"I think he has a crush on you!" Lindsey teased.

"No he doesn't!" I yelled back

"Yes he does!" She giggled jokingly. Only, I was taking her seriously because after all I was only six and she was eight and I thought it was gross that my cousin was telling me her younger brother Aidan, only three months younger then me, had a crush on me.

He was so quiet, I always saw him watching Lindsey and me play tag. Even when he was playing games with my younger brother, Greg, he would always be staring and not to be conceited but I swear he was staring at me. Then he would always ask to play with Lindsey and me, I didn't care but Aidan and Lindsey didn't get along just like me and my brother.

But the whole reason we were having this conversation in the first place was because about 10 minutes ago my brother pushed me into a bed of roses. It didn't hurt much but the thorns in my arm did sting to the point of a loud yelp.

Before I even got the chance to get up, Aidan who had been watching from the porch along with Lindsey ran up and punched Greg in the stomach completely knocking the wind out of him.

Lindsey and I were silent in shock. Aidan was just standing there staring at Greg who was now on the ground trying to breath and turning red in the face. Then he looked down at me for what felt like an hour we all just stayed where we were frozen. Out of nowhere Aidan turned and ran back into the house.

That was the last memory I had of my cousins before they left to Japan for 6 years because their father, my uncle, is in the military. I didn't talk to them the whole time they were gone, I was too young to care. Although I did hear loads about them over the years. We got pictures of Aubrey, the newest addition to their family when she was born about a year later. i don't know what happened throughout the years but I became annoyed whenever my mother would start talking about how perfect they all were and how they had boyfriends and girlfriends, straight A's, and got to travel all over the world. I mean I get it okay? Besides I had always felt like I was the black sheep of the family because my brother and I were part African American and Filipino, while the rest of the family is white. Now even though Greg and I have the same genes which included thick black hair and brown eyes with what my dad likes to call "peanut butter skin" Greg had perfect physic from football and was still growing tall while I have been 5'3 for the past three years and had a hard time maintaining my weight now that i had quit cheer. My hair went past my shoulder blades and my lips were brownish red with light freckles along the peaks of my cheeks and nose.

Well anyways now I was about to get off a plane in Virginia, where my cousins now resided, after moving back to America a year ago. My uncle had got a new job offer where he could actually stay with his family instead of fighting in war for months at a time, but I guess it still kept him away from home 12 hours a day. My mom had told us all this in June and then surprise my brother and I by saying we were going to visit them in August, which it is now, which is why we are now walking down to baggage claim to meet them.

"Jasmine! Greg!" I turned my head to find the perfect family standing before me. All blond hair blue eyes fit and tall. I could feel myself shrinking into my insecurity, even Aubrey who was only 7 was almost as tall as me with hair falling all the way down her back. Lindsey I could hardly recognize she had matured so much she looked like she belonged at Abercrombie & Fitch but like me was shorter then her brother, who was probably 6'2 very thin with messy dirty blond hair and was smirking right at me. I was starting to regret coming on this trip.

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