Chapter 1: The Prayer

It was rumored that if you pray from the deepest abyss of your heart and with your whole soul at exactly 12:00:00 midnight, your prayers would be answered. If you happened to be a good person, you would be visited by the Prince of Heaven. If you have been bad, then you would be visited by the Prince of Hell...or the King himself.

Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true...

11:50 PM...

I can't do this. What is there left for me? Nothing sounds like a happy ending. I can't see a happy what's the point of holding on?

11:52 PM...

In my hand, that palm of my hand, rests around twenty pills...or thirty...I just know it's enough. The problem is that I can't throw them in...

11:55 PM...

That's why I pray for strength. Earlier, around two to three months ago, I prayed for strength. To be able to hold on to what I call a life. But it was never granted to me...

11:57 PM...

So now I pray...

11:58 PM...

From the bottom of my heart...

11:59 PM...

With tears in my eyes...

12:00:00 AM...


12:00:30 AM...

And I sat there silently as nothing happens. Nothing ever happens. I still felt as weak as I did before. I still had no guts to swallow these...Did I not want to be free?

12:01 AM...

Malicious laughter filled my ears and I should have been scared, but I was too angry, too sad, too depressed to be horrified. Was this it?

"Who are you?" I let out in a voice that usually barely came out after all the tears.

"Me? You asked for me, I am here to answer your prayer."

"But...I've been good all my life! You...look like no Prince of Heaven!" I exclaimed horrified now. What exactly did I do? Why...why was I visited by someone who doesn't look of pure innocence but pure sin? His laughter drummed into me.

"Good? Do you think suicide is not a crime? Suicide is a straight ticket to Hell and I'm here to pick you up," he replied.

I looked at my hand. It was still filled with pills.

"But I haven't even swallowed, how can I-"

"But you were thinking it weren't you? You were praying for strength to swallow them, weren't you?" Tears blurred my vision and I remembered why I wanted to escape.

"But I can't just go with you," I stammered. "I'm still mortal."

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Prince Adrian of Hell. I'm here to strike a deal with you," he explained.

"A deal?"

"Yes, I'll help you escape this pain, you become my servant in the Afterworld."

I thought of everything. Of my future.

But then that strucked me.

I had no future.

"Deal," I replied as a smirk appeared on his face.

"Good," he cupped his hand and a shiny blue light emitted from his hand and then disappeared. Only leaving the traces of a blue pill. "Swallow this before light hits your side of the earth. If you do not swallow this in time, you'll have Hell to pay once your real contract is over."

"Contract?" I asked as he dropped the pill into my empty hand.

"Yes, every mortal signs up for how long they want to stay on earth, after their contract expires, they are either sent back to Heaven or given to us to discipline in Hell," I kept seeing his smirking face in my view.

"Can I go with you if my contract is not over?" He laughed evilly.

"I am not the Prince of Hell for nothing besides out of all the people that pray at twelve midnight, you're the only one I've come to save so far. I don't even know why you mortals believe in that crap but here I am."

"But you didn't answer my question, I asked-" he backed me against the wall.

"I am not the Prince of Hell for nothing, I said. I break all rules," his breath landed on my face with every word.

"I...I see," I said looking away. "How do I know that you're the Prince of Hell?"

"Please, just call me Prince Adrian," I was silent. "Look if you want the truth, why don't you swallow that pill now?" he asked. I looked at the pill and back at him. I hope I was making the right choice. I swallowed. I felt nothing.

"I feel no difference," I stated.

"Of course you'd feel no difference. Tomorrow's your last day and you'll have a nice sleep with no tomorrow...on this earth of course. You'll have many tomorrows in the Afterworld."

I felt a feeling of release, a feeling of stress getting pulled out of my chest.

"Sleep well tonight, wake up to tomorrow for one last look at this place you signed up for and then I'll pick you up at night time, see you then...Amaya..."

And he disappeared leaving me in darkness.

Did I really make the right choice?

And just one more thought before I fell into slumber.

How did he know my name?

End of Chapter 1


Amaya has lived a life full of stress and pain and wants an escape. She's heard of rumors about praying at midnight and an immortal supernatural figure will appear to help you ease the pain. Hoping for the Prince of Heaven she tries this praying technique only to find herself summoning the Prince of Hell.