Chapter 2 Scares and Smores

"Do you have everything?" my dad nags from the doorway.

"Yes! I'm fine! Jeeze!" I exclaim and carry my giant suitcase down to the limo that is here to pick me up. Emory climbs out of the limo to help. Bob had actually bought me this giant suitcase so I could fit everything into one pack. It worked, I even had extra room. Emory picks up my bag with almost little effort and puts it into the trunk of the limo. "Bye Dad!"

"Bye sweetie!"

"Don't worry Ed, we'll make sure nothing happens to her!" Jay exclaims form a rolled down window. "Bob says hi by the way."

"Thanks Jay, have fun kids!" my dad says and then heads back inside. I climb into the limo and sigh as the door closes.

"Thank God!" I exclaim and smile at the three brothers in front of me. I then look around. The entire limo is black leather and there is wine cases built into the sides of the seats.

"Guess what?" Jay says quietly. He then opens a secret compartment from under his seat. Three cases of Bud Light beer sit there. Jay then presses a button next to him and the driver's window closes. I smile. "We're driving to Maine, so I decided that we should have a little party while we drive for the next fifteen hours.

"Sweet," I say and take a beer as he hands me one. Emory takes one to and then Jay goes to hand one to Avery.

"Oh, wait, I forgot, Avery is a party pooper," Jay says and eyes Avery. Avery rolls his eyes.

"Fine," Avery says giving in. He takes the beer. We all laugh.

"Here's to Maine!" exclaims Jay.

"To Maine!" we all shout and then take a swig of our beers. Five hours later we all fall asleep. I wake up later and see Avery sitting across from me. Jay lays on the limo floor and Emory is half hanging off his seat. They are still sleeping, except for Avery, who is silently reading a book. I smile and then carefully make my way over to him.

"How long have I been out?" I ask quietly.

"About four hours," Avery says. "You three got trashed." I laugh a little.

"Yeah, we did didn't we? Well lucky for me I don't get hang overs," I state.

"Really? That's good, considering there will be a lot of partying up at the cabin. Jay always invites the local teens for drinks. But it's only on the weekends. We like to keep to ourselves during the week. Go swimming and tanning and stuff. It's quite relaxing."

"Mm, I can't wait," I say and sigh. "So how much longer?

"About another six hours," Avery says. "It's already dark out. Luckily we have two drivers, so there's no pit stops for naps. If you go back to bed you should wake up to us pulling up to the gates."

"Gates?" I question.

"Yeah, it's not small, I assure you," Avery laughs. I smile and yawn.

"Okay, I'm still a bit tired anyways. Well, I'll go back to sleep then." I go back over to my seat and lay back down. I smile at Avery and he smiles back.

"Sweet dreams beautiful," he says before I close my eyes.

"She is so hot," I hear a voice say. I recognize it as Jay's. I don't open my eyes and still pretend to sleep.

"Sirs, about thirty minutes until we arrive," says the driver from the front.

"Thanks Jon," Avery says.

"Yeah, I know, she has really pretty eyes," Emory says. I try not to smile.

"I would totally hit that man," Jay says.

"Ugh, how come all you think about is sex? I mean seriously Jay. She's a human being," Avery says to my defense.

"I don't always think about sex. Jeez, I like her man, she's really cool. She's the kinda girl I would date," Jay says. "But, if she asked, I would totally do it. I'm just saying."

"Don't you want to get to know her a little first? I mean do you even know her middle name?"

"No, I don't Avery, do you?"

"Yes, it's Louise," Avery says. "We actually had a very long conversation at the wedding last month. I got to know her prettty well."

"Sounds like you're falling for her Av," Emory says.

"What ever," Avery says quietly.

"Oh come on Avery, you think we didn't notice?" Jay asks. "When I woke up I watched you for like ten minutes. You were staring right at her."
"Yeah, and you we watching her all night at the wedding too," Emory says.

"So what if I am? What about you two? I know you both like her too. I'm not stupid. We're triplets, we can practically read each other's minds," Avery says.

"I do like her, I would date her man," Emory says. "I'm not afraid to admit that."
"Me too, she's attractive and we connect," Jay says.

"Yeah, well then we got a problem," Avery says. "She can't date all three of us."

"I think I smell a bet coming on," Jay says.

