A lonely melody reaches your ear. Nothing else.

The room is empty. Where once reigned laughter, now silence is golden.

It's hard. Knowing that somewhere, they're there, and you're not.
All of them; your life. Wondering how they are, what they are doing.

Time and space cause irreversible gaps.

Imagine that times two. Three. Nine.
Distance starts to become a worthwhile prospect.
Why bother putting down your roots, when they are just as soon ripped up again? It's hard.

That's why. Life is hard. For some, it's harder than others.
What you have to keep doing is following the melody,
perhaps blindly,
perhaps not.

One day, you will realize that you have not been walking alone.
Someday, you will notice the person walking next to you.
Then, two. Three. Nine.

Laughter will come again, and the gilt will fade away.

Maybe sometimes you will be alone. Maybe for years, maybe only days or months.

It will change.

All you have to do is follow that lonely little melody,
and it will lead you to a room full of music.

A/N: Written because sometimes I need this.

Lately, maybe it's only school stress, but I've been feeling like I'm stuck in limbo. My friends at my old school I don't see often, they've changed, and I've changed and I can't see that in them. And I don't have best, best, BEST friends here; I've got kind people who are my friends, but I can't fit in. I came here too late.

I'm so tired of changing. So, that's why I wrote this. To remind myself.