Ant's Sunrise

Related evening
Romance at dusk
Twilight zoo
God's lightless touch
Pitch-black resting rust
The dawn of sight
Where's sunrise?

I hate your projected mask:
Would you still want me without clown makeup?
I hope you're up to the task:
Could you put down your pen and see the sun?
I think I feel you at last:
Would you sit beside and bandage my scuff?
I have seen your time and past:
Could you love this frail gawk alien nut?
You grow alongside as mist:
Can you about smile and relay our want?

Girl without hair.
Inverted daydreamer.
Dancer chaser daily changer.
Action poet from a rainbow planet.
Needed to fill fruity seat on monkey rocket.
I seek love's meaning since I can't handle the emotion.
Love is the steps that you take turned into a dance.
It is feeling a spaceship companion.
I trace her empty outline bare.
For love is emotion.
Nightlong pain smiles.
I love.

I love the afternoon that is youth
Though business sugar rots loose that tooth;
Noogies are childhood games
Glorified as grenades,
And what's left is removed with vermouth.
We're misaligned and act like it's fine
That our eyes have been screened to be blind;
Perhaps we'd change in roars
If we weren't frightened sore,
So we turn to the God they made fly.

Hey God, confound me
Spin my pajama days fresh
We be together.
Hey God, come find me
Hand rinse Your mess and confess
Fear is too easy.
Hey God, come strike me
With your big jelly thunder
I believe I stand.
Hey God, condemn me
Let Your flames tarnish Your art
I am your image.
Hey God, come save me
I decree that You owe me
So do as You're told.

I once was told while sleeping never closing down completely should a rattle shake the glass let it seep in soft discreetly and so the floor now creaking with the soul e'er wringing curdled mist crept o'er the creaks and slumber slid in wand'ring up the body screaming with the soul peace ringing with remains sent journ'ing down dimmed tunnels wailing through it all for fair or worse I did not wince I was but sleeping…

Sleep. For that was all I did.
It was a three-year hibernation,
Seven times in revelation.
Sleep. It never grows weary.
We live together and die alone,
Arise to sunlight on my own.
Eyes. They sting when kept open.
The new day begins fatally stabbed,
That blood-dripping clock drove me mad.
Dawn. It will be dark again.
Pain will compound and all things will melt,
It is just me and all I've felt.
Dawn. All I can see is me.

I sunrise
Perhaps alone
Or with fellow eyes
I am sunrise.