Needing you

On misty, cold winds, I dared to dream

Dared to defy the icy numbness, the encumbrance to be drawn to you

I'd have drawn and quarter myself, to flay and to burn

Dying in torment, knowing I'll reincarnate, wanting to hold you again

Through the embers of smoldering passion, I'd fight a thousand

Put ten-thousand to flight and another ten thousand could not come nigh

Through the passionate kiss of a rose, I'd dare not let go of my need of you

Through hell's frozen ninth circle

And all passionate flame, I could barely contain my joy to kiss those lips;

This burned an imparted impression upon my soul

Through and through, I find the kiss of life and meaning of it to

I can't pretend that you're not everything to me

How I yearn to stare into those eyes

Even it meant to have hellfire lick them again

Must I torment myself with thirst?

For I thirst to lie again with you in your arms and know that even hell cannot threaten my love and need for you

What's it going to be for me, is of no major importance

So long as I survive with you at my side

My Need of you is great

And I'll hold on tightly, so that I can lose control.