Chapter Name: The Truth Is Out.

Chapter warnings: Mentions of rape and abuse, language.

Chapter Summary: The truth is out about what Kevin did to Rayn and Rayn ends up in a mental hospital for treatment.

Writer's notes: Sorry it took so long. This is one of the last couple chapters.

(Helena's POV)

-Two weeks later-

Its been two whole weeks, and I'm in trail, Rayn is still in the hospital, he hasn't spoken a word since they got to him.

The jury is trying to figure out what to do about Kevin's death, since Rayn did kill him.

"Helena, can you tell us what you found when you went into Kevin's apartment..?" The lawyer asks.

"I saw...I saw Kevin dead...He had stab marks on him." I say.

"What did you see when you found Rayn?" She asks.

"I found Rayn..." I take a deep breath. "He was all alone in the corner...and..." a small whimper came from my mouth. "He was cutting himself...He had blood all over him. and he was so bruised and beaten...It...It was heartbreaking." I say.

"Do you think Rayn killed Kevin out of self-defense?" She asks.

"Yes, Rayn dealt with abuse all his life, and I think he finally snapped." I say.

"Okay, thanks, you can go sit down again." She says.

I get up and sit down in the crowd.

"See the boy did it out of self defence! He was terrified! I mean look at the poor boy, he's covered in bruises. These are some pictures of the trauma the boy endured, You can see them." The lawyer hands some photos to the judge. The horrible pictures show on the screen and it breaks my heart.

The first picture is of Rayn, completely naked, standing face toward the wall, and there's bruises and welts all over his back and arms and legs, but, the part the part that sickens me the most, is the horrible bruises on the inside of his thighs and rips in his entrance.

The second picture is of Rayn, Naked, standing back toward the wall and it shows the bruises all over him. The poor guy is covered in bruises marking his beautiful pale skin. It breaks my heart.

The part the breaks my heart the most is the lost, confused look on his face.

"See!" The Lawyer yells. "Look at the boy! He was battered! He was brutalized! He was tortured! Kevin beat the poor boy to a bloody pulp! And Rayn just took enough and out of self defence he killed him! It wasn't his fault he was abused and raped over and over and over and over again, until the poor boy looked like that!" She yells. "You can't send him to jail! You know what they would do to him?! He needs therapy and help, we need to get the poor boy into mental hospital and get him help." She says. "We did uncover a video taken from the hospital Rayn stayed at, and we found it very disturbing. It was video taped from the room security the day he left the hospital." She says, she hands the judge a video tape. They play it.

"Just lie down..." Kevin says.

"Please don't do this Kevin, please." Rayn begs.

Kevin pushes Rayn down and starts kissing and/or biting his neck. "No...NO! STOP!" Rayn cries. I have to turn my head.

"Roll over." Kevin says.

"Kevin don't do this, not after everything I've been thro-" Rayn starts but, Kevin whacks him across the face.

"Roll over you stupid little bitch, or I'll fucking beat you to death!" Kevin yells.

"Kevin, pl-" Rayn gets hit again. I gasp and turn my head, I don't want to watch anymore, why can't they turn it off?

"Roll over now!" Kevin yells, grabbing a handful of Rayn's black hair.

"Don't do this. Please." Rayn begs but, his pleading earns him another slap across the face. Rayn lets out a small yelp that gets blocked off when Kevin covers his mouth with his hand.

"Shhh, shhh, Turn over beautiful...Turn over and it'll all be over in a second..." Kevin says calmly.

Rayn cries against Kevin's hand but, he turns over onto his stomach.

"That's a good boy." Kevin says, then he unzips his pants and gets on top of the small boy who I love so so much. And poor Rayn just cries.

Then they cut off the tape.

"Is that enough for you all to see this boy was abused! He didn't want that at all! He was tortured and bent until he broke! You can't put him in prison, he'll be tortured there too. Rayn needs to go to a hospital and get help. He's a mess right now." The lawyer says.

"I agree. I've made my choice, Not guilty due to mental illness and battery." The judge says. "He will be sent to a Mental Hospital until he's healthy again." he slams down the hammer.

I let out a sigh of relief and leave and drive to the hospital.

By the time I get there, they tell me Rayn was moved to a mental hospital. They give me all the information and I drive there then.

(Rayn's POV)

They move me back into my room after lunch, which I didn't eat. I won't talk to anyone even though they keep asking me to. I won't say a word, its too painful. They should have just killed me, that would have been what someone like me deserves...I don't deserve to live anymore...I don't even want to live anymore.

They sit me down on my bed and tell me to try to write out my feelings and hand me a notebook and pen, I just stare at it. I don't have any feelings right now, there's nothing inside me, I'm just an empty shell. I lost it all when I killed the person who hurt me so bad...Why do I feel bad? All he did was use me, he raped me for no reason at all the first time, I should be happy I killed him, but, I'm not. I feel horrible.

"Someone's here to see you..." A nurse says.

I just stare at her, as I sit on my bed, with my knees up to my chest. I look up at Helena through my hair.

"Rayn?" She asks, looking at me with a sad look in her eyes. "Its me...Helena...Can I talk to you baby? Please." She asks.

I stare at her.

She sits down on my bed next to me and puts her arm around me. "You've lost weight haven't you?" She asks. "The nurses tell me you're not eating." She says.

I stare at her.

"You've told me to eat before, so I'm gonna tell you to eat now." She says.

I stare at her. Its not like I'm anorexic or anything, I just don't have the heart to eat. I can't eat, it hurts too much. It hurts to talk, to eat, to think, to even breathe. It hurts so much.

"Please talk to me." She says.

