I can't believe we ran into each other, especially here of all places!" Her eyes caught on Juliet and she gave him an appreciative once over. "Is that your husband?"

"Yeah, that's Jules,"

Holly, hyper as ever, went into introduction mode. Covering the space between her and Juliet in a split second, she thrust her hand out for him to shake. Juliet, who was now holding my two bags, one in either hand, was forced to do some quick rearranging so that he could take it.

"Holly Greenburg," she introduced, giving his hand a quick, firm shake. "I worked on your wife's gown from Chanel."

"Ah," He nodded, seeming to put two and two together. "You're the one who lent her the shoes,"


"You got those back, right?" I asked, butting into their conversation. I had asked Mitchell to drop them back off at the store like she had instructed and he had assured me he had dropped them off with Sandra, but I just wanted to make sure Holly had gotten them back personally.

Holly nodded. "I did. Thanks for getting them back to me so quickly. So, you guys shop together often?"

"No, Jules is just treating me," I said with a laugh. "What about you? You come here often?" The question was out of my mouth before I even had time to think about what I was saying. "Uh," I laughed again, although this time the sound was awkward. "Wait, you're not pregnant, are you?" Sure, she was my age and therefore old enough to have a kid, but she just didn't seem like she was ready to have one.

Holly blinked, caught up in the accidental awkwardness as well, but then she laughed and shook her head. "Definitely not. I'd need a boyfriend first for that. No, I'm here to pick up a present for my sister back in San Francisco and I heard they had some pretty cute stuff here." She cocked her head toward a corner I hadn't noticed before filled with cushy toys and blankets. "And I'm sorry to chat and run, but I'm on my lunch break now and I really can't be late. Sandra would kill me."

"It's not a problem," Juliet assured her. "We were just on our way out anyways."

"So will you stop back in the store sometime?" she asked eagerly. "I doubt you'll need another gown, but we got some nice skirts and blouses in for the summer. I guess you can't wear them now but you could buy them for after the baby, right?"

"I'll see what I can do,"

"Great," She grinned at me. "Well, see you then. Bye!"


She hurried past us to the stuffed toys and I followed Juliet out of the store.

"She's awfully cheerful, isn't she?" he asked me as he stowed stowing the bags safely in the back of the car.

"She is, but that's what makes her Holly,"

He chuckled, shutting the trunk. "I'll accept that. Now, do you want to keep on shopping or are you good for now?"

I thought of the four hundred dollar pair of jeans he had just bought me and shook my head. As generous as he might be, I wasn't going to shop him out of everything he owned. "No, that's fine. I think I've got enough for now. Unless we're going to another benefit tonight you didn't tell me about?"

"No, don't worry, I wouldn't drag you to one of those without at least a day of warning," Glancing down at his watch he said, "It's exactly noon now. What do you say to going out for lunch somewhere? Are you feeling subs or a real, sit down meal?"

"Subs sound amazing," I said, sliding into the passenger's seat of the Ferrari.

Juliet smiled, revving the car to life. "Good, because that's what I had in mind,"

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