Name: Raindrops

Rating: T

Warnings: abuse, Violence, language, mentions of rape, mentions of self injury and eating disorders.

Summary: The story of the friendship between an anorexic girl and an abused boy.

Chapter name: New school and New bruises

Chapter warnings: mentions of abuse, mentions of eating disorders, slight language.

Chapter summary: The new girl in school tries to make friends with the gay kid everyone picks on.

Notes: This is the first chapter of my new story "Raindrops". I thought it'd be cute to do a love story between an rejected anorexic girl and a gay abused boy. Its kind of sad but, cute. please review.

(Helena's POV)

I groan and reach to turn off the Alarm...It's six 'o clock AM, school starts at seven, I sigh and roll out of bed, looking at myself in the mirror, eh, it doesn't look as good as I was hoping, I haven't eaten in two days, and I still have a gut...ugh I hate it.

I sigh and look at the dried black tears running down my face...Another night I cried myself to sleep from loneliness, I've never felt so unwanted in my life.

My Name is Helena Rosewood. I'm sixteen. Three months ago, I moved here, to Toronto, Canada, from New York City, USA, in July.

This was my second day of school...I've only met one person, Scarlet, but, I hope I can make some friends, in my old school I had allot, but, I had to leave...Which in a way was good cause I'm miles away from my ex Jake now...

Jake was my one true love back then, but, he cheated on me, with my best friend, then dumped me...I had been so heartbroken, I felt like I was never good enough.

My Parents aren't together anymore, they divorced when I was seven, I don't really know why my parents divorced, They used to fight allot but, since I was so little I never listened to what they were fighting about.

At first I went back and forth between my Dad and Mom, now I just live with my Mother and only see my Dad on holidays. I have one brother, Devin, who's eleven, and one sister, Kayla, who's seventeen.

In new York, I wasn't very liked there, so leaving wasn't too hard, I used to have allot of friends but, things got too hard with my past and everything. people said they got tired of me. so I didn't have friends for a while and was known as a Reject...I didn't like that too much.

That's why I'm fine with Moving.

I grab a "Bullet For My Valentine" T-shirt and a pare of Black jeans. I quickly walk into the bathroom, to brush my shoulder-length black and blonde hair, The bangs go into my left eye. It's black with blench blonde tips.

I quickly wash off my Make up from last night and redo it. Putting on some new eye liner and black around my Green eyes. I throw on some black lipstick and put in my snake bites and walk down stairs for 'breakfast' (aka, a salad and water.)

(Rayn's POV)

I feel someone grab my arm and yank me out of bed, throwing me onto the floor, and starting to kick the shit out of me - Nice alarm clock huh? That would be my Dad...

"Rayn! Wake up you little Faggot!" Its that word again...'Faggot'...I'm gay...I am not a faggot...

I groan, not saying a word, I know whatever comes out of mouth would get me a kick.

I hear my Father walk out of the room, giving me one last warning to get up or he'll 'make sure I won't be able to walk in a week.'

My name is Rayn Ebony, I'm seventeen, I live with both of my parents, I'm an only child and My father likes to beat the shit out of me...I still don't know much of why, other then the fact I'm gay and My dad is a drunk...

Since as long as I can remember, I've been abused, at first Mom used to try to stop him, she USED to care, but, not anymore, she always goes into her room whenever I get beaten, so she doesn't have to hear, she's done that since Dad beat the crap out of me, and Mom tried to stop him and he hit her, since then she's coward in her room...

I've lived here my whole life, and I go to public school, though I hate it cause the kids there hate me too, for being gay that is. I have NO friends and the other guys beat me up and shove me into lockers all the time.

I told my Dad but, he didn't give a damn...

I lie here for a while on the floor by my bedroom, it hurts too much to move, Dad got mad at me last night, because he saw me making out with another guy (Don't even know who he was, I was really high)...he dragged me into my room, and beat me for a half hour with his belt, until I couldn't stay awake and passed out...So I'm so sore...

I hear the door open again, he's coming back in...Oh god, he's coming back in...

"DAMMIT BOY!" He kicks me in the stomach, making me cry out in pain, holding my stomach. he grabs my arm, yanking me to my feet and into the bathroom, where he turns the shower water on as hot as it goes and throws me into the shower. I scream. Its so fucking hot! I try to get up and get out, but, he grabs me around my waist and throws me into the wall of the shower, making me fall down again.

"Get up and get dressed now or you'll be late for school..." He says grimly, with that, he leaves.

I quickly turn off the water and get up, grabbing a towel to dry off, taking off the wet clothing and dry my hair. I take a look in the mirror, my lip is busted again...and my nose is bleeding. I sigh and wipe the blood off by face and take a look at myself...I quickly brush my black hair, and let the bangs fall into my face, covering my right blue eye. I throw on some black eyeliner and put in my piercing. I change my clothes, put on a "Hopes Die Last" T-shirt and skinny jeans.

Then I go down stairs to hopefully have breakfast (if Dad lets me) then I can go to school...Just to be picked on there too...Ugh I hate life...

(Helena's POV)

"I'm twenty minutes late, shit, shit shit..." I mutter to myself running down the hall, trying to get to my first class. "Room ten, room ten, room ten..." I say looking around, the halls are empty, well, at least I don't have to run through a ton of people or nothing.

