Once looked over, and inspected, one could note how the aurora that appeared in my own specter of existence, replicated itself to that of the other existence.

The man named Samuel Salinity, held numerous victories against various foes, the names and plans of which usually connected to the militant ans political take overs he prevented.

It was recorded once in his aspect of Earth, that he fought and defeated opponents that I couldn't quite see matching up against him, the creatures of which we speak of regard several warriors, first that of Xeo, a mysterious creature to behold, Xeo held strength and abilities that would only in more regards to the timing, later reflect my own clone, another warrior was Aquinas, the being that composed himself of pure liquid, he was privileged to kill Samuel once, but ultimately was sliced in half around the waist, the two of them were each monsters and provided the necessary hell onto which Samuel grew, as they did many didn't know what to think of him anymore, each day his world views dimmed and overturned, landing him some mystery to his ways.

To visualize the day when the two of us met in clash, it would perhaps be obvious to state that neither of us had much preparation to get ready for it, it was as if we were shipped cargo, boxes sent as fragile to a location without rest and acceptance of relocation.

That to the best description fits how precisely we were moved, in ways that would later leave us wondering how and why, but only one who isn't capable of mind would understand, understand that, that particular day was both peculiar and strange, but necessary for both of us.

When I had finally arrived in the dimension, my feet tapping themselves upon the cube tower, I started looking around the area oddly, the area was constricted and endless, the sets of repeating towers like binary code stretched all throughout the horizons, and they didn't cease to close patterns and end themselves too easily.

As I kept looking around trying to figure out the mystery of this place, I took the brief second to observe the other warrior who stood ontop of the tower across from me, the one called Samuel Salinity, he was clothed interestingly, he wore standard rubber body armor with an orange tiger crest on his upper chest, the rest of his clothing consisted of a helmet with a V stricken imprint into the face, as if carved, an orange bandanna sash seeping behind the helmet's ending back rim, a set up of leg armor retracts on his legs individually, and two holsters and a leather strap on his sides and back subsequently.

The man was armed as well, two bladed gauntlets, two pistols in each holster, a small katana sword and his shotgun to his back, and grenades, mines and other explosives, tripwire and such interlining his belt pockets.

Upon hearing of a later recording of information on him, I would be informed, that he favored traditions of Mushashi, and preferred the more current look, as presently seen by myself, to the much controversial old age look.

"You, what is the reason for my presense here in this location?", Salinity said demanding.

"I'm unaware, I currently have been searching around for the answer myself".

He tilted his head cockeyed, and looked at me in an odd manner, he was inspecting me, and clearly a sign of his disbelief of my own course of words and phrase statements.

"You lie, this disrespect and dishonor will not go unpunished", Salinity opened his bladed gauntlets and then launched himself at me, his image reflecting a hawk, with talons stretched out and ready to attack.