"I'm not making a bet on a girl," Avery snaps. "I'm not godly perverted like you."

"Well, do you want the girl or what Avery? I mean we can't just ask her to choose," Jay says. They go silent for a moment. "Fine, it won't be a bet. But I'm gonna make Kresley fall for me by the end of the summer."

"Not if I do it first," Emory says.

"You guys are sick," Avery says.

"So you're not going to do it then?" Jay asks.

"I never said that," Avery says. "I'm just going to do it the right way." I then decide to wake up. I lift my arms and stretch. I sit up and open my eyes. I look at the boys. Avery is reading again, Jay is playing a Nintendo DS and Emory is looking at a sports magazine. Jay then looks over at me.

"Hey, sleeping beauty is awake!" Jay exclaims. I smile and wipe my eyes.

"How much longer until we get there?" I ask sitting normally.

"About twenty minutes," Avery says not looking up from his book. They can cover good for just gossiping about me.

We pull up to a pair of large iron gates and I watch as they open slowly. Behind them lay heavy woods and I still see no cabin. We drives past the gates and then the trees suddenly open up as we turn around a corner. Before us sits one of the biggest houses I have ever seen. The cabin is completely wood from the outside, but it has three stories and you could fit Bob's house in it at least three times.

"Holy shit!" I exclaim. The guys chuckle.

"Yeah, that's everyone's first reaction," Jay says. We pull up to the front doors and all climb out of the limo.

"The only thing is, is that the maids and butler aren't due for another month, so we have to do everything ourselves for a while," Emory says as the driver opens the trunk for our bags.

"That's okay with me," I respond and take my bags. I walk up to the door with Avery by my side.

"Don't pass out when you get inside," Avery says with that smile. "I thought you were going to faint when you saw the house, wait until you see the inside." I smile and Avery opens the door.

I step into a large entry way with a big set of oak doors. A set of stairs is off the the right and a couch is along the opposite wall. The entry way was the size of my living room and kitchen put together.

"Follow me, I'll show you your room," Avery says and he heads toward the stairs. We head upstairs and reach the second story. We then go up another set of stairs and reach the third story. Avery leads me to a room and opens the door. "Here you are!"

The room is not too big, just the size of my living room and kitchen back home.

"You like it?" he asks. I don't answer and just stare. Avery chuckles. I then turn to answer him. "It's won-" The doorway behind me is empty. I shake my head after a moment and then turn back to my room. The next two months are going to be great.

After I unpack and put my bathing suit on under a pair of shorts I head downstairs. I search for the kitchen and find it after walking for about five minutes. I find Jay sitting at an island counter in the middle of the huge kitchen.

"Hey," I say. He smiles.

"Hey, you find the kitchen alright?" he asks as his eyes scan my body. I blush a little.

"Yeah, after getting lost a couple times," I admit.

"Ah, well, by the end of the week you'll be finding everything just fine," he says. "I'll have to show you the best hide n' seek spots though."

"Hide n' seek?" I laugh. "Are we seriously going to play that?" Jay shrugs.

"Well, we usually have Joe and Erik, the neighbors, come over. This year they are like six and seven, I think. We always play video games and hide n' seek. They have a blast. And ther parents love us. And they know about our partying too. They've even shown up a couple times to join us. They're really sweet people." Jay takes a swig of his beer.

"That's really cute, playing with the little neighbor kids," I say. I grab his beer from his hand and take a drink for myself. He smiles as I hand it back. "So where are Emory and Avery?"

"Emory went into town to let people know about the party this weekend and Avery . . . Well, I really don't know where he went. He always seems to disappear right after we get here." He shrugs again. "So can I show you the hide n' seek spots? The boys are coming over tomorrow."

"Mm, how about a little later? I'm going to go get lost again," I say and turn to leave the kitchen.

"Alright, but at sundown we're having a bombfire. Be there or be square!" I laugh and continue out the doorway. I walk down the corridor and look at the many different paintings on the walls. Most of are some kind of animal or some kind of nature view. The walls are all a dark oak color and the floors are all carpeted with a warm red color, almost the color of blood.

After a half an hour of walking around the house, I found six bathrooms, ten bedrooms, a game room, a living room with a fireplace, a living room with a huge big screen T.V., another kitchen, and a library. I pretty much covered the entire house, which is pretty good for thirty minutes.

