This was just a quick story I typed up one day when I was bored and I thought I would share.

It's just a professor talking about criminal psychology with her class.

"All the research in world comes down to this, what makes them tick?" The professor moved to the front of her desk, dry-erase marker still in hand. "Why did Dahmer yearn for a companion? Why did Gacy deny his evil deeds until his last breath?" She looked around at the riveted classroom. "Why was Ted Bundy killing women when he already had women throwing themselves at him?"

A student raised his hand, "Um, does anyone know the answers to these questions?" he asked sitting on the edge of his seat.

"Yes." the professor responded. "Yes, there were people who knew the answer. The men themselves knew deep down why they did what they did. They knew and they took that knowledge to the grave. Knowledge that could have broken through what many psychologists are trying to uncover to prevent further killings."

Another student, a girl, raised her hand. "How would that knowledge help prevent other murders?"

"Well the theory is, if scientist can catch it early on in children then they could reform them into functioning members of society. They think they could actually suppress any urges that may arise to harm or kill someone. You see, throughout history, man has committed unthinkable acts. Every so often we encounter some form of evil that we try to understand. People argue that Dahmer's parents could be to blame; never showing enough love and playing favorites with his brother leaving him to feel unloved and isolated. They think Gacy denied his deeds because he actually believed he was smarter than the authorities, and his appeals would stick. Then there is the popular belief that Ted Bundy was turned down by one beautiful brunette and had to take his revenge thirty or more times."

She shook her head. "Everyone wants to gain an understanding of how the minds of serial killers work. Is it the way they are brought up or just the way they are born?" A student raised her hand.

"Yes?" The professor called looking at her.

"Well isn't it proven that all serial killers have brains that actually function differently?"

"While nothing is proven this is a very popular theory. There are also people who believe that that the killers who came from abusive families might have had normally functioning brains before they were thrust into such a violent world."

"What do you mean?" the student asked.

"Well let's look at a car crash victim. John Doe had an MRI done for some reason or another. Then a month later he is in a very bad car accident leaving him in a coma for a week. When John wakes up, the doctors conduct a second MRI only to find out that portions of his brain that where inactive are now active and vice-versa.

"Maybe the same rings true for serial killers. What if they learn to reason differently after going through a traumatic childhood? Unfortunately we can only speculate until actual tests can prove such theories." The class laughed. One boy, who hadn't laughed, raised his hand.

"Whats so funny about that?" he asked. A blonde girl raised her hand in response.

"Go ahead" the professor said sitting on her desk.

"The funny thing is, in order to test such speculations we would have to torture and isolate a child from birth. Not only is it illegal, its completely unethical. Therefore we are left to our own conclusions and speculations."

"Exactly," the professor said. "Now onto your essays. You will all be assigned a serial killer to study. You will look into all aspects of this killer's life. Birth place, family history, education, the works. You will then hypothesize where this person went wrong. What made them the monsters they became? And lastly, think of a legitimate way it could have been avoided."

The class looked excited about this assignment. "Any questions?" she asked. The room shook their heads. "Alright come check the list to see who you were assigned and you are dismissed. Have a good afternoon."