One Last Spin

You test my patience,

And you can stretch me so thin,

You twist my emotions,

And send me for a spin,

My brain is a catastrophe,

My heart can only clench,

My hands can only shake and tremble,

My soul nothing but drenched

In lies that pour down like acid rain,

Slowly killing all who live beneath its sky,

The sickness only gives a wrenching feeling,

One that makes us all feel a bit high,

I won't blindly accept this,

You can tear me down; feed me your lie,

Let your words cut me deep,

But one can only bleed so much before they die,

You test my ability to endure,

You break me down and stretch me thin,

You throw my emotions into a spiral,

And send me for one last spin.

You have made your point,

You prove yourself unworthy of trust,

And after the sparks fly,

You leave us in ashes and dust.

You say your unfit for such judgment,

You say that you are not to blame,

Pardon me, but shouldn't it be obvious

Something's wrong if you don't act the same?

Try to obliterate me, if you wish,

Smash the thin glass that I slowly tread,

Let it rip away at my paper skin,

Burning my insides as they bleed deep red.

You can push me to the breaking point,

But you can only stretch someone so thin,

You may deceive my emotions,

But know that this is your last spin…