I then decide I should call my dad and let him know I'm alive. I head up to my room and search for my phone. I find it in the pocket of my jeans that I wore here and dial my dad's number. After half a ring my dad picks up.


"Hey Dad," I answer and roll my eyes. He must have been waiting for my call.

"Hey, how was the ride?" He asks, calming his voice.

"Fun, we slept most of the way," I reply. I then notice the sun is already down. "But, we're getting ready to have a bomb fire so, I'll call you in a couple of days, okay?"

"Um, okay sweetie, have fun alright?"

"Alright Dad, love you," I say.

"Love you too." I hang up the phone and grab my hoodie from my bed. I hurry downstairs and find the back door. I can see the fire burning at the bottom of a small hill. I head out the back doors and jog to the fire. When I reach it the boys are no where in sight, but I can smell the kerosene, so the fire was just lite. I see four chairs surrounding the fire and a bag of marshmellows, a box of grahm crackers, and three huge bars of chocolate. Mm, smores. But where are the boys?

"AAWOOOO!" yelps a voice from behind. I turn and suddenly I am swept off my feet. A small scream escapes me as I am carried around the fire. I then see the brown hair over my shoulder.

"Emory!" I scream. I then spot Avery and Jay walking up, laughing. "Put me down!" Emory drops me and I land on my feet. "Jesus! You almost gave me a heart attack."

"I tried to stop him," Jay states, with a wide grin on his face.

"No you didn't!" Emory exclaims, laughing himself. "It was your idea."

"Still, you should have saw your face Kresley, it was hilarious," Jay says. He makes an imitation of a scared face. I glare at him.

"Not cool," I say. I glance at Avery, who is smiling too. His eyes meet mine, but his grin doesn't fade.

"You have to admit it was funny Kresley," he says. The all stand there staring at me, smiling. I roll my eyes.

"Fine, it was kind of funny," I say and throw myself into a chair. They all laugh again and sit down themselves. After ten more minutes of imitation, they finally settle down and begin the smores making.

"So, Avery, where did you run off too?" I ask and then take a bite of my gooey smore.

"Don't bother with that," Emory states. "He doesn't tell anyone where he goes. He disappears for about an hour everyday. We have our theories." Avery smiles to himself.

"My guess is it's his daily wack-off," Jay says. I start laughing and almost choke on my smore. Emory laughs too. My eyes get all watery as a grahm cracker scratches the back of my throat.

"Wow," I say as I finally swallow my smore.

"I think he like meditates or something," Emory says. Avery says nothing and stares into the fire, still smiling. I watch him carefully. He seemed to be enjoying his secret that he was keeping.

"It especially sucks that we don't know where he goes, because we know everything about each other," Jay says. "Like, some times we can read each others minds. Avery's jaw suddenly tightens. But just as quickly as it tightens, he relaxes it again.

"Like twin, or triplet, tylepithy?" I ask.

"Yeah," Emory says. I glance at him and he is staring hard at Jay, who just shrugs a little, like answer a silent question.

"Anyways, Kresley, you're not single are you?" Avery asks. I look back at him. He is smiling slightly, staring back.

"Oh, well, I broke things off with my ex right before graduation," I answer thinking back to Ryan. He had seemed a little upset, but he had to of known it was coming. I was going off the college, Dartmoth actually, and he was going no where. My mom was surprised when I told her I got into her Alma Mader. Little did she know, all the classes I skipped were the classes I was getting A pluses in. I had a 4.5 when I graduated. "Since I'm going to college I thought it was best."

"Poor guy, he must of been crushed," Jay says.

"Eh, he was probably out with a new girl the next day," I say and shrug. For the next three hours we all tell stories from our childhood and finally decide it's time to head inside. Jay walks me up to my room.

"So, before the munchkins come over, do I get to show you my hiding spots?" Jay asks as we come to my door.

"Sure, right after breakfast," I reply.

"Good, they'll be here before lunch so be ready okay?" he says. "They're wild ones."

"I'll be ready," I say. He smiles and I smile back. After a moment I break the silence. "Good night."

"Night," he says and I walk into my room and close the door. I swear he was about to kiss me.

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