Soul Memory

Soul Memory

A Saga

By 'Brian Davis'

Soul Memory and all related characters are property of the author, unless otherwise stated.

Author's Note: I'm trying to make this seem as much like an actual anime show as possible. I know that this may seem rushed or what have you, but in trying to keep the story going quickly and smoothly while keeping the descriptions of certain things and people, I told as much as I could within the confines of the first episode. Many more episodes to come!


Dazzling blue...

Stranded in the center of a breathtaking black...

A crystal lightly becomes visible through a strand of bright light...

"Burn through the darkness..."

A chilling cold surrounds the crystal, beaming closer...


A million voices seem far off...

So distant...

They begin coming closer...


No one voice stands out...

They are a million voices...

Yet, they are one sound...

Faces match the voices...

Reflecting from the crystalline shard in the distance...

The voices rise...

The volume is astounding...

They are everywhere and everything...

Crying out for help...

The clamor becomes deafening...

Insane ramblings blaring from one place or another...

"Please... help us..."

"Release us..."

"Miss Fujiwara!"

"Miss Fujiwara, please!"

A hand slammed down on a small wooden desk as a young girl, smiling peaceful in slumber, was jarred from sleep, shuddering and looking up at an older man, glasses on his face and dressed cleanly in a white button down shirt and dark pants. Giggles and chuckling rose from around the young girl as she blushed furiously, looking to the man before her.

"Miss Fujiwara," the man started, "I cannot begin to understand why such a bright and talented student constantly falls asleep during class, stares off into her own world, and doesn't seem the slightest bit interested in her schooling can manage such astounding grades!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Hirata..." the girl bowed her head, "I didn't sleep very much last night."

"I've heard your excuses enough times, Miss Fujiwara," the teacher sighed, "As long as you do well in my class, all I ask is that you stay awake."

"Yes, Mr. Hirata." The young girl felt a drop of sweat fall down her forehead as she looked back to see everyone who was laughing at her.

"You know, it's not that funny-"

"Miss Fujiwara!" The girl snapped back to see Mr. Hirata at the chalkboard, waiting for her to look to him.

"Sorry, Mr. Hirata..." she sighed again.

Juri Fujiwara walked out of class, ready to head to her home and live out her normal after school hobby of sleeping and eating until she fell asleep. It wasn't that she was irresponsible or lazy. She just didn't see why she should do all the extra work that she was given after all of the work she had to do in school. Sighing, she pulled a lock of her deep brown hair, looking straight ahead as she reached the front of the school, the large glass double doors awaiting her to go through them.

"Juri! Juuuuuri!" Juri turned to see another girl running up to her, jumping through the air and landing on her friend in a giant hug. Juri let out a small yelp as she fell to the floor, her friend leaning over her and smiling.

"Hey, Juri!" she yelped happily, "Where are you going? I thought we were going to meet after school and go out to eat or something!"

"Yukari, I told you I had to go right home after school," Juri sighed, "Mom grounded me from going anywhere."

"That's mean..." Yukari Hishamoto sighed, looking dead at Juri's eyes, "Well, how long is this?" She got up, extending a hand to Juri, who gladly accepted it.

"Two weeks."

"Two weeks?!" Yukari belted, "How can you only go from school to home to school for two weeks?!"

"I'm grounded because Mr. Hirata called my house and told my parents I keep falling asleep in class."

"You know, you should really sleep more at night. You're starting to get those annoying black bags under your eyes."

"You're not helping, Yukari..." Juri sighed, starting out of the school.

"Juri, I'm serious," Yukari followed closely, "Maybe you should take some sleeping pills or something?"

"I am not taking sleeping pills!" Juri shouted as Yukari shrank into her skin.

"Geez, sorry..." she scratched at the small ponytail on the top of her head. She was a beautiful girl and all of the guys noticed her when she walked by. Her sparkling violet eyes dazzled them in the sunlight and her beautiful blonde hair radiated down to the middle of her back. She had a sweet face, very innocent looking, and her slim figure wasn't completely shown off in her one size too big light blue sweater and dark blue jeans. Juri, on the other hand, dressed herself in a dark blue denim jacket over a pink T-shirt and somewhat tight light blue jeans. Her thick muddy brown hair left one bang on the right side of her face hanging down, while the rest of her hair was pulled into a ponytail that led to her shoulders. Her eyes, though, were extremely strange to anyone who actually took the time to notice them. They were a gorgeous sparkling pool of orange, glowing on her somewhat plain face.

"I've just been having some strange dreams lately..." Juri sighed, holding a single book to her chest.

"Me too..." Yukari retreated from her normally smiling fa├žade for a moment before smiling and looking back to Juri, "You should stay at my house tonight!"

"Yukari, I can't go out!" Juri burst again.

"Oh, yeah... well, can you at least get phone calls?"

"My parents aren't that cruel. Call me tonight, okay?"

"Right," Yukari giggled, looking ahead, "I wonder if your dreams are anything like mine..." The two turned a corner, starting towards their street.

