Scarlett and Elizabeth were the best of friends when they first met each other. Elizabeth didn't care about her status in the Kingdom, she just wanted a friend. Scarlett was scared when she knew of Elizabeth's status, but she knew her new best and only friend would not hurt her, but she didn't feel like facing punishment by the King.

Scarlett was nothing but a commoner and Elizabeth sat on a gold throne as the Princess over the kingdom. Scarlett knows she'll never have the items or the wealthy that her friend had. Never, she knew clearly each morning she woke up and each night she lay down to sleep. She could never hate her best friend though, oh no, she understood that she was born here and Elizabeth was born there.

The two met when they were young, about ten or eleven, Elizabeth being eleven and Scarlett only ten and a little girl who was curious and wanted to understand. Being raised by older people who just handed her food and a blanket, she didn't know much. The girl knew what was right and what was wrong from her elders, and knew the punishment for disobeying. Elizabeth on the other hand, was a rebel child, always causing some sort of destruction in the palace. Oh how she loved it but not a hand was lad on her, expect by her father, the King. The King wasn't the nicest guy in town, rather harsh, mean, cruel, ruthless and merciless even.

It was on one faithful day that brought the two together. Elizabeth had escaped into town where it was forbidden unless companied by a few guards. Guards that were careful around Elizabeth; were easily noticeable by others so people usually stood away from Princess Elizabeth fearing for punishment by her father. Elizabeth being so cunning had escaped their clutches and watchful eyes and decided to see the town again for herself.

Running around carelessly Elizabeth was finally caught when she tried to pay for an apple using a little discount. The rough man behind the cart grabbed her hand and yanked her up. Little Elizabeth ordered to be let go but the man just laughed and placed her hand on a long table, pulling out a butcher's knife too.

"What are you doing?" She panicked not wanting to be hurt yet angry at the man.

"You don't know the punishment for stealing, girl?" The man looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"No, I am the Princess, I already told you! Let me go!" She struggled but the man was stronger than her of course.

"Wait, Lord Welling," a voice called over the other people busing themselves with other food carts. "I told her too," a young girl appeared quickly in front of him, breathing heavy for running quickly.

"Really, Scarlett, you should know better than let others do the crime and pay for it," he raised the knife; Elizabeth screamed loudly.

"Here, I'll pay," she handed two gold pieces over to the man, Lord Welling, "just let her go, please," she pleaded.

"Fine, but there wont be a next time, Scarlett," he released Elizabeth's hand roughly and snatched the two gold pieces. Scarlett helped Elizabeth to her feet and away from the food cart.

"Thank you," Elizabeth looked at Scarlett; they both looked eye to eye to each other, and then quickly examined one another's appearance.

Elizabeth had slightly light brown almost blonde locks that were braided into a pony tail with a pink dress on along with white looking ballet shoes. Her skin was a fair tan color and not a blemish but a mark on her wrist; it was a birth mark of royalty. Her blue eyes stood out with the help of her skin and hair. Other than the forming bruises on her other wrist she was beautiful for eleven and would grow up beautiful too.

Scarlett however had dark brown locks with blue eyes and also fairly light tanned skin almost like Elizabeth. There were no blemishes, but her skin had a few more bruises and marks from punishment. A few were scars that would never go away. Wearing a torn dress that was faded and a plain look gray color with small leather shoes to keep her feet safe.

"I'm Scarlett and I'm ten," a small smile formed on her lips.

"Elizabeth and I are eleven," she replied, holding out her hand to shake. Scarlett stared at her hand then at her then back at her hand with a questioning glance. "Scarlett, you're supposed to shake my hand," a small giggle came out of the princess as the noticeable nervous commoner reached out to shake her hand.

Their introduction moment was ruined by the sound of voices and heavy footsteps.

As soon as Scarlett shook her hand, she was knocked down by a guard to keep his princess safe. The two others out of the three were asking Elizabeth questions and brushing off her dress. The third one, being the leader of the group, turned to Elizabeth and pointed a finger at the down commoner.

"Who is she?" He asked in a bit of fury as he looked back between the two. Scarlett's eyes went wide as she realized who she had just befriended. Her body trembled on weather to stay there like a sitting duck or run like crazy getting away without punishment. She picked the second choice and scurried away with a small trail of dust. Her breath was heavy as she ran like her life depended on it and maybe it did. Turning corners until she figured she'd lost them if they were following; she looked up to where she stopped. The Dark Forest, which covered the East Side out of the kingdom, where many went in but a few came back out, Scarlett's fear increased as she realized she had ran out of the kingdom. Where they met wasn't to far from the East Gate so she must have not realized it before it was too late. She couldn't go back now, maybe later on that night but not at noon. There was no other way to go but into the forest so that's what Scarlett choose. Rather wanting to die in the Forest than starve to death in the prison underneath a part of the Palace ground. After getting deeper in the forest, she glanced back, she could barely see the large stoned walls knowing that who ever was looking in, wouldn't be able to find her just by standing there. Relief of being caught flushed over her, but the fear of what laid around her didn't go away. Anything could be in here.

Back at Elizabeth who shoved Mark out of the way. Mark was the leader of her little group of body guards. Mark was the one what shoved her friend to the ground. Mark was the one that was mean and cruel just like her father. Mark was her older sister's husband's brother. Yes, her older sister was married but she couldn't have the throne because she was a girl and her husband wasn't another Prince. He was a noble, a wealthy one at that, so they moved away from the Palace but just around the City Walls.

"Why did you do that?" She snapped up at him. For eleven, she had a lot of guts.

"She's a commoner, Elizabeth. You don't need to be touching or seeing such filth. Besides, she's only use you because you're the princess." Mark replied.

"You scared her away! You big jerk," she yelled, hitting him in the stomach. "She was my new friend," she pouted finally crossing her arms and turning away from her. The other two guards looked at their princess then at Mark then back again. Mark just rolled his eyes and pushed the small of Elizabeth's back forward towards the Palace. "I hope you're happy, Mark, because I hate you now," she muttered to him as she walked freely between the two other guards and Mark following right behind her.

Elizabeth glanced back to where their introduction had taken place. She frowned just thinking about her new friend. They would have so much to talk about if only they were found out so quickly. Glancing back at the Palace, she sighed, knowing they'll never see each other again.

Oh how forever that day will remain with them.