This was written long ago when I was still in elementary school. Now, I'm typing it down. This was written for an essay contest in school, unfortunately, I didn't win. Something a child would write since there were no modifications or changes made in this essay from the real essay more than 2 years ago. Even if this was the work of me (in elementary school) please take your time to read and please review, and most importantly, contemplate on the essay. But, please, no offending comments. But criticism is much welcomed.

The Wonders of Youth

~Miyano Ran

Youngsters in this generation can really enjoy their youth by making the most out of their summertime because children like us are always pressured and overstressed in schooldays, so, we must enjoy our vacation time wisely. During vacations, youngsters can sleep as a late as 3:00 am so that children can enjoy their freedom once in a while. They can enjoy their youth indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, they can watch TV, VCD, DVD and movies, listen to songs in their MP3, MP4, or IPoD, play games in their PC, PS, DS, PSP or even play at arcades. They can also play other manual games such as scrabble, dice, sungka (an oriental game), puzzles, truth or dare, bingo, and so much more. There are tons of ways to enjoy youth and all these things that I mentioned now is not even reaching half of it.

Outdoors, you could do some sporty activities as not to squander your youth like ping pong, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and my all time favorite- badminton. The youth can also go to resorts and beaches and go swimming. They can also go abroad.

These activities are just half of the things of what youth can do now. And, let me tell you, there's more, but, I can't mention everything.

I can prove that I have lived a meaningful youth because I enjoyed it with my family. I have always been with my parents since childhood so I think that I've spent it wisely. I can say that I really made the most out of my youth because I know how t balance leisure and studies at the same time.

The memory that I could share to the future generations is my balance in school and play! I know how to have fun, not all work only. It's because, if all is work and no play in one's youth, it has no meaning at all.

Haha, it was very simple, wasn't it? Definitely written by me when I still had a mind of a child… Uh… well, I guess now you know why I didn't win the essay writing contest! Haha, well, at least I've improved in my writing now… Thanks for reading!

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