I almost get into the room when I hear something, someone, crying inside one of the lockers, I would just run into the class but...I can't help but, want to help them...

"Hey? Is someone in there?" I ask, knocking on the locker with the knuckle of my finger.

I hear sniffing.

"What's your code for the lock?" I ask.

I hear more sniffing.

"Kid? Do you want me to help you or not?" I ask.

"Yeah...Its...left to eleven, right to twenty-four..." I hear them say.

I sigh and open the locker, and look down at the kid on the floor, and they look right back up at me. With these breath-taking, wide, dark blue eyes. With black eye shadow around them, making them look even more beautiful. I look back at the person, Its a guy, around my age, he has black hair, that hangs in his face and covers his one eye, straight in the fornt and spiked in the back, he's wearing skinny jeans, a Band T-shirt and black converse.

"Hey kid? Are you alright?" I ask, I put out my hand and he grabs it, standing up and wiping his eyes. I note the black nail polish on his fingers and the wrist bands.

"Are you okay?" I ask again.

He looks away and nods then walks down the hall fast heading into another class room.

I shrug and go into my class, twenty minutes late...

(Rayn's POV)

Its lunch, I still am thinking about that girl, who got me out of my locker today...

I sigh and sit down at a table by myself, and start eating lunch, lunch is pretty much my only meal, I know that much, cause knowing my Dad, I won't be allowed to eat today...

I look up when a chair is pulled out and someone sits down next to me, its that girl from earlier...I give her a quick look over, she's pretty. She has black hair, down to her shoulders and it has blonde tips too. She's kind of skinny, and tall. She has green eyes, which are lined with black eye liner too. She's wearing a black pare of jeans and a "Bullet for my valentine" T-shirt. I look back down.

"You okay?" She asks.

I nod, I'm not one to talk, I don't talk much because I've learned talking will just get me into trouble.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

I shrug and don't say anything.

"Why were you in your locker today?" She asks, brushing her hair out of her face.

I say nothing and just shrug and look at the table.

"What's your name?" She asks.

I shrug and look at my hands.

"Well, I'm Helena..." She says.

I still say nothing.

"Do you even talk?" She asks.

I still say nothing, she sighs and gets up, gives up and leaves.

I sigh and finish my food, and go to throw away the trash, when I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn around to see three of the football players, laughing at me, I groan and push past to walk away before one of them grabs me by the back of collar of my shirt and throws me to the ground.

"Where do you think yer goin', ya fag?" They ask.

"Just...Just leave me alone..." I manage to whisper, trying to get up.

"Aww...guys I think the little emo kid's gonna cry! What did Daddy beat you up again?" They mock, they mock the fact that every fucking day of my life, my Dad gets mad and I get blamed for it and beaten until I pass out.

"Just...Just go away..." I say quietly..

"Aw, but, that wouldn't be any fun..." They fake to be sad and yank me back to the floor again.

"So you have a boyfriend yet you little emo fag?" They ask.

"Just get the fuck away from me..." I say, before one of them kicks me in the face. I told you, talking just gets me screwed.

(Helena's POV)

I sigh and sit back down with my friend Scarlet, I met her yesterday, she's pretty nice. She has long black hair and pale, pale skin.

"Where'd you go off too?" She asks.

"Trying to get this kid to talk to me..." I say.

"What kid?" Scarlet asks.

I turn to point to where he was but, he was gone. "Uh, he was right over there." I say point. "he had black hair, around my height, kind of emo..." I say.

"Really skinny? Doesn't talk much? Wears a ton of eyeliner?" She asks.

"yeah. You know who he is?" I ask.

"Yeah, he's that gay kid everyone picks on." She says, taking a bite out of her apple.

"He's gay?" I ask.

"Yeppers." She says.

"You friends with him?" I ask, flipping my hair out of my face.

"Nah, he isn't the 'friendly' type...Doesn't talk to anyone...The kid has like, no friends." She says.

"Why?" I ask. "Why doesn't he talk?"

"No one really knows, and to be honest, sweetie, no body really cares." She gives a laugh and goes back to eating.

"Why?" I ask.

"What you like him or something? The kid's GAY, he digs guys." She says.

I sigh and take a sip of my water. And turn when I hear a ton of laughing and what sounds like name calling. "FAGGOT!" "LOSER!" "EMO!" "FAG!" "WHIMP!" "BITCH!"

"What the hell is that?" I ask.

"The gay kid." Scarlet says. "Just don't pay any attention." She says.

I can't help but, turn and get up, wondering what's going on. I run over to a crowd where the group of people are, all crowded around someone or something. I push to the fornt and cover my mouth is shock.

In the middle of the crowd, is a group of about five or six guys who are just beating the hell out of the emo kid who I found in his locker. he was trying to get up but, every time he would someone would knock him back down.

"HEY! GET OFF OF HIM!" I hear my own voice yell, then I ran over, pushing the guys out of the way and bending down in fornt of him to protect him.

"Aw, look at him, he's such a pussy he has to have a girl stand up for him, fight yer own battles ya emo fag!" One of the jocks yell at him. And everyone starts to laugh.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I yell, then turn to the emo kid who's on his hands and knees. "Are you okay?" I ask.

He pushes me away and gets up, stumbling, he runs off pushing his way out of the crowd, leaving me sitting there, confused.

I sigh and stand up as the bell rings and sigh and walk over to Scarlet and we walk to our next class.


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