An Ode to Bush

You gave us something to laugh at

Someone to tease.

You can't pronounce nuclear,

and you got through school with Cs.

When you look back on presidents…

You weren't our brightest.

You make up words and you're a little too cocky.

But hey— you duck well.

You don't understand any religion other than your own

and you, as you say, misunderestimate what you don't know.

You take pride in what you say and what you do

and you don't give a damn if your approval rating is low.

But I didn't come here to flame you.

I read a transcript on the speech that was your good bye

and I felt bad.

Don't get me wrong—as a president

I hate you.

You're stupid and everything you say is pointless.

But as a person…

You're not bad.

You tried your hardest.

We're taught to value that.

And no matter what anyone else says,

you did try your best.

You were never anything but you.

We didn't like it, but at least you were true.

And although we all hated you,

you stuck to your guns and fought it out.

You honestly thought you were helping people,

and for that, I applaud you.

Your reasons were false, but your meaning was true.

For so many of us, the opposite is so.

You didn't know what you were doing—

why it was wrong.

I don't forgive you for this.

But I understand.

It is so easy to remain ignorant

when it is all you know.

And so, President George W. Bush,

I will not shout insults

and I will not throw shoes.

Instead, I will offer you a smile.

For although you were not our best, or our brightest

(his time is almost due)

You were most certainly our kindest, and for that

I salute you.