Zekkou Akumu (Perfect Nightmare)
By: Kitty/Shino Tenshi

I once again wake up breathless in the middle of the dark night. Another nightmare had dawned
and warned me of my coming death upon the setting sun. I can feel it brewing in my mind, slowly
burning painfully in my heart. Dreams of my own demise constantly haunt my resting state...even
when I conciously and fully awake they chase me. I see them everywhere. Just waiting 'till I
close my eyes to show me my death.

Another day I wake up on the dawning of the sun. This time I'm not dead but my peers are.
Everyone I know... DEAd. Hanging pretified against the walls that are now bathed in the red
color of blood just like simple All Hallow's Eve[1] ornaments. Or like any other dark deadly
festival I have ever DREAmED of. I try and forget, however it keeps clouding my mind with it's
misty feeling. It keeps crawling back in. It just won't go away.

And again. This time some days apart. Again. The bloody death of my peers. But... This time those
peers were my FAMiLY! I have no idea what the hell it's suppossed to mean...
But EVERYTiME I restlessly dream of these things. Somebody falls for their absolute doom. I just
wish to forget... Stupid memories...

I never seem to have such happy dreams. Like running around in the beach or a picnic out in the
wonderful sun. But... No... It's always the same charred and broken piece of shit dream. And
if I begin to have such happy dream it slowly turns into a NiGHTMARE... Like a beating sound on
a drum. Starts out so slow then it get hard, loud and unbelievably iNTENSE. That you cant STAND
it. And hell, the nightmares fix up on other things. Like past memories, and past dreams. And the
intense fears that I bear...

You'd probably call it


Inspiration of many restless nights...

'The blood that falls from the devil sky paints the way of our dark misterious path...' ~ Tomoe
Himura (daughter of Kenshin Himura. A soon to be made ficcy. still in progress)