This one-shot is dedicated to my best friends HelloOutThere and Mangaka-wannabe92. You guys are the best ever so I thought I would make something dedicated especially for you.


Tap. Tap. Tap. I drum my fingers against the small wooden desk in my room to the rhythm of the song I am listening to. I am really supposed to be doing my homework, exactly the reason I'm sitting at my desk in the corner of my room, but I can't stop thinking about that boy. That boy being my best friend. He is absolutely adorable, he has this rich chocolate brown hair with the most magnificent stormy gray eyes, all tying in with his beautiful pale skin that is almost that of a china doll. He is the sweetest and funniest person I know. He is Alesium, yes his mother may have been on crack when she named him, but his name is what makes him unique. But anyway I should really be concentrating on this Bio homework that is due tomorrow. Why oh why do we have to learn about you Mr. Pasteur? I sigh and close my biology book, knowing that Mrs. Neulinger would understand if I had to turn it in a day late. You see, we have an agreement; she lets me slide when I need to turn something in a bit late and I help by running the slides for her while she is teaching.

Shoving the book into my backpack I get up from the wooden chair placed in front of my desk and click off the desk light, before walking out of my room and down the narrow hallway to the kitchen to see what my mother had made for dinner. I pause right before the door to inhale the aroma, I smell chicken and fettuccini sauce.

"Yum, I smell something delicious," I say, walking through the doorway of the kitchen and plucking a noodle from the pot on the stove.

"Thank you, and keep your fingers out of my food," she scolds, swatting at my hand.

I smirk and lean back against the counter, watching my mother finish cooking. She isn't a small woman, she is slightly plump and she shows only a bit of her true age by the worry lines on her face. She may not be small in size but in height she is much shorter than I, and I'm only five foot seven. Also I've never seen my mother's true hair color…ever. It is a shoulder length burgundy color at the moment. She tends to change her hair color and styles like you or I would change clothes.

"Anthony, if you're still in here help me out and strain those noodles for me," she says, pointing towards the pot a snatched a noodle out of earlier. I turn around and open the drawer I was leaning against to retrieve two blue pot holders, pushing the drawer closed with my side as I walk over to the pot, turning off the burner and taking it over to the sink to strain.

"Oh Alesium called, he wanted to hang out with you," my mother says casually, grabbing a bowl out of the cabinet above the stove, "I told him to come over for dinner and that he could stay the night."

"That's cool," I say setting the pasta back on the stove for my mother to mix the sauce with. I always love having Alesium stay over, it may be the fact that I get to see him in his boxers. Tehe, I'm such a bad boy.

Ding dong. Speak of the devil. I rush out of the kitchen and through the living room to the door way.

"Come on Tony, answer the damn door. I'm freezing out here!" I hear him yell, while pounding on the door. I open the door to see a shivering Alesium, with flecks of snow in his hair. No wonder he is freezing, he is only wearing a t-shirt and jeans with the oh so cliché converse. He pushes past me and sits down on our big white couch.

"Nice to see you too," I say, going over to sit next to him, pulling the fluffy pink pillow next to me into my lap. I look over to see him roll his pretty gray eyes.

"You know, leaving a person out in the freezing cold isn't a nice welcome either," he teases, poking at my ribs. I blush slightly, but tilt my head down towards the pillow, letting my golden blonde hair fall in my face.

"Your fault for not wearing a coat," I shoot back at him, my blush increasing when I feel his arms around me, pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

"Awww did I upset you wittle Anthony?" he says in his baby talk voice, still smothering me in the hug.

"Gettoff, yur killing me!" I gasp out, pushing at his chest. Normally I would welcome his closeness but right now he really is squashing the life out of me.

"Sorry," he says, releasing me from the hug but then reaches over and messes up my hair.

"Aghh! Every freaking time Alesium! Every time! Why must you mess up my hair?" I shriek in an over dramatic way, stomping off to the bathroom down the hall to fix my hair. One thing you should know about me, I am very touchy about who messes with my hair. Once in the bathroom I stare in the mirror, while running a comb through my hair, trying to place it back where it was before it was messed. Truthfully, my blue gray eyes are particularly dull compared to Alesium's eyes.

"This is as good as its gonna get with out having to take a shower again," I sigh to my self, but here a chuckle from the door way. I look over to see Alesium leaning against the door frame watching me mess with my hair.

"When are you going to get over your hair?" he teases, chuckling to himself slightly. I'd like to wipe that damn arrogant look off his face. Or kiss it off. Oh no, no, no! There will be no kissing looks off of anyone's face.

"Never," I say coolly, smoothing out my hair with my hands. And reaching over to my mother's perfume collection and spritzing myself with some of her vanilla scented body spray.

"Why do you wear that shit?" he says, raising his eyebrow slightly. I sit the bottle down and dance over to him, throwing my arms around his neck.

