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Aidan's pov

After that dream I made a trip to the bathroom and then could not go back to sleep. I was too confused and disgusted with myself. I mean it's been like 10 years since I've thought of Jasmine as anything more then, well... just anything. I looked over at the clock which read 5:34am; I decided that lying here for 30 minutes is stupid so I get up. I need something to distract me. I went down stairs to watch TV so I didn't wake up Greg. I was about 20 minutes into my movie when I heard the fridge open.

"Dad?" it was probably 6:00am already he would be getting up about this time. I was surprised to find Jasmines figure turn and look at me from the fridge.

"Nope just me" she said turning just her head to look at me wearing nothing but black shorts that cut off right above the crease of her thigh and a white tank top.

Damn! This was not the distraction I was looking for when I came down here.

"Oh" I said turning back towards the T.V. hoping that maybe she would just go away. I heard her walk around opening and shutting doors then I heard her footsteps get closer.

"Whatcha Watchin'?" she asked sitting on the love seat angled across from the couch I was lying on.

Just act normal, I told myself. "Um, Independence Day"

"Humph, I've never seen that" she said biting into the apple she had been holding. I watched as her deliciously plump lips wrapped around the apple and then she crunched slightly sucking the bite into her mouth.

Snap out of it! I thought shaking my head. What the hell is wrong with me? Whenever I am around her, and even when I'm not, I act ridiculous. I want her to leave but I need her to stay. God this is too confusing. "Yeah it's a good movie."

"It looks kind of boring to me." she said staring at the screen.

"Well you look kind of boring to me" I mimicked back in her tone with a smirk.

"Shut up! Jeeze you're mean" she rolled her eyes playfully. I smiled; when she first got here I thought she would be another one of those stuck up "Laguna Beach" bimbos. I don't know why I thought that, I guess it was just too much TV. but sitting with her now she was just as, if not more beautiful, more real then those girls along with a matching personality.

"Well, I'm not changing it" I teased.

"Well, I think you're going to" she eyed me with a smirk spreading across her lips.

"Or what?" I challenged.

"Or..." she looked up thinking about it, "or I'm gunna beat you with my uhh, umm" she looked around trying to think of something as I watched her with amusement; "With my... apple!" she smiled.

"Yeah, okay, I'm really scarred!" I mocked, turning my attention back to the movie, when I felt something hard thud against my head. "What the- ow!" I looked down on my lap to find a partially eaten apple; I looked over at Jasmine to see her all of a sudden interested in the movie. She had a silly grin on her face and then glanced at me and gave a slight giggle.

"Oh, I dropped my apple can you please give it back" she asked in an innocent voice. I raised an eyebrow.

"Nope, it's mine now." I picked it up and took a big bite out of it chewing obnoxiously. Her smile turned into a scowl and she crinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out, like a little kid, with a tongue ring? I did a double take. "What's that in your mouth?" I watched as her face flushed with worry and she rolled her lips tightly together.

"What thing?' she mumbled with her head down. She was now fidgeting. I can understand why she would be worried I mean my dad would kill me if I even got my ears pierced, but it seemed like her mom wouldn't care about it, what with all the piercings she already had.

"That sparkly, purpley thing in your mouth, you know, a tongue ring" I questioned. She paused staring at me for a moment, judging me. Then gave in, she sighed,

"Okay, yes it is, but you can't tell anyone! Nobody knows and my mom will kick me out if she finds out I got it. Please Aiden!" she begged.

I smiled, God the real thing is so much better then my dream. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone about your skanky tongue ring" I joked.

She looked appalled at this, "um Skanky? I am not skanky! I have a boyfriend; I don't need to be skanky"

"Well what you do with your boyfriend, with your tongue ring, makes you skanky" I replied coolly.

"Excuse me? His name is Anthony and I do NOT do anything skanky with my tongue ring mister! I'm very classy, thank you very much!" she said matter-of-factly. It was weird but I really did not want to be talking about her boyfriend and what she does with him. It was making me... feel... well, weird.

"Whatever you say, but I'm just saying you shouldn't get things done just to impress your "boyfriend'" I rolled my eyes for emphasis.

"Um, how shallow do you think I am? I got this like a year and a half before I met ANTHONY and he actually didn't even know I had it when we met, and why am I even you telling you about this?" she cut herself off. "Just don't tell anyone okay?" I could tell under the humor I had offended her and I felt bad. I wanted so badly to just embrace her and tell her I was sorry.

"Don't worry I won't tell, I'm sorry if I hurt you're feelings" I said the last part with some sarcasm, but I really did feel bad.

"You didn't, it's just now I know what you think of me" she said in all seriousness. Play time was over. How could she really think I thought she was slutty, come on, I was joking. I rolled my eyes and got up.

"You're leaving?" she frowned, burrowing her eyebrows.

"Yeah you know I'm, uh, gunna go back to bed." she raised her brow skeptically.

"Oh, okay"

Things were actually going pretty well until it took an unexpected turn. Why did I have to be mean? I shouldn't have offended her, now she probably thinks I am an asshole. We were actually talking and getting along, why did I have to ruin it? I contemplated all of this going upstairs and then lying in bed until I drifted to sleep again.

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