I'm going to hell.
That's all you ever say.
I'm fucking sick of it
I'm not putting up with it today

I'm not who you wanted me to be
That I can tell
But there's no need to keep reminding me
Of the fact I'm going to hell

I know I've let you down;
It's clear in your dark eyes
What do you want me to do?
Would you rather have me hide behind lies?

You hand me lots of money
To cover up your homophobic hate
You shake your head in disappointment
Whenever I bring home a date

You're so filled with detest
All I'm doing is showing love
After all this crap you've been giving me
I'm done, I've had enough

You're supposed to be my hero
I refuse to look up to someone like you
You made your decision to hate me
When I confirmed that the rumors were true

Homosexuality isn't wrong
Just because that's what a book proclaimed
Take a look in the mirror, Grandfather
You're the one who should be ashamed