Author's Note:


I'm really sad. I had so much freaking fun writing this story. I would stay up all night and write sometimes, and now it's over… Well, I really wanted to say that I LOVED every single one of your reviews. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorta freaking out because I was trying not to rush the ending and... stuff.

I know it's kinda evil, but I was sorta glad I tricked some of you to believing Charlie and Cole were never going to get back together. I would have never pulled another SWTE. Anyway they're together now in complete bliss or whatever. I think I might do Melody's story but not yet. I have tons of other stories I want to write.

Okay, so I made a website. I always thought websites were for people who thought they were way cooler than they actually are, and it turns out it's true. I am one of those people now! Hurray! Basically, I was getting bored with the whole profile thing so I made one. You can find it if you go to my profile and click the homepage button.

Wow, I had so much planned to write here, but I can't think of anything. Well anyway, thanks again. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed, and thank you to the people who added this story on their C2. THANK YOU!

Now I have two story ideas, but I don't know which one I should write. And here they are:

"The Rabbit Hole"

Alice Ripley spent most of her life behind books, studying things her father actually dug out of the ground. When he's killed by a secret corporation, and leaves her a clue to what they are searching for, Alice does whatever she can to find it before them. Even if that means looking for help in someone who might or might not be trustworthy.

This one has been in my head for a while, I want it to be fun and adventurous. It's going to be a cross between Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, which are both amazing movies. I have a lot of funny characters planned out for this one.

"C'est la Vie"

Raina and Cameron are best friends. It's been that way since forever. Raina never expected to be falling in love with him. He was her best friend and he had the most perfect girlfriend in the entire world. But when he is accused of an unforgivable crime Raina is torn between an entire town and the only person she could love.

High school romance. What can I say, we all love them. I wanted to write a cliché best friends falling in love kind of story, but I wanted to do it differently. So, I kinda came up with this weird story about trying to fall in love when it's almost impossible because of certain circumstances. This one is going to be one of those emotion heart-wrenching stories. Or well, I hope it will.

You can vote for which story you want if you go to my profile. I'll give it about two days and then I guess I'll start writing. Well, I have to edit SWTE and RP first. Then I have exams in a week. I'm guessing I'll have a new story posted in about two-three weeks. Possibly sooner if I get angsty.


Ciao for now!