Over all she spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky / She said / Walk on over here to a bit of shade / I'll wrap you in my arms if only you say / Let me sign

Robert Pattinson, "Let Me Sign"

I knew that somewhere in the world, it was raining.

I'd been standing in front of the screen door for about five minutes now, feeling the breeze blow through. The leaves on the few trees planted on this street were turning over, showing their vulnerable white underbellies. I wondered if she should pray. Rain could bring a lot of things, flash floods, death. Terrible injuries. Somewhere, people might be suffering, because of the rain. Because of the natural order of things. Because things that could bring life also brought death.

The sky overhead was turning gray, making way for the intensely dark clouds that were forming on the horizon. Soon, it would be raining here as well.

I was alone in the house. The other five girls were all out, summer classes, work, a mid-afternoon jog in the park.

I knew that if it rained, the highway leading into this city would be flooded in its low parts, that cars would have to merge onto the shoulder to avoid the deepest puddles, that some of the older cars might not make it. That people would get angry. I knew the river would swell, that the garbage in it would be pelted by the fast falling drops.

The sky was turning darker, more angry. The distant sound of thunder.

A light blinked on in the house opposite mine. It was early August, and a lot more people were moving into their houses now that the fall semester was going to start in a mere month's time. There was a shadow behind the closed shades.

A car zoomed by in the street below, windows down, music blaring.

It was going to rain very soon.