Gunshots rang out through the silent house. It was late at night, and no one was supposed to be up.



Unholy groans filled the basement room, and echoed out the barely-closed door. The groans were ripped from decaying bodies that would have oozed the smell of the grave, if you had dared to get close enough to them. Most of the creatures, once human it appeared, were missing parts of limbs, and strips of flesh. It looked as if it was a Halloween party turned into a little kid's worst nightmare. It couldn't get worse than people you once knew and loved seeming to cry out in agony because their bodies were being eaten by bacteria and decay while part of their consciousness remained.

The creatures continued their pathetic mewling, until they sensed possible prey; then, their cries became ones of bloodlust. A teenage girl watched them come closer, trying to wait for the perfect moment. Her short black hair was tousled, playfully flying about and there were dark circles under her cool blue eyes. She couldn't have been older than 15, but her eyes looked older- they hid a delightfully twisted mind, one that had been perverted by the world around her.

"C'mon, fuckers… Come to mama…" Her voice was barely a hoarse whisper, it hadn't been used in such a long while.

They couldn't hear her though, her voice had no way of reaching them. Therefore, they ignored her and continued to drag themselves forward. Lurching step, after lurching step, they came closer and closer to the girl's hiding spot, until-

She suddenly jumped out in front of them, agile fingers hitting deceptively innocent-looking buttons, directing explosions of the most macabre beauty. She rained fire down upon them, and laughed maliciously as they fell, one by one.


The floor seemed to quake with the explosion, bringing more rotting bodies down to the ground. Some were in piles of charred black, almost unrecognizable. Some were in flames, but somehow still had the ability to walk, and even stalk after the girl.

The floor was hidden by puddles of mysterious liquids, in varying shades of brown, yellow, and red. Body parts were scattered everywhere; as if someone had tossed them all about the room like confetti.

Bullet after bullet impacted on partially-dead flesh, making the most horrendous noises, but still brought the girl a most twisted sort of happiness.

They were finally dead-completely dead. Her fallen comrades had been avenged, for now. She surveyed the area around her, searching every dark nook and cranny, looking for anything that could be of use- ammunition, food, water, first aid; absolutely anything and everything that would help her survive another hour or two in this hellhole.

Lost in her thoughts, the girl was surprised when a rough and heavy hand landed rather suddenly on her tank-top clad shoulder. Thinking it was an enemy, she whipped around and surprised the owner of the hand with a yell that was ripped from her throat, "DIE, YOU ZOMBIE BASTARD!"

It was then she realized that it was her father, giving her a rather stern look. Also, looking rather upset, standing in the cold basement in only his thin cotton pajamas.

". . . Sabrina. What have we told you about videogames on school nights?"

The girl looked back at the tv screen, which had dead bodies littered across it, "Uh… yeah… about that…"

Her father gave her an exasperated look, "Just go to bed."

Rolling her eyes, she complied. Killing zombie bastards could wait for another day.

A/N: I had hoped to get more in this, but I don't know what else to add... Any suggestions? ^^;

Ah, this was inspired by the fact that I really wanted to use the line "Die, you zombie bastard", which popped into my head after I played Left4Dead, after I got it for Pine Tree Day. Also, by my most amazing FH, Violent Messiah who has a great zombie story of his own... Let me know what you thought of this piece, nice to hear in reviews *cough*