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My Lonely World Called Darkness

When your gone, I hurt so much. Almost every part of me dies. Surely my

heart keeps beating. My body still lives. But on the inside I die. When your

gone, there's no gravity to keep me standing. There's nothing to keep my chin up.

It's just me. Floating in my lonely world called Darkness. When your gone,

the ground shakes. The waves crash. And the earth cracks. Once the earth is

finally gone, the moon, crumbling so easily, dies from the sadness of losing it's

lovely friend Earth. Then all the stars plummet down into the black, because

they lost their Mother Moon. After that the sun has no purpose. It simply

loses it's light until it's nothing but a huge black star. And for some odd reason,

I'm the only one left. Floating in my lonely world called Darkness. The tears

that fall from my cold cheeks follow the stars into the black. My heart

emotionally shadders. Like a stone struck against glass. The sharp pieces

impossible to put back together. Then the unthinkable and the wonderful

happens. You come back. You pick me up, craddeling me in your warm arms.

Then it's as if you rewind life. The sharp pieces of my heart join together. And

the tears roll back up my cold cheeks and into my wide eyes. The dark sun starts

shining again. Hurting my eyes from the sudden brightness. The beautiful stars

fly upward, floating all around me. The moon appears. Looking as if someone

had simply picked up millions of pebbles and pressed them together. The earth

comes back. The cracks fitting together like puzzle pieces. Gravity finally comes

back. I am no longer floating in my lonely world called Darkness. I am

standing. Standing in my lovely home called Friendship.

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