"Because Alesium, it annoys the hell out of you," I tease with a smirk and peck his cheek before slipping past him and walking down the hall to the kitchen, swinging my hips slightly. Yeah I know you are wondering why he is okay with the kissing on the cheek and why I'm swinging my hips. Alesium is gay. He has been since the eighth grade. Where I have only been gay since the ninth. We are juniors in high school now so that would be like the eleventh... yeah the eleventh. But yeah we have been play flirting with each other for a couple years now. But for me it isn't really playing.

"Oh good you boys can set the table," my mother says when she spots us, pointing to the table in the next room.

"Looking good Ms. Grayden," Alesium says, walking over to the silverware drawer. You see Alesium is always overly nice to my mom, especially since she divorced my dad in the eighth grade. He says it gives her a good boost of confidence.

"Oh you're so sweet Alesium," she says and kisses his cheek, before grabbing the pasta to take it to the table.

"You're looking good too," he says and smacks my ass right as I'm about to grab a plate. My hands falter and let the plate drop back down on the pile and I blush like mad. I hear him chuckle and then walk out of the kitchen. My god, why does he have to be so touchy feely, not that I mind it. It's just... I'm not sure he knows that I'm not play flirting, and I'm not sure if he is just play flirting. I sigh and grab the plates again and walk out to the dining area to see Alesium and my mother whispering to each other, but they stop right as I walk through the archway to the kitchen. I set the plates down and sit in the seat next to Alesium at the end of the table.

"May I ask what you're talking about," I say, folding my hands and looking at them like a mother would a child that is in trouble. Alesium blushes, now that's something I haven't seen before, and my mother smiles a knowing smile and shakes her head.

"You'll find out soon enough," she says the knowing smile turning into a thoughtful one before dishing out some pasta on her plate. Alesium nods and helps himself to the pasta as well. As I just sit there wondering what they could possibly have been talking about that would make Alesium blush. Alesium is NOT the blushing type, so this has to be something interesting.

"Well are you going to eat?" my mother says, giving me a pointed look as to say "Just drop it for now."

"Yeah, sure," I say, reaching over to spoon a small portion of the pasta out on my plate. I take a bite. Man does my mother out do herself on cooking. The fettuccini sauce is just perfect, and not to mention the chicken. It is to die for. I keep eating and I'm not to my fifth bite when Alesium gets up.

"I'll meet you up in your room," he says, winking at my mother before hurrying off. I start to speed up my eating.

"Slow down, you're going to make your self sick," my mother says quickly, glancing off to the hallway, before glancing back at me, "and you should eat more, you had hardly anything on your plate."

She scoops a large helping of pasta on to my plate. I roll my eyes and start eating slower.

"So what are you two planning," I say in between bites. She shifts in her seat slightly and sighs.

"I can't tell you everything honey," she says in a hushed voice, "but I can say you will love this. From what all you've told me. I'm sure you will." She sits back in her chair and watches me eat.

When I have about three quarters of the plate finished and Alesium walks back in and whispers something in my mother's ear and then disappears again. I'm starting to get suspicious. That boy isn't normally this suspicious. Not even on my birthday when he and my mom were planning a surprise birthday party. Caught up in my thoughts I don't even realize when Alesium walks back in I only realize when I have a tie wrapped over my eyes.

"What the hell?!" I say slightly alarmed. Obviously I shouldn't be alarmed because I'm sure Alesium isn't a serial rapist. But still... it's an instinct to freak out.

"Calm down," he whispers in my ear, and I feel myself being picked up. Naturally that freaks me out too because I'm afraid he'll drop me. I can feel him walking and then, I smell vanilla scented candles. I wonder why he has candles lit. He sits me down on my bed. And then I hear the door click shut before I feel the bed sink down slightly beside me.

"I'm going to take the blindfold off now okay?" I hear him say, before the blindfold drops. He covered my room in candles… and are those?

"Blue carnations, your favorite," he says indicating to the carnations sitting on my desk. I'm so overjoyed I start crying. He has never done anything like this for me. And this makes me wonder why he is doing this now. Why me even.

"What is all this for," I say, wiping at my eyes and still scanning the room for anything I didn't take in already.

"I know its all very cliché… but... I really like you Tony, I really do. I wasn't sure you liked me as well until I started really talking to your mom and well... she told me. And so I planned all this with her so that. Well, so that I could ask you this," he says grabbing my hand and looking at me with hope on his face. Oh my god if he is going to do what I think he is going to do I am going to die of happiness.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" he asks, biting his lip and looking at me intently. Does he even have to freaking ask? I attack him, throwing my arms around his neck and attaching my lips to his, pouring all of the feelings for him I had hidden over the past couple years into the kiss. I pull back slightly and smile. He is gasping, a slight pink color has made its way to his cheeks.

"Is that a yes?" he says, touching his lips thoughtfully. I roll my eyes and smile.

"Do you even have to ask?" I say before attacking his lips again. This is my bliss, this is my heaven. At least it is for now, and hopefully forever.

The end.