The Voodoo Pocket Guide. A history.

The Voodoo Pocket Guide is the most banned book in existence. I'll prove it to you. Have you ever seen or even heard of The Voodoo Pocket Guide? ...My point exactly. Since its print in the early 1960s in a small underground press in a not very well known man's basement, its distribution and spread managed to cause such an uproar that Wiccans, satanists and witch doctors all seemed to hate it alike.

They hated it for one very simple and understandable reason. It was a smallish book with black binding, a size that one could easily fit inside ones pocket or hide, if necessary, in unlikely places. It had the words 'You can do it too!' written encouragingly on the cover and a red demonic figure giving the reader the thumbs up. Those were not the reasons they hated it. They hated it because it took everything the wiccans, satanists and witch doctors did...And made it easy.

It was the sort of book a normal person could pick up and say 'hey, that's not so hard- I bet I could install one of those funny-what are they called again?-oh yeah, pentagrams, in the garage.'

Likewise, by the time the author started writing a second (yet far less impacting) book 'Quit smoking with demonic possesion' Nearly every copy had been burned and most people chose to forget that their extraordinary way of living had nearly been taken down several notches.

Life proceeded without and sign or sighting of a Voodoo Pocket Guide until nearly half a century later.