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Physical Education class has just ended and you're changing in the showers near the squash courts. Your classmates are almost gone but you're still there because you went to help keep the sports equipment. You see some of his classmates too, but they're leaving.

Someone enters and you turn to look, it's him, face flushed pink and you can't seem to take your eyes off him...

He doesn't notice you and drops his stuff on a bench and takes off his shirt. You stare, transfixed, nodding absentmindedly as your friends urge you to hurry up.

There's no one left now except the two of you. He looks up in your direction and you look away, then you turn to look at him again...

He frowns as he walks towards you. "You've been staring at me since just now, haven't you?" he asks with an unbelievably cute expression on his face.

You open your mouth to deny it but the cute, determined look on his face makes you speechless.

"Well?" he asks.

"Ah, that's... Because... You were so... Um..." you stammer. He stares harder at you, making him look cuter than ever. "Um well, that's because you... You... You looked so cute..." you can't believe you just said those words.

"Eh?" he blinks.

"Um, nothing," you shake your head, trying to deny what you just said.

An unreadable expression comes across his face and he turns away...

"Are you ok...?" you ask. He shrugs as he returns to change into his shirt. You grab his shoulder to stop him. "Is something wrong?" you ask.

He turns to look at you and he's biting his lower lip. "Did you... Really mean what you said just now?"

There's this really vulnerable look on his face that makes you want to reach out and hug him; to reassure him that yes, you think he's cute and deep down, you really really want him, but somehow...

His gaze doesn't waver and you step back. "I... I..." you find yourself at a loss for words. He looks up at you and you can't help but notice how soft his lips look... You brush your lips against his, they are incredibly soft... You feel his body press against yours and you pull him closer to you; you feel his grip on your shoulders and your eyes widen in surprise when you hear a soft moan.

You pull away and give him a quizzical look, not really understanding what just happened. He doesn't say anything and looks away, his body is trembling...

You frown. "Did I do something wrong?" you ask.

He backs away into a cubicle. "Don't follow me!" he says as he's about to close the door and you rush forward, stopping him. You manage to overpower him and you enter the cubicle. He steps back until he's against the shower wall...

"I'm sorry, I..." you start to apologize and he looks up at you with an uncertain expression on his face. "Ahh..." unable to resist the temptation, you press your lips against his once more and you hear him moan again...

Your mouth travels down his neck and you nip the skin gently, flicking your tongue on his collarbone. You nibble it slowly and he cries out in pleasure...

Your hand travels down the length of his body and you find that his cock is hard, straining against the material of his PE shorts. You stroke it in a slow, agonizing manner and he moans your name softly.

"Ah... Please... I..." he begs you as the feathery strokes of your hand get slower, at a torturous pace.

"Yeah?" you ask as you continue stroking, picking up just a little speed.

"Please... Ahh... Don't... Don't torture me..." he moans and the sight of his flushed face and closed eyes is so cute that you find yourself giving in to his request.

His hand against the shower wall is quivering and his breathing is getting heavier; you stop your ministrations to peel off the rest of his clothing, much to his protest. He whimpers as your index finger encircles the tip of his cock, there is so much pre-cum...

You feel his hands grip your shoulders and your fingers brush lightly against the underside of his cock. You hear a soft mewl coming from him and you bite your lip as you trace intricate patterns all over his cock...

He pushes you away suddenly and you frown, wondering if you did something wrong again. "Um... Is there...?" you begin and he looks down, averting your gaze. Heat rushes to his cheeks as he catches sight of his clothing in a heap on the floor.

"I... I think we should..." he looks up and as he notices the bulge in your pants, his eyes widen and he hastily looks away again. "Um... I think... We should... Stop..."

"Eh?" you ask, confused by his sudden change in behaviour.

"No, I..." he bites his lower lip, looking down at the floor, seemingly unable to meet your gaze.

"Is there... Something wrong?" you ask and hesitantly, you reach out to tip his chin up so he's looking straight at you. There's a searching, almost pleading look in his eyes and you find yourself at a loss for words.

He doesn't look at you and his glasses slide down just a little on his nose. You pull him close to you and hug him tight, kissing him hard; he struggles but gives in in the end. You break the kiss and smile, almost tiredly. "It's ok, so... If you... Don't want to..."

He shakes his head violently and shyly starts to grind against your thigh.

"Wo-Woah..." you're taken aback and you're not sure of what he wants any more. "Um..."

"I... I..." he stammers and mumbles something you can barely make out. The speed of his grinding is getting faster and he's panting really hard.

You shake him lightly. "Don't... Come... Right now..."

"Eh?" he looks at you, then his gaze travels down to the bulge in your pants. "Oh... Um..."

You blink rapidly, confused as he reaches for the button and unzips your pants, pulling your underwear down, freeing your cock.

"Ahh..." you hardly dare to breathe as his fingers brush against your cock, an experimental touch and it's almost as if he didn't touch you.