I just stare at her, with my knees up to my chest.

"I...I love you...I mean, com'on its me, Its me. Don't be scared, I'm on your side." She tells me, tears starting to run down my face.

I grab the note book and pen and write slowly on a blank piece of paper. "I'm sorry." I hand it to her.

"No Rayn, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not listening when I noticed you started losing it. I'm sorry if yelling at you and not trying to help you enough." She says, she puts her arm around my back, I jump almost off the bed and let out a soft yelp and crawl backwards against the headboard.

"Please don't be afraid of me I won't hurt you." She promises.

"In the end, Everyone will hurt you." I hear a whisper in the back of my mind, The stupid pills aren't working.

She tries to move closer to me and I curl up on the bed and let out a small whimper.

"Please let me touch you, I won't hurt you." She promises again.

A nurse comes in and looks at us. "Everything okay?" She asks.

Helena lets out a frustrated cry. "Why won't he talk?" She asks.

"Rayn went through a lot of trauma. I think he's really scared." The nurse says calmly, she looks at me with pity. "Are you his friend?" She asks.

"I was his girlfriend before he started dating Kevin..." I say. "That bastard."

"I've read about Kevin and seen the bruises that he gave Rayn." She says. "He seems horrible."

"He deserved to die." Helena says wiping the tears from her eyes angrily. "I hate him." She says.

"What Rayn should have done was tell someone what was happening and let someone help him." The Nurse says, sitting down on the bed.

"How could he have, I mean the guy brutalized him." Helena says.

"Remember what he did? You know you remember?" I hear the voice tell me, and all I can see is the flashbacks of what he, Mom and Dad did to me.

"What's going to happen when he gets out?" Helena asks, "Can he come back home with me?"

"We're thinking we're gonna send him home to his Father, now that his Dad is back." She says.

(Helena's POV)

Rayn's eyes shoot up. "No, You can't!" he yells.

We both turn and look at him. "What?" the nurse asks.

"You can't take him back to his Dad." I tell her as Rayn starts to cry.

Within seconds Rayn's breathing really fast and just gasping for air. I quickly put my arms around him and he starts to shake. "Rayn calm down, They won't let him hurt you." I say.

"No, no, no!" He screams, tears pouring down his pale face. He curls up into a little ball on the bed.

"Its okay Rayn, just tell me what your Dad does, we won't let him do it again..." The Nurse says.

"No, no, no!" Rayn cries again. I start rubbing his back, Trying to calm him down.

"Rayn its okay, he won't hurt you again..." I say.

"Did his Dad do something to him?" The nurse asks as Rayn starts to fade off.

He pulls me to him and puts his lips to my ear and whispers. "Don't tell them." then goes limp.

"Rayn?" I ask, shaking him now, he's motionless other then his chest moving up and down quickly.

"He hasn't slept in a couple days, he's probably just tired." The nurse says, she uncurls him from the ball he's formed himself in and lies him on his back and checks his pulse. "Yeah, he's fine, Just passed out. he'll be alright." She says.

I look down sadly at Rayn, the only boy I ever really loved, I brush the hair out of his face and look at him, he still has faded bruises and cuts on his head and face but, he's still beautiful. God, I love him so much.

"Can I ask you some stuff about Rayn?" The nurse asks.

"Of course." I say.

"I read that his Mother was arrested for child abuse, was his father abusive too?" She asks.

I remember what Rayn said before he passed out. "No, it was only his Mom." I lie.

"What was Rayn like before...he got sick?" She asks.

"He was...quiet..." I say, "He barely talked, but, he did when he warmed up to you. He was a really sweet kid." I say, looking down at him.

"Did he ever get angry?" She asks.

"Only once, when I...I'm bulimic, and he got mad once when I threw up and we yelled and..." My voice fades off.

She looks at me with concern. "Did he hurt you?" She asks.

"What? No. I...I hurt him..." I say.

"What did you do? Did you beat him? Did you rape him?" She asks.

"No, I just...I slapped him pretty hard, but, I felt horrible after, he dropped to the floor and curled up and started crying and begging me not to hurt him, then he got up and ran out of my house..." I say.

"I see, so you didn't mean to hurt him?" She asks.

"No, of course not, I would never ever hurt him." I say. "And he would never hurt me."

"That's good." She says. "Was Rayn suicidal? We found so many deep cuts on his arms and legs, we weren't sure if he did that to himself or if someone did it to him." She asks.

"No, he did that to himself. He cut himself pretty bad." I say. "And yes, I guess you could say he was suicidal."

"Okay," She says.

I look down at Rayn. "I have to leave..." I say, looking back at the nurse. "Is it okay if I kiss his forehead?" I ask.

She nods and smiles a bit and I bend down to kiss his forehead softly. "I love you." I whisper, then I get up and leave.

(Rayn's POV)

-Two Days Later-

"Rayn. Someone's here to see you." She says, "You're allowed to go outside today, just promise you'll stay on the land." She says.

I nod. It would be nice to see Helena and go outside with her. But, my eyes go wide when I walk out to the main room and see someone else, not Helena...Its Dad. Shit!

"D-Dad?" I ask.

"Everything okay dear?" The nurse asks.

I nod.

"Do you want to see your Father?" She asks.

Dad looks at me with a look that says if I say no, he'll fucking kill me. "Yes, of course I do." I say.

"Well your Dad filled out the papers, come back in before six. You have an hour." She says.

"Alright that's great. I'm so happy to see my son." Dad says with a fake smile. He puts his arm around me and I jump but, don't reject. "We're gonna have a great time." He looks at me with an evil, evil smile. then we go outside...



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