"I bet I probably won't get in." I said looking away from the others. They didn't say a word because I bet they knew it was true but didn't want to hurt my feelings.

"Now don't say that! You know you're smart and if you're really that worried I'll tutor you okay?" Madeline said. I looked up at her smiling face.

"Thanks." The other two nodded. All four of us really wanted to go to Primrose Academy which was supposedly one of the top schools in the country. You had to take an entrance exam to get in there.

You couldn't say I was dumb but my grades weren't exactly honors.


The test from last week landed on my desk. It read 7/50 in red marker. Today was an exception.

You couldn't say I was never paid attention either but I wasn't really as one to walk into a lamp-


"Gotta read the signs kid!" The janitor said walking away while revealing a sign that said: CAUTION WET FLOOR! ¡PISO MOJADO DE LA PRECAUCIÓN! That was also an exception.

I know, I know there are a lot of exceptions but for one thing I'm not as clumsy as people say. I mean sure everyone trips every once in a while…

"Mira! Are you okay?" I slowly got up from tripping over a rock in front of me. "You're so clumsy chikita." Ms. Alvarez said shaking her head. Okay so maybe that happens a lot. But I really am a good kid its just things always happen to me.

"How was school kido?" My dad asked. "Your mother said it was supposed to be gorgeous." My mother always liked to describe things like weather as pretty or gorgeous. Stuff like that which my dad loves to joke about.

"Yeah, real nice." I pouted. My dad ignored my sarcasm. "Madeline called. She said something about meeting her at the library to study?" He took a bear-sized bite from his burger. I'd forgotten about that.

"Yeah we're studying for the entrance exam to Primrose Academy. See ya!" I said running out because I knew one of Maddie's big things was punctuality. I rode my bike all the way to her house on East Sibea Drive. I loved riding to Madeline's house more than Sarah's or Leighton's because the scenery was so beautiful. During the winter time it reminded me of that Robert Frost poem, stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

"I don't care if you're late, what's important is that you're here now." Maddie said as I took up a seat at the table she was sitting at. "Okay, so on the test there's going to be an analysis of the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay" She grinned. "I know you wont have a problem since you're like obsessed with Robert Frost poems." I rolled my eyes. Even though I hated school I loved poems and books. Someday I wanted to be a writer so I could write the books that some other kid like me would read in the future.

"Hey! What do you think the answer is?" She asked. I looked at the question then back at her. Madeline sighed and repeated her explaination.

That night I prayed my hardest that I would do well on the test. I also thanked god for helping me make such a good friend as Madeline. She had used most of her time to help me and barely had enough time to study for herself. I knew she would do well because even though I would never say it out loud, she was the smartest out of all of us.

A whole lot of kids were crowded around the board that had the list of names of everyone who had passed the entrance exam in front of the school. Sarah, Leighton, Madeline and I made our way to the front, miraculously, and I was the last one to make it there but I knew that Sarah and Leighton got in because of their screams. I searched the list of names and found mine. I let out a sigh of relief and looked at Madeline.

"I got in and it's all because of you!" I hugged her but she quickly squirmed from my embrace.

"You knew you would get in all along! You took me away from studying on purpose so only you would get in!" She yelled at me. I looked at her in disbelief mixed with confusion.

"What?! Madeline-"

"Don't ever talk to me again you-you-you traitor!" Madeline screamed and ran off.

"Lynie, how could you do that to Maddie, you know she wanted to get into that school more than any of us?" Sarah asked me. "Guys believe me I had no int-"

"Save it." Leighton said than walked off as a few droplets of rain started to fall then it started to pour.

At the point when I couldn't tell if it was my tears or rain streaming down my face and took my bike to Madeline's building to see if she'd forgiven me. When I got there I saw police tape surrounding the skyscraper. A huge crowd was blocking the entrance but I managed to reach the front where I was horrified at what I found. Madeline with her limbs bent at odd angles and blood caked on the side of her head.

"Kid, keep it moving." A police officer said as they lifted Madeline's body into one of those dark body bags.

"Madeline! Madeline, wake up! It's me Aislynn!" I yelled even though I knew she couldn't hear me from where ever she was now.