Away From Me

I see you running away,

Startling white amidst the lush green,

Raven tresses flying with the wind.

My heart is weeping,

But no sound escapes.

Pure innocent white,

Now tainted red.

Forgive me, my love.

I didn't want to hurt you.

But I had to.

I was only protecting you.

Forgive me, my love,

For plunging the knife

While I was too weak

To plunge it too deep

But run, my love, run

While there is still time.

The monster within me has only just awoken,

Escape while he is still too weak.

Don't look back,

He might catch a glimpse of your pretty face.


Before he catches a whiff of your fragrance.

Your love and beauty

Will linger with me.

And like dew on a sunny morning

They will soon disappear.

Perhaps the memories of you

Will keep me alive.

But run, my love, run

And never come back

Because, hurt you, I will,

I cannot control the monster within

Hate me for the rest of your life

But be safe and live,

Live happily.

For it is only my trivial love

That paid the price of your freedom.

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