"How are your dreams, Kari?" Juri asked, now a bit friendlier and using her friend's nickname.

"Well... there's this blue light... and some crystal..." Yukari started, "I hear all of these voices... calling out to me... telling me to release them from something, but I don't know what. It's so cold, though... my skin feels like it's going to freeze and break..." She shrugged, smiling a bit, "Then, I just wake up."

"Wow... that's strange..." Juri fell almost completely entranced, but still walking, "My dreams are like that, too."

"Well, we're best friends!" Yukari smiled wide, "Of course we're going to share some things!"

"But dreams, Kari? That's just a little too much."

"I know, it's pretty weird, huh?" Yukari dazed off a bit before shaking her head, "Oh! Here's my stop. I'll call you later, okay? Maybe we'll talk about a little more dream therapy." The two girls giggled a bit as Juri began away, scratching nervously at her arm.

*Kari's having those dreams, too?* she thought to herself, *I don't understand... why would me and Kari be dreaming about this crystal...?*

As Juri rounded the next corner, she saw the museum she always visited for research projects standing before her, a large banner across the landing and quite a crowd of people gathered at the front.

*I wonder what's going on at the museum today?* she thought to herself, starting for it.

"Tomorrow," a balding man in a green business suit addressed the crowd from a podium, "the grand opening of the ancient battle relic exhibit! We have just received many artifacts, including the heralded Sword of Ijii and the presumed Lost Scrolls, said to have been used in the fabled Battle of the Kindryd!" Various whispers soared through the crowd, "So please, come tomorrow and see the relics that were thought to only be fairy tales!"

"Sounds interesting, ne?" Juri turned, almost falling to the ground as she turned to a young man standing beside her.

"Makoto!" Juri yelped, "What are you doing here?" The handsome young man brushed a strand of chestnut hair from his eyes, looking at her warmly. His deep blue eyes reflected her almost perfectly in them and his fair skin and face made Juri speechless. He was dressed in a green turtleneck, a black jacket over it and light colored khakis. He was a sight to Juri, with good reason.

"I wanted to hear about the new exhibit the museum's having," Makoto smiled, looking at the building, "I didn't realize you were so interested in it, too."

"Oh, I'm here all the time," Juri sputtered, still staring at Makoto.

"Really?" Makoto turned back to her, "Well, maybe I'll see you tomorrow at the exhibit."

"Of course, wouldn't miss it for the world, nope, not me," Juri giggled nervously.

"See you then, Juri," Makoto smiled again, "Get some sleep tonight. We don't want you getting in trouble for falling asleep tomorrow in class." As Makoto started away, Juri could feel another bead of sweat coming down her face as she sighed, turning away, completely red.

"Way to go, Juri," she whispered, looking back to the museum.

"Hn..." a man in a darkened room sighed, his face covered by shadows so that only the red pupils shone out from the darkness, "So The Kindryd decide to choose some teenagers to become the six of the legend..."

"What will we do, your Highness?" a young woman looked dutifully to the shadowed man. Her pale white complexion was made to look even paler by the white bodysuit she wore, clinging tightly to every place but above her shoulders and her hands and feet, both of which were covered in black gloves and boots.

"They're making it far too easy for us..." the man growled, "This means that we must gather the other four of the darkness in order to counter this and gain the souls for us."

"But, your Highness, if I may say so... might these not be ordinary teenagers?" the woman sighed, running a hand through her foam green hair, "If they're being chosen by the light, they may have some abilities we don't know of yet."

"Then, I'll just have to pay a visit to one of these teenagers and find out for myself..." the man let off a cruel smile, but it was only hinted toward by the slanting of his eyes.

Juri sat on her bed, trying her hardest to actually crack a book, but doing nothing but actually looking at it.

"Studying can't be this hard," she reassured herself, grabbing the book, but quickly throwing it down, "Oh, forget it... I'll do fine tomorrow. What I need is some rest..." With that, Juri leaned back into her bed, her head hitting the pillow as she stared at her ceiling.

"Release us..."

Juri heard the voice from her dream again, jumping up from her bed and sitting on its edge.

"What was that?" she asked, getting slightly paranoid.

"Burn through the darkness... please... help us..."

"Who are you?!" she shouted.

"Juri, are you okay?" a voice called from outside of her room.

"Yeah, mom, just... um..." Juri tried to excuse, "practicing for the school play!"

"Okay, just keep it down, sweetie!"

Juri looked back into her room.

"Who are you?" she asked quieter this time. The black returned from her dream as she tried to look anywhere she could, but all she saw was black.

"What are you doing?" she whispered harshly.

"We are the Kindryd..."

"The Kindryd?" Juri asked, her voice echoing in the black void around her, "Wait, isn't that...?"

"Our lives were lost... for nothing... our souls cannot free themselves..."

"This is one damn strange dream," Juri sighed, looking around, "What do you want?"

"Save our souls... you are fated..."

"Fated?" Juri asked, seeing a bit of light and focusing on it, "Listen, I don't follow strange voices from my dreams so..."