You groan as he takes a few tentative licks of your cock.

He looks up at you, as if to ask if you're enjoying it and continues licking the length of your cock as you slip your fingers into his hair.

"Ahh... I..." your breathing is laboured by now, he's sucking on your cock and his fingers are drawing lines at the base. He swirls his tongue on the tip of your cock and suddenly, your mind is filled with a vision of him eating ice-cream, licking at it and you groan as you squeeze your eyes shut. "Um... I... Don't want to..." you begin as he stops and looks up at you, cocking his head to the left.

You pull him to his feet and you stroke his cock gently. He whimpers as you pin his hands against the shower wall and you tease his cock, stroking slowly, then getting faster...

He cries out as he comes all over your hand and you lick his neck affectionately, scraping your teeth against his skin. He squirms against you as a finger enters him and you feel his body quivering.

"Are you... Ok?" you ask, concerned as you slowly add another finger, with his cum acting as lubricant.

He nods and you frown. "You don't have to force yourself..."

He turns to look at you with an almost pout. "I'm not... Forcing myself... It's... Really... Ok..."

You kiss him and he trails his tongue along your lower lip. You take his tongue into your mouth as you fuck him. Your kiss silences his cries and he's whimpering, hands struggling against your grip.

"I'm sorry..." you release your grip on his hands and they fall to his side.

There's red marks on his wrists and you bring it to your lips, licking them. You withdraw slowly, then thrust in again as he gets used to the feeling of you inside him. He's starting to enjoy it and a soft moan escapes his lips...

"Hey is there anyone inside?" you hear a voice and you freeze - it's one of the PE teachers.

"Shit," you mutter under your breath as you thrust into him again, then realizing that he would moan, you cover his mouth with your hand, silencing him. You hit the shower button and the jets of cold water pours onto him and with your other hand, you hold him close. "Yeah I'm showering," you answer, hoping that the teacher doesn't realize what's really going on.

"Oh, ok then. Hurry up or you might be late for your next lesson," the teacher leaves the changing rooms - he saw his bag lying on the bench, but not yours. You heave a sigh of relief as you remove your hand from his mouth.

"Um... I..." his body is trembling from the effects of the cold water and you hug him tight, using your body heat to warm him as you continue with your thrusting.

"Ahh..." he moans as your fingers dance across his abdomen and reaches his nipple, lightly tracing the outline. You withdraw until you've almost left him and his eyes widen then slowly, you thrust into him again as he whimpers...

You let your hands move to his cock and it's hard once more. You lick his earlobe and he shudders as you whisper in his ear "Hard again? So fast...?"

His eyes are shut tight and he looks away, deliberately not facing you. He winces in pleasure as you cup his balls and strokes them gently while you thrust in and out of him, slightly increasing your speed.

His hands are clenched tight against the shower wall and he arches his back against you as you rub your knuckles against the length of his cockā€¦

You nip the soft skin of his neck and he cries out; you wonder if it's in pain or pleasure as you lick the red spot. You scrape your fingernail against the tip of his cock and he moans. You groan as you feel yourself coming...

You stop stroking his cock momentarily as you pause to catch our breath - your breathing is getting heavier as you continue your thrusting... Hesitantly, he reaches for his cock to touch himself and as he does so, you catch his hand and hold his finger, using it to draw lines on his cock as his cheeks flush redder...

You use his hand to stroke his cock slowly and he bites his lip as he turns to face you but his eyes dart around the cubicle in an attempt not to meet your gaze. "Um... I... I..."

"Ahh... Yeah...?" you ask in between pants. Your stroking of his cock is faster now and his breathing is getting much heavier than before...

You squeeze his hand on his cock gently and he starts to jerk off with your hand on his...

You thrust hard and fast into him and he cries out - he's coming and so are you...

Suddenly, the memory of the PE teacher nearly walking in on the two of you flashes through your mind as you kiss him, muffling his cries as he comes again.

You come inside him and you remember to pull out only at the last moment, resulting in cum spilling both inside and outside...

You're panting heavily as you withdraw from him, holding him close. "I'm sorry, I..."

He turns around and hugs you tight. "Um... It's... Ok... But... Um..." his cheeks are bright red now, his body is shaking from coming twice in such a short while.

"Um... Yeah?" you ask as you adjust his glasses which have almost fallen off.

"Um..." he looks up at you, biting his lip. "I think... We have lessons now..."

You grin as you kiss him again. "Who cares?"

... (a long time after that)

You're sitting at a desk by the window and staring blankly outside when he comes up to your desk. You don't notice him until he sits on your desk, looking at you with an extremely adorable expression.

You look up at him. "Yeah?"

He looks away. "Um... I... Did you... Um..."

You stare at him, confused.

There's an awkward silence.

"Never mind," he gets up and you catch his hand. "Eh?" he turns around.

You wrap your arms around him and hold him close to you. He smiles contentedly as he hugs you tight, not wanting to let go, resting his head against your shoulder...

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