"Yes, you are weird, we're in a tea room and you're drinking bloody coke!"

"I don't like tea."

"You cant not like tea!"

"I can. I like coffee."

"Coffees stupid. Its takes all your individuality away!"

I raised my eyebrows at my freak of a best friend. I thought we were going out for drinks and a snack, not a bizarre lecture.


"You mix your own tea up, no one does it for you."

"Ooh you big boy." Yay for non-faked disinterest.

I think tea is weird.

Don't get me started on that cherry and chocolate scone he's eating.

Stupid, stupid word.

I actually looked online for the most obscure tea flavour I could find. What I discovered instead was that there are a lot of people who feel very strongly on the subject, so if any of them are you…no offence to tea drinkers was intended in the making of this drabble!