"The Sword of Ijii..."

"The Sword of Ijii is in the museum..." Juri thought aloud.

"The soul of Ijii is... within the sword... please... help us..."

"How would I do that if I'm even going to follow this plan?" Juri asked, the crystal suddenly materializing before her form her dreams again.

"Kindryd lost... I return you... free your soul... in the shrine of Light..."

"Shrine of Light?" Juri asked, "Where's that?"

"The Shrine of Light... is where the fate... will gather..."

"This is too strange..." Juri sighed, looking around, "Fine... I'll try whatever... Kindryd lost... I return you... free your soul... in the Shrine of Light..."

"Bring the sword... to its rightful resting place... the grave of..."

"The grave of what?" Juri asked. In a flash of white light, the vision was gone and Juri was back in her room, sitting on her bed.

"What was that?!" she cried, looking around frantically, "I have to call Kari..."

Rushing to her living room, Juri found her mother on the phone.

"Mom... I really need to use the phone right now!" she cried helplessly.

"I'm using it right now, dear, you'll just have to wait."


"Besides, you're grounded, and... oh, hold on, I have another call..." Her mother pushed the button, switching phone lines, "Hello? Oh, hello, Yukari, could you call back in a few minutes?" Frantically, Juri grabbed the phone from her mother, putting it to her ear.

"Kari, did you have another dream?" she asked.

"Yes! I wasn't sleeping this time, though!" Yukari shouted through the phone, her voice shaking.

"Me either! Something about the Kindryd, right?!"

"Yes! Oh, I thought I was going crazy..."

"We both are! I'll call you later, okay, bye!" With that, Juri handed the phone to her mother, switching the line back.

"Juri Fujiwara!" her mother yelled, "Next time you do that, you are in a lot of trouble, got it?"

"Yes, mom, I'm going to my room now!" Without waiting for a reply, Juri was off and running, heading to her room to try and sort whatever had just happened out in her mind.

"Okay," a guard said, checking the museum over, "The displays are up, the artifacts are in them... now we just stand guard for the rest of the night and make sure no one gets through."

Another guard looked around, seeing the display.

"What's the deal with those things again?" he asked the first guard, scanning over the items.

"Well, you heard that fairy tale about the magical war between the Kindryd and the Dark Ones, right?"


"Oh..." the first guard scratched his head, "I'm not sure how to tell you this... well, anyway, supposedly, there was a lot of magic and supernatural powers, y'know, all the make believe stuff kids play with. With these things, the museum is proving that the Kindryd War actually happened. Magic and all."

"Wow... so these things are a pretty penny?"

"Nope," the first guard replied, "Worthless..."

"But... how?"

"No one can prove whether they're magical or not because magic isn't real."

"How do you know?"

"Do you believe in magic?"

"Well, no, but-"

"My point exactly."

The two guards began their rounds of the display and the museum, ending their conversation very quickly.

"So what was your dream about?" Juri asked into the phone, a very anxious Yukari on the other end.

"The jewel... and some sword..." Yukari sighed, somewhat disenchanted.

"The Sword of Ijii," Juri filled in.

"You remember the name of it?"

"It's on display at the museum tomorrow," Juri smiled, "I'm going to see it."

"With Makoto?" Juri sat up on her bed quickly.

"W... w-why would you say that?" Juri asked.

"He told me he ran into you today," Yukari teased, "I think he likes you."

"Now way, Kari!" Juri's red cheeks deepened.

"Makoto likes you, Juri! And you like him, don't you? Don't you?"

"Shut up, Yukari!"

"Geez... alright..." Yukari became quieter, "No need to go crazy over it. It wouldn't be that bad, would it?"

"Well... no, but-"

"So you do like him!" Yukari giggled, "I'm gonna get you two together!"

"You say one word, Yukari Hishamoto, and I swear I'll-"

"Oh, don't worry, you big spoiled sport," Yukari laughed on the other end of the phone, "I won't say anything... so are you going to see what you can find out about the Sword of E- um... edge..."

"The Sword of Ijii," Juri said, very matter of fact, "And yes, I am."

"Well... tell me how it goes," Yukari droned.

"Why don't you come with me?"

"I have a big dinner with my family tomorrow night," Yukari yawned in a very melodramatic tone, "You know how us rich upper-class types are." The two girls laughed. It was true. Even though Yukari's family was one of the richest around, Yukari never showed off her money, or even bragged about it. Juri knew that if she had that kind of money, she probably would.

"Well, I'll put in a good word with Makoro for you," Juri teased.

"Why?" Yukari asked, very unaffected, "You're the one he likes."

"Have a good night..." Juri sighed, smiling.

"You too," Yukari replied happily, "Get some sleep tonight."

"I'll try..."

The two girls hung up as Juri looked around her room once before turning and landing right on her pillow. Before too long, she had fallen into a deep, peaceful slumber.

For the first time in a few days, she didn't dream about the crystal in the darkness...